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Best Tech Websites & Blogs

Are you looking for the best tech websites or the best tech blogs in any country of your choice? Look no further. We bring to you a complete list of the best tech websites in the world. We’ll answer the following frequently asked questions:

Table of Contents:

  1. What are the best tech websites in the world?
  2. What are the best tech blogs in the world?
  3. What are the best tech websites in Africa?
  4. What are the best tech websites in the US (United States of America)?
  5. What are the best tech websites in the UK (United Kingdom)?
  6. What are the best tech websites in South Africa?
  7. What are the best tech websites in China?
  8. What are the best technology websites in Japan?
  9. What are the best websites in India?
  10. What are the best websites in Pakistan?
  11. What are the best websites in Nigeria?

These are many other issues related to tech websites will be handled. In case you have a question we did not address, please leave it in the comment section below this article.

best tech websites

Top 20 Best Tech Websites & Blogs

Top 20 Best Tech Websites & Blogs

At this age of modern technology where new gadgets and digital apps are developed or created each day, tech websites and blogs come in handy. Internet users would know these new technologies through reading blogs.

These are the 10 most ranked pages on Alexa and Google:


Tech Crunch is considered as one of the well knows and popular website for providing quality information related to new gadgets and technology news. Also, Tech Crunch is one of the leading technology media on the internet as well as one of the most famous technology blog online. Mainly this provides articles related to internet portals, the latest tech product reviews, and news, etc.


The Next Web is another leading blog on the internet which provides technology stuff on a daily basis to internet users. Mostly it covers guides and topics related to business, culture, and technology. Also, it publishes useful articles for upcoming gadgets. It is highly recommended to must read and visit this website for next-generation gadgets. Interesting thing is that it receives seven million monthly visits and more than ten million page views per month.

3. is the third most popular media on the internet providing news related to the latest trends of technology. Also, it publishes helpful guides related to latest or upcoming gadgets, science, entertainment, business, and design, etc. Once you visit this website, you will surely be going to love because of publishing quality stuff.

4. mostly shares articles and guides related to new gadgets such as TV, mobile, tablets, laptops and gaming devices as well. Apart from this it also covers podcasts, videos, and photos related to the latest technology trends. Also, it comes really handy for comparing websites or new gadgets at the same time on this website easily. You will surely be going to get a lot of valuable information through reading this website on a daily basis.

5. is another leading source on the internet which mostly covers gadgets related news and guides and is one of the best online portals for gadgets lovers. It mainly covers the latest news related to gadgets, best guides for gadgets and also tutorials relate to gadget. If you are a gadget lover, then this website’s really worth it and you just need to check out this website for finding latest and upcoming gadgets news.


As most of you might have an idea or knowledge about the one of the top and much famous technology blog on the internet which covers latest technology news, gadgets, science, and interesting stuff and provides helpful guides to the internet users. The best part about this website is that you can also check out videos related to latest technology news. Also, it receives around more than twenty million unique visits and has more than six million social media followers.


The Verge is another most popular and famous technology blog for tech lovers which are mainly interesting in reading tech news, product reviews and products information, etc. Also, it shares interesting guides about technology and how it affects society.


Digital Trends is another largest hub of technology, computer gaming devices, and interesting lifestyle guides. It also covers guides related to music, cars, and photography, etc and sometimes writes about the Apple news as well.


This is the most popular technology news and gadgets related website on the internet. Also, it provides helpful guides related to tablets, laptops, and mobiles, etc. Also, it rates the different kind of Smartphone devices, mobiles as well as tablets also. The best thing is that if you are an android lover, then this website also publishes android related news and guides on the website.


Technorati is useful and most popular technology website in the world of the internet which helps bloggers and tech blog owners to get more views on their website and provides a lot of quality technology guides and news. Apart from this it also covers guides related to android, apple, gadgets, etc. and much more.


Business Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. The flagship vertical, Silicon Alley Insider, launched on July 19, 2007, led by DoubleClick founders Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan and former top-ranked Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget.

12. is a website focused on Apple news and rumors. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. The site also boasts an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, and Macintosh platforms.


VentureBeat is a media company obsessed with covering amazing technology and why it matters in our lives. From the most innovative tech and gaming companies — and the incredible people behind them — to the money fueling it all, we’re devoted to exhaustive coverage of the technology revolution.


Recognized as a global leader in interactive and digital entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is responsible for the PlayStation brand and family of products. PlayStation has delivered innovative products to market since the launch of the first PlayStation in Japan in 1994. The PlayStation family of products and services includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Vue. SIE also oversees Worldwide Studios, which is responsible for developing exclusive, world-class games for PlayStation. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, SIE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation and has regional headquarters in London and Tokyo.


Gigaom is a technology research and analysis firm. Our focus is on helping business leaders understand the implications of emerging technologies and their impacts on business, media, and society.

16. Engadget

Engadget is the definitive guide to this connected life.Technology isn’t all about bits and processors. It’s the car with no driver, human organs printed in a lab and leisurely flights into space. It’s the future and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Since 2004, Engadget has exhaustively covered cutting edge devices and the technology that powers them. As we enter our second decade, we’re looking beyond the gadgets themselves to explore how they impact our lives.


