10 Characteristics of an entrepreneur

10 Characteristics of an entrepreneur

These 10 Characteristics of an entrepreneur that we are about to present have nurtured success in the lives of many. We cannot talk of an entrepreneur without presenting these qualities. An entrepreneur is generally perceived as someone who has cultivated that special ability of identifying problems and bringing forth their solutions. Entrepreneurs believe in their ideas. They are always ready to take the risk of coming up with new ideas and trying them out. Entrepreneurs are generally the most wealthy and successful people in the society. That’s why many people are ready to learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

However, not everyone ends up successful in the journey of entrepreneurship. This is not to say that it is an impossible one. Although it shows lots of challenges, many people have successfully made it. And you can also do same. That’s why we’ll recommend that you start by mastering our 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur. No one is born with the qualities of an entrepreneur. That’s why we say that everyone can become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is cultivated with patience and hard work. Entrepreneurs are those who run the financial world. The truth is that they did not reach there by being lazy. That’s why we’ll assure you that with hard work and a smart brain, you’ll make it too.

10 Characteristics of an entrepreneur


Determination is one of the chief skills of an entrepreneur. Without determination, the first business wind will strike you down. Determination could be seen as your power house. It is what actually empowers you to drive ahead even when things are really tough and unbearable. It gives you a focus point of concentration in order to achieve a successful business level. With determination, you will not remain on the ground whenever you fall. It allows you to see the prize awaiting ahead rather than seeing the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching the prize. In order words, we’ll say that determination has to do with being passionate about reaching a successful business level. A successful entrepreneur is one who actually loves what they are doing. They are ready to go another step ahead just to make sure that their goals are achieved.


Successful entrepreneurship is all about hard work. It will be a mistake for us to completely present the 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur without mentioning hard work. There is no secret or magic to become a successful entrepreneur apart from hard work. In business, the amount of effort that you put in actually determines what you get at the end of the day. This is to say that your effort is directly proportional to your earnings. We must add here that there are absolutely no shortcuts to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It is true that you will find lots of get rich overnight schemes out there. They are big scams that will steal all your money until the point where you are worse than before in terms of poverty. That’s why we are advising you to take the hard way as the only way which leads to business success.


You cannot step out in the 21st century and want to apply those old methods of production which were used in the 16th century and expect positive results. That is why innovation is one of the qualities of an entrepreneur. You must learn to go with changes while embracing technology and implementing innovative strategies for better results. If you dare fail to do these things, your competition will help you do them while sending you out of the market arena. Innovation goes in the same light with creativity. Entrepreneurs are people who are creative. They are always working towards bringing up something that is new and more efficient. By so doing, they add value to the quality of life. It is this value or solution which yields them cash and guides them towards financial freedom. Creativity formulates new and efficient solutions to the different problems in the society.

Calculated risk taking

This is one of the 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur which determines their rate of success. It is what separates competent entrepreneurs from newbies in the business sector. We’ll say here that there are no businesses without risk taking challenges. And you’ll hardly reach business success without taking risks. However, you must not only take risks for taking sake. Sit back and calculate to see if the risk is really worth taking. If the risk is worth taking, go ahead and wait for the results. Should in case, the results are good, that’s nice. If the results are not positive, learn from your mistakes and step ahead. Do not duel on past failures as this will prevent you from seeing new and better success opportunities.


This is one of the best among the top 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur. It defines a competent and successful entrepreneur. The entrepreneur’s behavior and way of doing things goes a long way in affecting the success of the business. By this, we mean the way he/she handles business relationships with employees, customers, and business partners. Mishandling any of these relationships will eventually put the business at risk of failure. That’s why an entrepreneur must be equipped with the necessary relationship building skills. Being professional in your job as an entrepreneur requires lots of discipline. Proper self-discipline is what directs the entrepreneur towards the achievement of his goals. Discipline in an entrepreneur reflects reliability and knowledge.


Knowledge is success in itself. Oh! Might be we’ve exaggerated a little by saying that Knowledge is success. That’s why we’ll put it this way “Knowledge is the main key to success”. Without business knowledge, we cannot talk of an entrepreneur. It is the tool used by entrepreneurs to reach ultimate success in business. That’s why stepping into business without proper knowledge on how the business world operates will ruin you. Every entrepreneur must be in complete possession of knowledge about his/her operating industry. Worth pointing out here is that success comes through business thanks to the solutions brought by the business to particular problems. And for sure you cannot come up with a solution to a problem which you don’t even know.


Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. The chances are very high that you know the saying. The question now is if you are convinced with the message being passed by this saying? Like it or not, we must point out the truth. That’s why we’ll say here that this saying actually means each of its words. We can also say that planning leads to success while failing to plan leads to true failure. We cannot talk of business success without bringing out the importance of planning. That’s why we had to include it in our top 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur. Without planning, you are on the way to failure. proper planning comes up with strategies to face and overcome the unforeseen events which could likely pop up from the nearby future.


Empathy which is also regarded as high emotional intelligence is one of the 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur. You find this strange right? You are not alone. This is obviously because it is the least discussed quality which every entrepreneur must have. We can also perceive empathy as the ability to understand or get clues of what is in another person’s mind. Omitting this skill from our list will obviously be a big mistake which we can’t afford to make. This is because a competent entrepreneur ought to know both the weaknesses and strengths of those who are working under him/her. You might be wondering how this will help you. In bringing out the importance, let’s first start by pointing out the fact that your employees and business partners contribute a greater part to the success of your business.

Open mindset

An open mindset appears among the top 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur worth knowing. Being an entrepreneur does not imply that you know everything. You might have business understanding up to a certain level but always remember that no one has the monopoly of knowledge. That’s why you should not be surprised to hear that even successful entrepreneurs are in the process of continuous learning. It is even said that some successful entrepreneurs dedicate 30 minutes of their time each day just to read something new. It is in this same light that we’ll call on you to be open to the different ideas and points of views of others. Business success is usually hidden behind different ideas, mindsets, thoughts, and views. And you’ll easily loose it if you are quick in rejecting the ideas of others. Welcome and learn from positive critics. This will help you to become a better leader.

Valuing the customer

Another way of presenting this idea among the top 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur is that the customer is king. Always remember that you are there because there are customers and without them, your business is worth nothing. This is why you must value and cherish all your customers without exception. Loosing even one customer will eventually affect your profit. This is not something that a successful entrepreneur welcome. Always remember that the first impression that a customer has about you and your business count very much. It does influence his/her purchasing power. Reaching out to more customers is worth the task. You can do this by advertising your business through the different social medias that are in existence. You’ll obviously need good marketing skills here. It is not all about creating goods and services but also making sure that they are tailored to meet the needs of your customers.

This brings us to the end of our article on the 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur. With a hard-working spirit and sharp mind, you can be sure to make it in the business world. It might take time, but just hold on and continuously strive ahead.

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