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You don’t just post blindly – you post so you can tap into new traffic sources and constantly grow your reach. There’s no point in having 10,000 visitors every day if they are not interested in your end-product.


My favorite thing (because it’s long-term safe) is to grow a mailing list around a tightly targeted niche by buying traffic through ad placements on relevant sites, or guest posting on relevant topics. My aim is to make my guest posts on authoritative sites rank on Google for at least 5 years so I get a constant stream of referrals.


For example, I’ll write guest posts about topics I mention in my massive guide on how to start a blog which then introduces people to some affiliate products in a useful and honest way.’’

Ramsay Taplin of Blog Tyrant

‘‘Affiliate marketing is my best blog monetization method. I love the fact that I can help other people and earn at the same time!

Plus they are one of the highest paying ads.


I earn commissions from reviewing products, creating tutorials, and recommending products I use. I used to dislike this method because I wasn’t sure how to do it properly. I thought it was super complicated…until I watched how the pros do it, and figured how to actually work it.

It may seem hard at first but once you learn how it works, it’s a lot fun and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is. Sure, it may take a lot of work, but it’s worth it.


TIP: Choose your niche, provide value, find where most of your target audience hangs out, and promote! Keep reading tips from the pros. AND don’t forget to optimize for the search engines.’’

Pauline Cabrera of Start Your Blog Online


‘‘Bloggers usually have varied ways of monetizing their blogs. Two of the most common are by creating products or service lines which they promote. The other is by promoting affiliate products. I favor the option of getting your product to promote, and there are plenty of reasons why this is so.


For one, promoting your own product usually increases your net earning potentials. This is because bloggers have a chance of growing their own product and getting profits along the way. They also tend to establish themselves as experts in their niche.

Bloggers who promote affiliate products are usually dependent on their marketability.


This also means that they are not likely to receive all the long term benefits of their promotional work. Bloggers who promote their own products also enjoy long-term SEO benefits.


Promoting products which you can call your own is usually easier. Recognition is also a benefit since producing high quality product puts its creator in the spotlight.


Despite these advantages, creating your own line of products is not easy, especially for new bloggers. This is because it requires resources that new bloggers may not be willing to invest.’’

Ron Sela of and PageWiz


‘‘The simplest way to monetize a blog is to add relevant affiliate links to products in your niche. But let’s ignore that choice, as I am sure it is a common one.

Instead, what I would say is this: if you are blogging to earn money alone, then you might be in for some disappointment. It could take years to make a living (that is, you need to be big).

So instead, I recommend adding your own products and services to your blog. What kinds? That depends on what you are blogging about and what you are good at. But there is always something you know, that others are willing to pay for, and you need to find out from your audience what that is (ask them in a post, email, survey). But the main point is this – if you honestly want a business out of your blog, plan for it from the beginning. A blog supplements businesses but rarely creates them.’’

Ashley Faulkes of Entice Online Marketing


‘‘Affiliate marketing all the way for me.

Once a piece of content is up it’s there forever and no further work needed on it.

So it generates passive income on auto-pilot from there on it.


Though I’ve also just added 5 info products which don’t really require any work once online either. These have already generated a few hundred extra dollars a month and took me no longer to create than a blog post. All the payments and stuff is handled through the marketplace I use so it’s passive once up.


I’ve also added in some services which require a little work on my part but nothing too much. And just recently added in which is a clever new way to make money when people sign up to your list by offering them to join the lists of other bloggers at the same time.


At the time of writing I’ve had this on the blog for less than 48hrs and it’s generated $34 for me. So if it remains steadily earning like this it’s an extra $500 a month in passive income.’’

Stuart Walker of Niche Hacks


‘‘Mmmm! It is hard to choose just one.

My three main monetization methods are:

1) Banner advertising, 2) Affiliate marketing (via reviews, guides, links in posts etc), and

3) Direct product selling

Selling products directly has the potential to be the most profitable if you have a good product to market. Though, historically, the blogs I have run have always had most of their income generated through affiliate marketing. So if I have to pick one, I would say that is my favorite, Though I do like the income consistency that banner advertising can bring every month too.’’

Kevin Muldoon of


‘‘As Be A Better Blogger continues to gain in popularity my attention will shift away from services, and towards affiliate marketing and selling digital products. The former is truly passive; the latter requires a lot of work up front, but only minimal work later.


Affiliates will allow me to earn income without the time commitment of creating my own product. It has its cons, but as a passive form of income it’s difficult to beat. Creating my own digital products (eBooks, plugins) will require a considerable time commitment initially, but its income potential (not to mention its ability to build my reputation as an expert) is significant.’’

Kevin Duncan of Be A Better Blogger


‘‘Affiliate Marketing is my favorite way to monetize my blogs because it can generate regular stream of income. Also we can consider it as a long term business.’’

 Rajesh Namase of TechLila


‘‘My favorite strategy for monetization depends on the blog. This really comes down to what I feel my readers want and what is appropriate for the niche.


For example, my favorite way of monetizing my blog at Blogging Tips 101 is with an affiliate product. The entire site is based around one large product and it will stay that way. Yes, I do have some smaller affiliate links such as Hootsuite, but it is not a site where I will be having a lot of advertising and I currently do not have Adsense.’’

Catherine Holt of Blogging Tips 101


‘‘I use a mixture of affiliate marketing and selling my own services to monetize my blog.

Since I have a background in freelance writing and content marketing, it made sense to offer these as services to my readers. It’s a great thing to look into doing if you have a blog, as your posts will stand testament to your ability as a writer.


With the affiliate marketing side of my monetization plan, I promote products that I use or have used myself. This I believe adds more authenticity and comes across in my product reviews.’’

Stacey Corrin of

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