Dedicated to highlighting the latest and greatest in personal technology since 2005, SlashGear covers everything from cutting-edge tech gear to the latest digital lifestyle trend. Distinctive, informative and fresh, Slashgear brings you device information and reviews you can trust as well as thought-provoking commentary.


Ubergizmo loves gadgets and the technologies that make the gadgets go. They talk about electronics in a way that everyone can relate to. From design to user interface to practicality, pricing and competition, they make lists to help you decide what gadgets you need (or don’t).


Droid-life has the greatest Android community in the world. They talk general news, feature apps, review phones, and even teach you how to hack a little. If you were looking for the best place to learn about Android and talk with like-minded folks about all things tech, then Droid Life is for you.

20. was founded in September 1999 and has been covering video games ever since. The site began life with a PC focus and a keen interest in the competitive FPS scene of the time, but over the years it has grown to cover every aspect of gaming – PC, console, indie, board games and anything else that the team and the site’s readers find interesting.

Do you know other tech websites not ranked in our top 20 but deserve to be here? Share your thoughts below.

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Here’s our pick of the 10 best African technology websites, in no particular order, to stay in touch with the latest news, reviews, opinion pieces and infographics from the african continent (we won’t mention ourselves because we are not Kanye WEST):

10 –

Memeburn (pronounced “meem”, not “meh-meh” or “mee mee”) is a website that focuses on everything digital in the emerging markets sphere, from current events in the world of social media, mobile and general technology,

9 –

HumanIPO is a top pan-African technology news site, with journalists based in all the continent’s major hubs covering Africa’s technological revolution. 

8 –

IT News Africa ( is one of Africa’s Technology News Leader.

7 – is one of the most influential voices of the African ICT sector, providing a comprehensive overview of the ICT business of Africa, with up-to-date news, views and interaction for ICT players across the continent. 

6 –

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, TechMoran is the destination for breaking tech news, disruptive exclusives, and hot commentaries on new technologies and startup entrepreneurship in Africa.

5 –

TechCentral is one of the leading quality news and information resource for people involved in South Africa’s fast-growing information and communications technology industry and those interested in the fast-changing world of information technology.

4 – 

One of the newest, yet most influential tech blogs in Nigeria.

3 –

Widely considered THE most influential tech blog in Nigeria, and recent winner of a Best Tech Blog in Africa award.

2 –

One of the oldest, and best updated tech websites on the continent.

1 –

At its simplest, oAfrica is a showcase of the dynamic African digital landscape.


If you speak french, make sure you don’t miss:





– the company blog


– and which, while not only reporting about Africa, does provide a good content about the continent.

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Best Tech Websites in the US (United States of America)

Here are the best Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow according to Netkipeida‘s 2019 report.

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

Today, it seems like it’s every day that there is some new technological development that the Internet is buzzing about. Whether it’s wearables, the latest Apple product, of virtual reality, there’s always something new and exciting going on in the world of technology. There are plenty of the U.S.-based tech blogs that make it their mission to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in technology. While there might be some blogs on this list that you recognize, a lot of them might not be as well known in your country as they are in the US. Since America is generally the launching pad for most tech products, US blogs are a pretty trustworthy source if you’re looking to get the latest updates from the technology world. So take a look at some of these best USA tech websites and blogs, and get ready to bookmark some of them for future reading!


Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

CNET is one of the most popular technology blogs out there, and you’ll be able to find just about anything you might need on it. With separate pages for product reviews, news updates, video, how-to, and even one that informs you of deals for the best savings, CNET is a trustworthy and up-to-date source for technology news.

2. Engadget

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

Engadget is also well-known for their product reviews, and it will help you keep up with the latest technological developments in relation to culture, science, gaming, entertainment, and more. Gamers will find Engadget to be a particularly useful resource: they’re usually one of the first sources when it comes to writing about gaming and gear!

3. ZDNet

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

ZDNet is a business technology website published by CBS Interactive and focuses mainly on hardware, software, mobile, security, and research. They do offer product reviews, which are acquired from CNET, but place a greater emphasis on these other areas of interest. You can join the ZDNet newsletter and get the latest updates is technology news and analysis sent straight to your email!

4. Tom’s Hardware

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

Tom’s Hardware: Tom’s Hardware provides articles, news, price comparisons, videos, and reviews on computer hardware and high technology. Tom’s Hardware site features a forum and featured blogs, so you can easily discover other US tech blogs and also communicate any questions you might have. Tom’s Hardware is a great way to interact with other tech enthusiasts and to stay updated with the latest news.  

5. Android Authority

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

Android Authority: Android users, this one is for you! Android Authority has pages for news and reviews related to all Android products, so you can be informed of the latest developments in the Android world and also get useful advice before purchasing a new Android product. Android Authority also has an “Apps” page, where you can discover new and useful apps for Android users.  

