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Why should I use Aweber?

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As a blogger or marketer, the need for you to use a good email marketing and automation service like Aweber can not be over emphasized. With several mailing services available out there, most webmasters often get lost in the bloggosphere.


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I once recommended Aweber to a friend and he asked the question you may be asking right now, “Why should I use Aweber?” Before we see why you should definitely be using Aweber, I’ll like us to have a full unerstanding of what is Aweber in the first place.

What is an AWeber?

AWeber is the best autoresponder / email marketing for any business. No matter what niche you are in, use autorespponder to keep good relationship with your customers, prospects and followers. Always remember, “Money is in the list”.


What is AWeber used for?

AWeber1 develops and runs an opt-in email marketing service used by over 120,000 small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs around the globe. Their web-based tools help businesses grow by staying in touch with customers and prospects through email. AWeber is a great email marketing program for several reasons.


Is AWeber free?

Their pricing is pretty outstanding in compare to all other competition. MailChimp is one of the popular options after Aweber. One of the reasons for mail chimp popularity is due to free account for initial 2000 subscriber and 12000 emails.


Fun factor:

The most successful bloggers and digital marketers all recommend Aweber. Have you ever asked yourself the question why Ali Baba, Ewen Chia, Neil Patel and many others all use Aweber?

The following successful bloggers and marketers all used Aweber. See how much they earn according to

#1 — Huffington Post: $14,000,000 per month

#2 — Engadget: $5,500,000 per month

#3 — Moz: $4,250,000 per month

#4 — Mashable: $2,000,000 per month

#5 — TechCrunch: $2,500,000 per month



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Why should I use Aweber?

AWeber is a great email marketing program for several reasons. Not only is it wonderfully customizable, but it also has great features like broadcast messages, reports, and managing subscribers. Broadcast messages are basically emails with an important message (like an upcoming event) that are sent once to all subscribers, certain ones, or to a certain email list – you get to choose! You also choose the day and time each broadcast will be sent.


5 Reasons Why I use Aweber

(5 factors to consider when selecting an email hosting service)


1. Security

The first reason why I use Aweber is because of its extremely secure mailing system. This is the first thing you should consider before indulging into marketing of any kind.


Keeping email content protected is a top concern for users looking into their next email solution, according to Windows IT Pro. Not only is it important to keep content secure, but proper email protection will help head off other hacking accessed through email. Companies that allow hacking leaks can land in a lot of financial trouble—because of the Sony email hack of 2014, the organization could lose up to $100 million. And though the loss from hacks of smaller businesses is often a lot less (an average of $8,700, according to USA Today), the risk of a larger loss isn’t worth it.

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2. Administration and ease of use

This is the best email hosting service because itprovides you with complete control over your email environment, but also offers assistance when it’s needed. It has a very reliable customer service, which includes 24/7 email, chat, and even phone support.


An easy-to-use interface gives your small business the flexibility it needs to complete administrative tasks in a timely manner. When you combine that with excellent help desk support, you’ve got a winning solution on your hands.



3. Compatibility and flexibility

As a business owner, you know the value of productivity—and that’s why it’s vital to have an email system that works for you, not against you. Aweber offers enterprise-level syncing with web-based applications and mobile devices. Whether your office has only two employees or two hundred, you will definitely want the ability to collaborate using global address lists, tasks, and shared calendars. As a host for Exchange, Aweber brings compatibility with Outlook and Lync, as well as the ability to access your email, calendar, and contacts on all major browsers, across devices, wherever you are.



4. Availability

Because we live in an always-on world, even an hour of downtime—email or otherwise—can cost your business thousands of dollars. A 2014 report by IDC showed that 80 percent of small and midsized businesses lose $20,000 or more per hour of network downtime. Because email is a vital part of a business’s productivity and often contains company data, it’s important to find a hosting service that guarantees uptime of at least 99.9 percent.

In addition, you need to find a service that keeps you connected. Aweber brings you automatic patching so you don’t have to maintain your own system. Aweber also helps you access your email environment on mobile devices across brands—so whether employees have an iPhone, a Windows Phone, an Android or a Blackberry, they can get to their emails, no matter where they are.




5. Archiving and storage

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered email inbox that doesn’t allow for sorting messages easily. But there are some messages that contain important information you don’t want to delete. The solution is an email hosting service that provides adequate storage for archiving. Even better is Aweber that has an established archiving system in place.


Specifically, you’ll want to look for a service that keeps all your data in one place and gives you the option to automatically move old messages to the archive. In addition, Aweber guarantees access to your archived messages and protect data with continuous backup and disaster recovery. It will help you manage your archived email within your easy-to-use dashboard—and say goodbye to annoying locally stored .pst files.


You’ll also want a provider that can advise you on best practices for the development of an email retention policy and help implement it through your email system.


