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Bafaka mines Cameroon

Bafaka mines Cameroon: A look at one of the main mining companies in Cameroon. 

Mined materials are needed to construct roads and hospitals, to build automobiles and houses, to make computers and satellites, to generate electricity, and to provide the many other goods and services that consumers enjoy. In addition, mining is economically important to the producing regions and countries.

Cameroon is generally believed to be richly endowed with natural resources.

The Ministry of mines: Giving more visibility to actions

The Ministry of mines: Giving more visibility to actions

The Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development was created by Decree No. 2011/410 of December 9, 2011 organizing the Government. It is a materialization of the President of the Republic’s will, to give a new impetus to the Cameroonian industry and its mining sector, two major arguments for the revival of economic growth in Cameroon.

Therefore the responsibilities of this sector include developing, implementing and evaluating the industrial and mining policy, strategizing for technological development and intellectual property, standardization and quality in the different sectors of the national economy.

The successful implementation of such a policy is not dependant on the only competence and the unilateral will of the State, although its role remains crucial. That’s where Bafaka Mines Cameroon comes into play.

Details of Bafaka Local Miners LTD (Bafaka mines Cameroon)

Bafaka Mines Cameroon

Representative: Mohahmed Riaz Ahmed
Address: 19 Lom et Njerem Batouri Easten Region Bertoua, Cameroon
Tel: 00237679563350

TAX ID NUMBER (TIN) : 00032448452CM

In 2007, although having a license to operate, the Bafaka Local Miners LTD had not yet started industrial production.

The rest of the mining companies surveyed in Cameroon as well as the artisanal miners, whose contribution is below the materiality threshold of 55 million FCFA, have been retained in the EITI referential through a unilateral declaration of the administrations and public entities according to the modality envisaged by the EITI Requirement 11-b.

There are 109 of these companies (excluding artisanal miners) (71 mining companies and 38 quarry companies) and one of the most prominent is Bafaka Mines Cameroon.

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