6. Pocket-lint

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

Pocket-lint: Pocket-lint focuses on phones, virtual reality, smarthome, cameras, and wearables. No matter what gadget you might want to know more about, Pocket-lint will have plenty of information and updates available for you. The website also offers pages for reviews and deals, so you can weigh your options before making a purchase and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.  

7. Tech Radar

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

Tech Radar: You might have heard of Tech Radar before, since it’s available in 4 different regions around the world. But it’s worth your while to check out the US version of this blog–it’s always up-to-date with the latest news relating to phones, laptops, wearables, car tech, and more. With a variety of content, from reviews to feature articles, Tech Radar will keep you both informed and entertained!  

8. Gizmodo

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

Gizmodo: Gizmodo is a design and technology blog whose content ranges from serious, breaking technology news to more lighthearted and entertaining pieces. In addition to providing you with your daily dose of technology and entertainment, Gizmodo also features other blogs that you might like. This is an easy and convenient way to discover other new US tech blogs!  

9. The Verge

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

The Verge: The Verge is a politically progressive technology news and media network, which publishes news items, long-form feature stories, product reviews, podcasts, and an entertainment show. Whether you want to read more about science, entertainment, or cars, The Verge will give you the technology fix you need.  

10. Slash Gear

Best USA Tech Websites And Blogs to Follow

Slash Gear: Slash Gear’s technology coverage is quite extensive: the website has separate pages for news related to Apple, Android, cars, phones, tablets, gaming, wearables, and more. Slash Gear lets you know what’s trending every day, so you can read articles based on what the rest of the Internet is buzzing about. Whether you’re looking for reviews, columns, or news pieces, you can find it all here! And there you have it–here are 10 of the best and most informative U.S. tech blogs on the Internet! It’s always useful to make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest in technology: it can help you professionally and keep you aware of some new and innovative products that could help make your hectic life a little bit simpler! So make sure you bookmark these pages or sign up for their newsletters so that you’re always on top of your technology news. Happy surfing!

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Best Tech Websites in the UK (United Kingdom)

Here are the top 20 UK based technology blogs.

No matter what type of enterprise you are building or what industry you’re based in, if it has not already, technology is likely to affect your business at some point or another. However, as it continues to advance at a staggering rate keeping your finger on the pulse of the technology world is proving to be ever more difficult. We’ve selected 20 of the best UK technology blogs to help you stay one step ahead.

The ‘’ technology blog

The Guardian’s blog is filled with in-depth analysis covering the very latest developments taking place in the world of technology and is regularly updated by the Guardian’s team of technology correspondents.


Zath is updated by Simon Baker who is currently completing a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering. Its primary aim is to review the latest technology products, software applications, websites and hi-tech gadgets as well as providing ‘how to’ guides. blog

Computing is one of the UK’s leading business technology publications so as you would expect, the blog is updated regularly each day throughout the working week with the biggest stories in technology. Posts are provided by both the publication’s reporters as well as industry experts.

V3 – the frontline blog

Like Computing V3, another member of the Incisive Media publishing family has been designed to provide 24/7 technology news and analysis. Consequently, this makes its ‘frontline’ blog an incredibly useful resource for technology professionals as it offers in-depth analysis across a range of technology related topics. 

ZD Net

ZD Net is a blog specifically targeted at IT professionals and brings together news, analysis and reviews from across the industry. It is a user friendly blog which contains a number of links to the individual blogs of members of its editorial team. UK blog

Econsultancy is an online community for digital marketing and ecommerce professionals to discuss strategy and share ideas. The Econsultancy blog is updated throughout the working day with news and commentary from the world of digital marketing.

The ‘’ blog

The Telegraph’s blog largely contains posts from guest writers in the form of industry experts. Posts are published along with a short summary meaning that users can glance over the blog feed and be provided with a snapshot of the latest industry news, or click on the posts to access more in-depth analysis. 

Tech World

Techworld is a well-established resource for the UK IT industry offering the latest news, product reviews, enterprise software downloads and ‘how to’ articles. The Techworld blog offers detailed analysis provided by members of the Tech World editorial team as well as industry experts and serves as an excellent resource, especially if you are looking for lots of information on a specific topic.

The Financial Times Tech Hub

The Financial Times’ ‘Tech Hub’ blog covers the latest finanace-orientated technological developments and news and serves as a great resource for keeping informed about how technology is affecting the financial world more generally.

Fasthosts blog

The Fasthosts blog focuses on providing information and advice to industry professionals covering everything from cloud computing to digital marketing. The site is visually attractive with images accompanying, detailed posts from guest writers and contains plenty of links to news stories displayed on other blogs.

David Rowan’s blog –

David Rowan is the editor of Wired magazine. His blog offers well-presented content that discusses some of the industry’s most topical issues.  


Tubblog is maintained by Richard Tubb, the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Partner Area Lead for FY12 and independent business consultant. His blog offers opinion, news and information for IT companies.

Computerworld UK

Computerworld UK describs itself as ‘‘the voice of IT management’;’ its blog is clearly laid out with posts grouped by different sections including open source, public sector, security, applications, Windows and Apple. It is updated by Computerworld’s own editorial team as well as guest writers.  

