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Why choose affiliate marketing?

Let’s see what successful bloggers had to say about monetizing their blog through affiliate marketing 

We caught up with the most successful veteran bloggers who earn between 6 to 8 figures $US per year and this is what they had to say about blog monetization through affiliate marketing. The question was ‘What is your best blog monetization method?’ Note that they don’t pay us to feature here and we do not promote or recommend their products/services in anyway.


We were simply thrilled by their success in affiliate marketing and thought it worth sampling their opinion and including links to their site so you can check them out to see the best affiliate marketing practices and emulate.


‘‘When I first started blogging my favorite way to make money was recursive affiliate income. This means selling other people’s subscription products, since I could sign someone up for a program or service and get paid month after month as they continued to pay their bill.’’

Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs Journey



‘‘Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog because it is easy to do and in most niches it can be very profitable. It’s also scalable along with your traffic. On the downside this can be fairly unpredictable.’’

Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard


‘‘It’s all about the funnel!

First, I figure out what product I can create or affiliate I can promote and then I go about finding traffic. Your blog is just a means to get traffic – I think people really miss that point.

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Kum Eric Tso

Kum Eric Tso is an Online Entrepreneur and internet marketer. Founder of Netkipedia LLC. He has worked with companies like MTN Cameroon, Namecheap and is currently a top earning Google publisher. He is also a tutor in online entrepreneurship and other topics at Udemy and the author of several best selling books at Amazon.

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