Because technology is always evolving, your email service should get better and better over the years. Ultimately, that’s the best way to know you’ve made the right choice. If you are looking for a forward-thinking email host that is always improving its services, then Aweber is what you should settle for.


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This is what says abbout Aweber

I personally read a lot and will like you to check this great blog out. This is one of the most successful blogs in the bloggosphere though this comes after a series of setbacks in switching from one email marketing service to another. Here is an excerpt from the horse’s mouth.


“I’ve been using AWeber to deliver my photography newsletters since last year.


Why AWeber?

Regular readers know my painful story of having to switch from a free newsletter service to AWeber so I won’t rehash it all here (you can read the full version here) – but the long and short of it is that I invested a lot of time and energy into building my newsletter list up over years with a free service only to find that it became unreliable and ended up suspending it’s service – leaving me with no way to get my newsletters out. At this time I began to investigate other services and after the recommendation of many friends and readers decided to switch to a paid service.



In addition to being convinced by the recommendation of others it was the feature list that attracted me to AWeber. Since signing up they’ve upgraded their service and feature list a couple of times – it’s always a good sign to see a company improving and developing.


Some of the features that I enjoy:


Unlimited lists in the one account – some providers charge per list. So I have a photography list (two actually) and a problogger list.


Unlimited emails – some services charge per email that you send. I can send as many as I want each month to as many lists as I want.


Autoresponders – put together a sequence of emails that you want to send readers so that when they sign up for a mini course they get them sent out in an order and timing that you choose. For example on my photography site I’m going to put together a 10 part free mini-course on the basics of photography that will get sent out to readers once a week over 10 weeks. It’s a great way to connect people into your course and add value for readers.


Deliverability – this was a big one for me. Using my last free service I was getting very high numbers of bounced emails and emails being labeled as spam. It wasn’t unusual to see 20-30% of my emails not even getting delivered. My last 5 emails with AWeber had between 0.1 and 2.6% of emails undelivered. This means literally thousands of readers are getting emails that previously didn’t.


Text and HTML Emails – I like to send HTML emails to my photography readers as they are a very visual bunch. AWeber just added 27 new templates to the ones they already had. As someone who is not very design capable these save me a lot of time and I’ve had a lot of great feedback from readers. For those readers who can’t get HTML emails there is the option to send a text version too.


Analytics – AWeber has more ways to track the activity of your subscribers use of your newsletter than I’d ever experienced before. Not only can you track which links in your newsletter get clicked (very very handy) it allows you to



  • split test different versions of your newsletter to see which works best
  • to see how different web forms on your blog perform
  • to track what time of day readers open emails and click links
  • to send emails only to certain subscribers (based upon what they’ve clicked previously)
  • to track where on your website readers are going after they click on a link

The list goes on…. and on….


In fact there are so many ways of tracking readers and testing how your emails convert that it takes time to apply them all.


Blog Newsletters – I’ve actually not used this feature yet but it is handy to know that it is there. It allows you to turn your RSS feed into a newsletter. While you can do this with Feedburner (the service I currently use) AWeber gives a lot more control – it allows you to send these updates not only daily but weekly, monthly etc and to have more control over how they look.


Customer Service – Even before I switched to AWeber I was impressed with the support that they offered. They helped me transfer my previous lists across (it was a bit of a process and they do have to have some safeguards in place to stop Spammers using their system – but we got there) and have answered every question I’ve had of them – usually within hours. They have a live customer support instant messaging service which operates most hours which is very helpful.


Free Trial – There are a lot more features that I’ve not mentioned (and to be honest have not even discovered or tested yet) – but you can test them all for yourself. AWeber offers a free month long trial so you can play with them all to your heart’s content. This is how I got a feel for AWeber before signing up.


Why a Paid Service?

I asked this question of my friends who used AWeber and other paid newsletter services for a long time. There are so many free tools out there available to bloggers that I totally understand why we’re wired to ask it – however for me it came down to this:

  • Newsletters are a Core part of my business as a blogger. They’ve become so valuable that I cannot afford not to have them.
  • I cannot afford to have a service that disappears at some point or becomes unreliable in it’s uptime.
  • I cannot afford to have a service that doesn’t deliver a high rate of email.
  • I wanted a service that I could email and say ‘I’m paying for this – so fix it’.
  • I wanted a service that had high standards and that didn’t get taken over my spammers (one of the reasons my last service became unreliable).


For me this meant I went with AWeber. I can understand why others choose not to pay for a service or go with other options – but for me the arguments and my previous experience said it all.


As mentioned above – Aweber’s model is not to charge per email or per list that you have – but it’s based more upon subscriber numbers. For me this made sense. I wanted the flexibility to send as many emails as I want to my multiple lists. I have also found that as my subscribers grow in number that the list becomes more profitable for me – so I can justify the extra expense when I jump up a price bracket.”

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