Real Point Blog

Real Point Blog is a space to share tips as well as industry news and opinion from sectors including technology and IT, digital marketing as well as business more generally. There is a vast amount of information contained within the blog, fortunately the search function makes it easy to find posts on a particular subject.


Crave is the gadget blog from CNET UK and provides all the latest gadget news and advice as well as product reviews and ‘how to guides’. It is a useful resource for any business wanting to find out more about the latest gadgets in the market.

Technology with Jason Slater

Jason Slater’s technology blog focuses largely on products, and contains reviews as well as advice and guidelines for best practice. Posts are clear and concise. The blog also follows a traditional format so is easy to navigate.

Keith Wilson’s technology blog 

In his blog Keith Wilson shares his thoughts and observations regarding technology products, paying particular attention to Apple’s family of Mac computers, the iPhone and OS X Lion desktop operating system. This blog is likely to be of particular interest to those that work in the creative industries and therefore tend to use Apple’s products more frequently.

Sage Blog

Sage develops software for the UK market that helps businesses to better manage their finances, staff, customers and suppliers. The Sage blog provides advice from experts within the company regarding how technology can help to refine existing business processes and drive efficiencies.

Which? Tech Daily

The Which? technology blog aims to put the hype that surrounds the launch of new technology products into perspective by carrying out objective and thorough product reviews. It is a particularly useful blog to visit if you are considering in investing in new technology for your business.

Mighty Gadget

The Mighty Gadget blog contains posts regarding the latest technology news and reviews relating specifically to the UK. Posts are separated by sections, making the blog easy to navigate.

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Top 10 South African technology websites

Here’s our pick of the 10 best South African technology websites to get your daily fix of news, reviews, opinion pieces and infographics.

1. My BroadBand

MyBroadband is one of South Africa’s biggest websites, and is its most popular technology website, with 1 million unique monthly visitors. The site covers everything from ADSL news to IT jobs with a South African focus.

2. TechCentral

TechCentral is about news, reviews and comment in the South African IT world. They aim to always provide independent reporting (they don’t republish press releases on principle) and their agenda is clearly laid out: a belief in free enterprise, and privatisation and deregulation to grow South Africa’s economy.

3. Bandwidth Blog

BandwidthBlog covers the gamut of tech content, including news on social media, online trends and the mobile sector, gadget and game reviews, articles on local and international startups, and video interviews with web entrepreneurs.

4. Memeburn

Memeburn focuses on everything digital in the emerging markets sphere, from current events in the world of social media, mobile and general technology, to in-depth interviews with the likes of WordPress creator and CEO. The writers are a mixture of in-house journalists, but the majority of the site’s content is produced by external contributors, from tech bloggers and journalists to well-known entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

5. Mail & Guardian

Well-researched editorial about South African-related technology issues and trends are covered in the ‘Sci tech’ section of the Mail & Guardian’s website, alongside syndicated international stories.

6. News24 Technology

The technology section of South Africa’s most popular website covers general international technology news, as well as local stories.

7. Gearburn

An offshoot of Memeburn, Gearburn covers international gadget news in written and video reviews.

8. ITWeb

In a reversal of the usual publishing model, ITWeb started off as an online publication, and has branched into print publications ITWeb Brainstorm and iWeek. ITWeb is more business and policy focused than some of the other sites in this list, with most of its articles based around company and government news in the IT space.

9. Stuff

This is one of our CEO Tim Wyatt-Gunning’s favourite local technology websites. The local online version of the international print magazine is focused on tech and gadget reviews, covering phones, TVs, tablets, games, cameras, laptops and GPSs. This is the site to come to when you’re on the hunt for your next birthday present.

10. ITNewsAfrica

ITNewsAfrica covers technology news from the continent, split into regions (West, East, Southern and North), along with company news, in-depth features, opinion pieces and listings of tech events, aimed at a business-minded audience.

If you’re wondering why there aren’t any technology blogs on this list it’s because we’re going to be covering them in a future blog. Do tell us about your favorites in the comments.

Do you have any South African technology sites that you would add to this list?

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10 Best Tech Websites in China

Here are 10 Great Websites for China Electronics and Gadgets

China, with its powerful technological innovation and manufacturing capability, is well-known for producing trend-setting electronics and quirky gadgets at low prices. It has been playing a major role in the international market. Here are a number of tech-selling sites which sell cool China electronics to the whole world.

1. DX

deal extreme is the clear leader among all business to consumer e-commerce websites. It keeps being a leading retailer since its establishment in 2005. Find everything from cell phones to flashlights in its over giant products library with at low prices. All items on DX enjoy free world-wide shipping and the site provides 24/7 customer service through online chat.

2. DinoDirect

dinodirect is a cross-border online shopping site based in central Chinese city of Chongqing. You can find a rich assortment of new-fangled products from electronics, to computers to car accessories, etc. The site offers free shipping service to many countries and regions in the world. Any unsatisfied product can be returned within 30 days and refund will be made excluding delivering charges.

