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7 Secrets to becoming an online millionaire in Cameroon

Do you know what it took to become a millionaire in my parents’ days in Cameroon? They did things like own lands, own banks, own factories, etc. We think of folks like Fotso Victor, Fokou, Kadji, and others. Other ways to hit the millionaire mark involved politics but with the “operation sparrow hawk” en marche, embezzlement is no more an option. At least, to a certain extent. Fortunately for us the android generation, we’ve got the internet that paves the way to tons of ways to become a millionaire legally.


Today, in this series titled: Make Money Online in Cameroon, we will look at 7 Secrets to becoming an online millionaire in Cameroon. In the last two articles, I shared How to make money blogging in Cameroon (500,000 FCFA or more per month) and the top 5 ways to make money online in Cameroon.


7 Secrets to becoming an online millionaire in Cameroon
7 Secrets to becoming an online millionaire in Cameroon

With the internet, you have the opportunity to start earning millions of dollars every single month without investing a ton of money, without being well connected or being born a privileged.


I’m Kum Eric Tso and I’m going to share 7 awesome millionaire secrets that will help you hit the million mark every single month. My main objective in this series is to help as many Cameroonians as possible to cross the snake line in making money online by becoming online millionaires.

Kum Eric Tso
Kum Eric Tso


 7 Secrets to becoming an online millionaire in Cameroon

7 Secrets to becoming an online millionaire in Cameroon

1) Focus

Many Cameroonians, especially the younger generation, want to do everything. Well, you don’t have enough time in a day to run twenty different businesses. Yes, you may have twenty different ideas but pick one of them. You know, they once asked 5 different billionaires, including Bill Gates what was the one key to their success? Surprisingly, they all wrote down the same word: FOCUS.


If these guys made billions and billions of dollars focusing, you should too. You can’t run multiple companies at the same time. Many Cameroonians bloggers start out with blogging and as soon as they see something else online, they jump off and keep wasting their time. The same applies to those promoting affiliate products. They simply do not stay with one product long enough to start generating income.


Mensah Otabil says, “Success is not something you do once. It’s something you do repeatedly.” If you are a blogger like me, it’s not sufficient to produce wonderful articles like the ones on this blog but you must keep doing it consistently. Don’t be a jack of all trade and master of none. I equally had this problem when I started out online but soon found my voice and the right path to follow. Today, I’m glad I did.

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2) Solve a problem

You don’t just make wealth by saying, ‘hmmm! Today, I’m going to make a million francs.” The world doesn’t work that way. If you want to make money, then you have to help people. You have to solve a problem. If you’re not solving a problem; then why are people going to give you money? Money hides in problems. You’ve got to solve a problem. Nobody is gonna give you a dime if you have nothing helpful to offer.


Do you know how much money Facebook makes from it’s billions of users through advertising every single day? Well, Facebook solves your problem of communication and socialization. The guy or girl at the beauty saloon gets paid by you every time because he or she solves your hair problem. Now, the bigger the problem you solve, the bigger your reward. Imagine, you came up with the cure for HIV! You will be an instant billionaire. No argument.


So, go online and find a problem you can solve, and put in your all to bring that solution. Personally, when I started Money Master Tutorials, I wanted to help everyone make, manage or maintain and multiply their money. But with the increase of the number of Cameroonians who sought my help offline, I quickly focused on helping them. Not only do I earn more but I’m proud to be a source of inspiration to many would-be online millionaires in Cameroon. I’m excited to use my little experience and shape the destinies of many.

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3) Make your solution easy to use and affordable for your client


Next on our top 7 Secrets to becoming an online millionaire in Cameroon is usability and affordability. Remember, everyone is lazy these days. Everyone wants everything to be “sure mesure.” Don’t believe me? Check out for yourself. People install voice apps to do searches online and make calls without typing, listen to the Bible and other eBooks instead of read. People want anything that’s easy going. Hence, whatever solution you are offering should either be easy to use, affordable or ideally both.


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4) Learn from all of your mistakes

In the internet world, you could make a lot of mistakes. Everyone does! It’s not as simple as just creating a brick and mortar business in which there is someone who can guide you, and be like: “Here is how you set up a consulting firm. Copy this formula and you will do well.” In the internet world, things change everyday and theory can often be too far from practical depending on an unlimited list of factors.


Everyone trying to make money online actually makes mistakes. If you’ve not been making mistakes, then something is wrong with you and let me know what you are using so that I can use that too. The secret here is to quickly identify your mistakes, keep track of them and avoid making them over and over again. If you make twenty mistakes and you identify each of them, and avoid making them over and over again, what’s going to happen in four years? Eventually, you will know what not to do. It’s not like ‘you’re going to become a millionaire right away but if you avoid doing the wrong things, you will eventually do the right things. Subscribe and share this post if you want me to write an article on my biggest business mistakes.


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5) Execute your solution fast

If you want to move at total speed when it comes to making money online in Cameroon, you’ll get trampled all over and killed. Speed and execution is preferred over perfection. So, move as fast as possible. And if you’re moving really faster and you are happy with your progress, think again! You could be moving even faster! You can be amazed that though you seem to be moving fast, some 16 year old kid somewhere is probably moving faster than you.



6) Read

“Good readers make good leaders,” they say.

The sixth secret I have for you in our top 7 Secrets to becoming an online millionaire in Cameroon is READ. Sadly, there is a saying that if you want to hide something from a Cameroonian, put it in a book. Why? Cameroonians don’t read. You don’t have to go to Cambridge, Harvard or Stanford to become an online millionaire in Cameroonian. There is so much knowledge available on the internet and most of it is free.


You just have to go to the internet and learn from other entrepreneurs. Subscribe to podcasts on iTunes, watch videos on YouTube, and keep reading blogs. Check out books by other CEOs online and see what mistakes they’re making. Isn’t it amazing that everything I know today, from web building to internet marketing was all learnt on the internet? I remember downloading tons of web building tutorials, podcasts and eBooks. I currently have over 2000 PDF files that I downloaded within the last three years. My laptop actually functions like an offline search engine. I can just search and read any topic from my PDF library.


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7) You have competitors

The last tip I have for you is that you have competitors. I know what you’re thinking! “How the heck is that a secret?” Well, according to Mike Murdock, the law of recognition states that “anything unrecognized will not benefit you.” You must recognize your competitors and track them. Find out their greatest mistakes and their greatest strengths and apply them to your business. It’s amazing how big companies like Apple always share their biggest mistakes and strategies on the media. So, look out! Your competitors are definitely leaking business intelligence as well.


Those were the top 7 Secrets to becoming an online millionaire in Cameroon. If you enjoyed them, then comment the business idea or business you will apply these secrets to become the next Cameroonian online millionaire.


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