3. LightInTheBox

lightinthebox website is a retail website that delivers items directly to consumers around the globe. The site offers a wide range of products from bluedio bluetooth headset to LED tap at attractive prices. A variety of payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, Western Union and wire transfers are all accepted. LightInTheBox was listed at New York Stock Exchange in 2013.

4. FocalPrice

Focalprice is a fast-growing B2C e-Commerce website based in Hong Kong. The site has various products from trending cell phones and multifunctional watches to cool sun glasses and lovely plush toys. All its items will be shipped by airmail for free. Consumers who any question can connect with their service department through email, live chat, the official forum and get a response very soon. FocalPrice accepts payment through PayPal, credit card, WebMoney and Boleto/money transfer. The site guarantees that their prices are 10-70% less than that of other sites.


5. is a leading online store with its headquarter located in Hong Kong. The site mainly offers a wide range of inexpensive up-to-date gadgets such as toys, cell phones and computer accessories and other novelty items. Tinydeal accepts payment via PayPal and the western union.


6. is an online e-commerce retailer based in Guangzhou. It sells almost all latest gadgets electronics including apple accessories, RC toys, LED lights and watches. PayPal, major Credit Cards and Boleto are accepted. BangGood has its own international warehouses in UK and USA, which guarantees items can be delivered promptly to local customers.

chinavasion website

7. ChinaVasionLocated in Shenzhen, is dedicated to wholesaling made-in-China tech stuff. It is a very good site and very trusted and fast. The site promises a full 12 month warranty for all their electronic products. Payments are accepted via PayPal or bank transfer. Customer service supports 24/7 live chat and emails.

8. EverBuying

everbuying website is an online wholesale platform specializing in electronics. The site provides the latest electronic products including cell phones, tablets, car DVD players, cheap LED lighting and other cool electronic gadgets. It supports lots of shipping options such as flat rate shipping, EMS, UPS and DHL. The site is committed to offer 30 day money back warranty and 3 months exchange warranty. Payment via PayPal, Western Union and wire transfer are accepted.

9. PandaWill


Based in Shenzhen, China, is a worldwide online wholesale store. The site provides the most hot goods at low price from China. Find almost all trendy digital products and consumer electronics on PandaWill. Payment methods include PayPal, West Union, Money Gram and Bank Transfer. All orders less than US$30 will be shipped by Regular Airmail for free and those more than US$30 via Registered Airmail free.


10. is a trustworthy China mainland wholesale and retail online store. The site specializes in computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, car accessories and so on. All its products are free shipping for Airmail, shipping through DHL, FedEx, UPS or TNT need pay the difference.

That’s Money Master Tutorials’ choice list of the best 10 tech websites in China. In case we left a site you know, please mention it in the comments below.

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Best Tech Websites in Japan

What are the best tech news sites and Blogs in Japan?

Here’s our list of the best tech news sites and blogs in Japan.

Top 29 Japanese News Websites To Follow in 2019

1. The Japan Times

The Japan Times

About Blog: Latest news and features from Japan: business, politics, commentary culture, life & style, entertainment and sports 
Frequency: about 168 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 638,930. Twitter followers- 258,534. Alexa rank – 5,887

2. Japan Today

Japan Today

About Blog: Japan, Today is the leading English news site about Japan, featuring all the latest news and stimulating reader discussions on domestic and international issues. 
Frequency: about 168 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 1,376,413. Twitter followers- 80,494. Alexa rank – 11,108

3. Asahi Shimbun Digital

Asahi Shimbun Digital

About Blog: AJW (Asia & Japan Watch) is a free news website of the Asahi Shimbun. Your critical guide to what’s going on in Japan and the rest of Asia. Frequency: about 168 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 194,037. Twitter followers- 13,607. Alexa rank – 915

4. RocketNews24


About Blog: RocketNews24 is a news blog. Since our humble launch in 2008 we’ve built a massive fan base by reporting the interesting, strange and random, much of it brought over from the English-speaking world. 
Frequency: about 42 posts per week 
Since Feb 2009 Follow 
Facebook fans- 344,113. Twitter followers- 18,224. Alexa rank – 3,195

5. The Tokyo Reporter

The Tokyo Reporter

About Blog: Read the latest salacious news on crime, lifestyle and entertainment from Japan. From the Yamaguchi-gumi to soapland bathhouses, Tokyo Reporter has it covered. 
Frequency: about 34 posts per week
Facebook fans- 6,036 . Twitter followers- 48,843. Alexa rank – 116,322

6. News On Japan

News On Japan

About Blog: All the latest news on Japan 
Frequency: about 56 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 1,503. Twitter followers- 13,142. Alexa rank – 79,199

7. NHK News Web

NHK News Web

About Blog: Japanese public broadcaster’s official website with online news, profile, and press releases. 
Frequency: about 168 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 154,128 . Twitter followers- n/a. Alexa rank – 1,023

8. Japan Industry News

Japan Industry News

About Blog: Japan Industry News builds partnerships with Japan’s leading industrial newspapers, bringing their insights to global professionals in the English language. 
Frequency: about 3 posts per month 
Facebook fans- 973. Twitter followers- 1,101. Alexa rank – 1,125,444

9. Kyodo News

 Kyodo News

About Blog: Kyodo News on the Web: Daily international, Japan news, national and local news coverage from the newspaper, breaking news updates, technology news, sports, reviews, listings. 
Frequency: about 84 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 326,012. Twitter followers- 3,262. Alexa rank – 68,466

10. The New York Times » Japan

The New York Times » Japan

About Blog: Unlock the story of Japan. Browse The New York Times’s breaking news and extensive historical coverage on Japan here. 
Frequency: about 3 posts per week
Facebook fans- 14,832,340. Twitter followers- 40,005,127. Alexa rank – 117

11. Livedoor News

Livedoor News

About Blog: Find latest news of japan on this website. 
Frequency: about 42 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 453,889. Twitter followers- 498,931. Alexa rank – 290

12. Naver » Entertainment

 Naver » Entertainment

About Blog: Find all the news and information for entertainment on this website. 
Frequency: about 42 posts per week 
Since Jan 2017 
Facebook fans- n/a. Twitter followers- n/a. Alexa rank – 370

13. Iza


About Blog: Iza is a Comprehensive news site. Find news on Politics, society, entertainment, and sports. 
Frequency: about 168 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 4,533. Twitter followers- 14,296. Alexa rank – 5,630

14. zakzak


About Blog: Find news on social, economic, entertainment, sports, and now the buzz is in the original cut! 
Frequency: about 168 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 3,198. Twitter followers- 43,977. Alexa rank – 7,939

15. The Bridge

The Bridge

About Blog: Find all the latest Tech and Startup News from Japan. 
Frequency: about 3 posts per week
Facebook fans- 24,586. Twitter followers- 23,799. Alexa rank – 24,277

16. Nishi Nippon

Nishi Nippon

About Blog: This site provides all the news related to West Japan newspaper. 
Frequency: about 84 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 25,237. Twitter followers- 13,374. Alexa rank – 29,118

17. Embassy of the Republic of Poland Tokio

Embassy of the Republic of Poland Tokio

About Blog: News about Japan, joint projects and much more. 
Frequency: about 1 post per week 
Facebook fans- n/a. Twitter followers- 29,688. Alexa rank – 35,806

18. Japan Inside » News

 Japan Inside » News

About Blog: This page is for discovering Japan for all around the world. 
Frequency: about 9 posts per week
Facebook fans- 160,178 . Twitter followers- n/a . Alexa rank – 168,503

19. Imperial Family of Japan

Imperial Family of Japan

About Blog Latest News of the Japanese Imperial Family. Imperial Family of Japan is the website introducing the activities of the Japanese Imperial Family. 
Frequency: about 3 posts per week 
Since Aug 2013 
Websiteimperialfamilyjapan.wordpres..+ Follow 
Facebook fans- n/a. Twitter followers- 646. Alexa rank – 1,142,352

20. SNA Japan

SNA Japan

About Blog: Japan’s progressive news source. Independence. Dedication. Fearlessness. 
Frequency: about 8 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 2,670 . Twitter followers- 6,358 . Alexa rank – 2,234,147

21. Japan running news

Japan running news

About Blog: The world’s window into elite Japanese distance running, since 2007 
Frequency: about 7 posts per week
Facebook fans- n/a. Twitter followers- 8,724. Alexa rank – 4,907,223

22. The Japan News

The Japan News

About Blog Updating news headlines from Japan and global sources. Business, sport, and weather. Link to a map of Japan, local newspapers and official sites. One of the most comprehensive Japanese news sites on the web. 
Frequency: about 34 posts per week
Facebook fans- 6,846. Twitter followers- 112. Alexa rank – 11,690,261

23. Japan News

Japan News

About Blog: This is a subreddit for news, commentary, and analysis of Japanese politics, social trends, business, crime, and diplomatic relations. 
Frequency: about 12 posts per week
Facebook fans- 1,155,313. Twitter followers- 515,267. Alexa rank – 8

24. Japan Sports | News and discussion about sports in Japan » Reddit

Japan Sports | News and discussion about sports in Japan » Reddit

About Blog Welcome to the Japan Sports community on Reddit! Here is where you can find news, videos, and discussion not only on Japanese sports and teams but also Japanese athletes that have taken up positions on teams outside of Japan as well. We welcome news, highlights, and discussion for Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Asia League Ice Hockey, Japanese professional American football and more! 
Frequency: about 2 posts per month 
Facebook fans- 1,155,895 . Twitter followers- 515,598 . Alexa rank – 8

25. TomoNews Japan | Youtube

TomoNews Japan | Youtube

About Blog:  TomoNews (Tomo news) is a motion picture media that makes CG animation of the latest news, and sends it more clearly. We are delivering every topic from the political economy which is hard to understand, from international affairs to incidents/accidents, slightly erotic metamorphosis story.     
Frequency: about 12 posts per week 
Since Dec 2012 
Facebook fans- 13,704. Twitter followers- 2,225. Alexa rank – 2

26. ANNnewsCH | Youtube

 ANNnewsCH | Youtube

About Blog Information and accurate news unique to television stations quickly in high quality! Press Conference uncut delivery daily coverage, TV Asahi series 26 stations include all news and weather and attention! 
Frequency: about 168 posts per week 
Facebook fans- 61,997. Twitter followers- 34,126. Alexa rank – 2

27. BBC News Japan | Youtube

BBC News Japan | Youtube

About Blog: Welcome to the You Tube Official Channel of BBC News Japanese version! From the forefront of the news gathering scene, it is international news which is reported from a fair and neutral perspective. 
Frequency: about 10 posts per week 
Since Sep 2013 Follow 
Facebook fans- n/a. Twitter followers- 313,739. Alexa rank – 2

28. 日本ニュース | Youtube

日本ニュース | Youtube

About Blog: Japan and overseas news gathering network utilizing the various news will tell you quickly and accurately. 
Frequency: about 168 posts per week 
Since Nov 2016 
Facebook fans- n/a . Twitter followers- n/a . Alexa rank – 2

29. Japanese News | Youtube

Japanese News | Youtube

About Blog: Japanese News. We will deliver you entertainment news you care about. 
Frequency: about 4 posts per week 
Since Nov 2014 
Facebook fans- n/a . Twitter followers- n/a . Alexa rank – 2

These websites and blogs are ranked based on the following criteria

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts.
  • Money Master Tutorials’ editorial team and expert review

Next, we’ll look at the best tech websites in India.

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Which are the top 10 Indian Technology Websites?

1. Beebom

Beebom is a new Indian media company that covers technology news, reviews and produce quality tech videos.


Tech Radar is one of the best tech websites in India. The website features the latest technology news and reviews, covering computing, home entertainment systems, gadgets and more.

TechRadar is an online publication focused on technology, with editorial teams in the US, UK, Australia, and India. It provides news and reviews of tech products and first launched in 2008. TechRadar is owned by Future plc, the sixth-largest publisher in the United Kingdom. Wikipedia


Another great site to look out for in the likes of India tech juggernaut is Gadget 360. Gadgets 360 Online Shop is the one stop destination to buy gadgets, electronics online ranging from mobiles, laptops, power banks and others.


Another niche specific great tech site in India is Digit.

Digit is an Indian technology media publisher magazine owned by 9.9 Media. According to the last Indian Readership Survey results that mentioned it has a readership of about 230,000. Wikipedia


If your interested in Technology and Gadgets – News, Reviews, Comparisons | Gadgets, Gizmos & Mobiles | Video & Photo Reviews then BGR India is the place to go.


Another influential tech site in India is Gizbot. This is a great tech site to find all latest technology news, today’s breaking news on gadgets, mobiles, laptops, tablets, apps, telecom, gaming, cameras, internet, social media.


Planning for Online Mobile Shopping? Visit 91mobiles now to explore mobile phones including mobile prices, reviews, comparisons, features, videos, accessories and lots more. This is definitely one of the most reliable tech sites to shop from in India and even across the world.

8.Gadgets Now

GadgetsNow is another great Indian site where you can find the latest technology news, gadgets reviews & ratings. It also features popular & latest gadgets specifications, features, prices, photos & videos.

9.TechTree is one of India’s leading technology daily. They feature news, reviews, and street prices on tech products available in India, as well as forums, downloads, and lots more.


Labnol Digital Inspiration offers tech how-to guides, software tips, gadget reviews, mobile app recommendations and video tutorials around all things tech.

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Top 20 Technology Websites in Pakistan

Top 20 Technology Websites in Pakistan

Top Technology Websites in Pakistan are divided into the categories of Pakistan Government Sites, News and Current Affairs, Learning, Blogging, Shopping and Others. They provide a wide variety of information, downloads and resources with one commonality: they all contribute to the Information Technology and Telecommunications industries. For each of the sites we’ve included an analysis from Alexa to give you an idea about the site’s traffic statistics, rankings and engagement.



top 20 technology websites of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan presents all Information Technology related information through the website of The Ministry of Information Technology (MOIT). They focus on planning, coordination and implementing initiatives for the growth of IT and Telecommunication in the country. The website provides details on news and events, policies, publications and public notices in the industry. If you’ve got a business in IT, it would be a good idea to follow the site.


Top 20 technology websites from Pakistan

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is the arm of the Pakistan government responsible for promoting Information Technology. Their website provides information on the industry, a section for why foreigners should consider investing in the IT sector in the country, different programs sponsored by PSEB and an informative blog. Subscribing to their newsletter is a good way to stay informed of the latest from them.


Top 20 technology websites from Pakistan

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has the objective of enabling the province through the use of Information Technology. Their portal provides information on the latest projects, capacity building programs, services, partnerships, news and events. You can join them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest developments.



Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Propakistani’s website provides telecom and IT news for Pakistan. Started in 2008 they are known for publishing exclusive content. They focus on gadgets, ISPs, general industry news and apps. There are multiple ways to subscribe to their content including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Technology Weekly Times is one of the few websites that has both English and Urdu sections and does both very well. They’re the first newspaper that focus specifically on Science and Technology. They’re highly informative providing an overall view on all of Pakistan’s current events affecting technological developments. You must visit their Thematic Editions to get a glimpse into the history of the industry.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

At first glance Redmond Pie looks like it’s being developed somewhere in the west – it’s extremely well put together. They provide news on Microsoft, Google, Apple and everything else that goes on the web. A great host of categories are covered including Xbox 360, Zune, Office and much more. You can get their latest through their RSS feedTwitterFacebookGoogle+ and YouTube.



Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

The National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) has a comprehensive website as expected from an IT educational institution. They have a great section providing information on the university itself with a significant research section. Their corporate relations and international sections are also excellent.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Globally, distance learning’s come a long way and Pakistan’s not far behind. The content of Virtual University’s (VU) covers everything from academic calendars, information on virtual campuses, students, regulations and much more. Academic programs from VU range from Certificates to Masters so there’s something for everyone. There’s even an Online Bookshop to purchase Lecture DVDs and handouts.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Present since 2008, Addictive tips provides solutions for everyday tech problems their readers may encounter. They provide information on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Web and Microsoft Office Suite. The topics they write are suitable both for newbies and power users. Daily articles are available in your inbox which provide great tips with more on FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusYouTube and an RSS feed.



Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

WordPress is generally known as the blogging platform for a professional looking blog with the least investment, time-wise. Wpbeginner helps you start your WordPress blog in 5 minutes and includes information on blog development related deals, a glossary of terms, tutorial videos and services for solving your blogging problems as well. Subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on FacebookTwitterGoogle+or RSS feed for regular updates.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

This one’s for bloggers who are serious about making money online. Problogger Tricks provides how-to’s, online tools, blogging tips, widgets, plugins and a guide to Blogspot. The writers definitely know what they’re talking about. Join them on Facebook to get the latest on their publications and jump into conversations about blogging and making money.



This is another website dedicated to teaching about how to become a professional blogger using Blogspot and has a blog with regular updates, a beginner’s guide, tutorials, templates and widgets. There’s a good section which helps you decide whether you should use Blogspot as your blogging medium and a list of all the guides My Blogger Lab provides. They have a newsletter which gets all the tips in a summarized format straight to your inbox.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Learn how to monetize your blog with My Blogger Tricks (MBT). It’s an encyclopedia of information on everything you’ll need from hosting your blog to making money. There’s a ton on search engine optimization, widgets and more. They also offer services to get your blog going and have a good download section with resources to use. Subscribe to their RSS feed or join them on Facebook or Google+ to become part of their community.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

This name may say Smashing “apps” but this website essentially provides all types of tech resources. They have wallpapers, plugins for blogs, freebies for web designers and a lot more. It’s a great website to follow if you’re a regular blogger or just like to know about free things to use for your laptop, cellphone or tablet. Subscribe to their RSS feed or follow them on Twitter.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Aimed solely at newbies, this website provides information on blogging, widgets, Google, WordPress themes, android apps and has a whole list of how-to’s. It’s a great website if you want to jump into the blogosphere but aren’t really sure how to get started and what all you can do.




The GSM Arena of Pakistan, What Mobile provides a comprehensive list of cellphones and their prices in Pakistan. The site comes fully loaded with functionalities expected by someone searching for a cellphone including sorting by brand, price, screen, camera resolution, type of phone and operating system. You no longer have to wonder whether a phone is available in Pakistan or not – this site provides all the information you’ll need for your next purchase.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Hafeez Centre presents gadgets galore! You can find information on laptops, cellphones, games, watches and a lot more along with the basic specifications of the product you’re searching for. It’s a great portal to see what gadgets are available in Pakistan and for how much. And with their “Browse Ads by City” option you can narrow the search down to your specific area.



Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Pakistan Software House Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA) was initiated by software houses to create a trade association. The website gives a list of members with details on how to apply, P@SHA events, news, a gallery of related events, a host of videos, research and of course jobs. They have an RSS feed which is a great way to stay up to date on their latest events and news.


Top 20 technology websites in Pakistan

Wired Pakistan is a tech forum for Pakistani’s in the IT industry. There are a number of General categories and tech specific ones including Technology, Telecommunications and Internet Service. There always seems to be people online to get into conversations with. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of the ongoing discussions.

20. PK NIC

If you’re looking to get yourself a domain name, PCNIC is the place to go. They’re responsible for all administration of the .PK domain name space from registration to maintenance. They can be reached via email for any questions regarding the topic.

While not exhaustive, nonetheless this is a good list of tech-based websites from Pakistan to enable you to get an understanding of the rapidly evolving IT sector.  Have we missed any of your favorites? If yes, please make sure to share them below.

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The tech blogs in Nigeria have been on the rise, and research proves phone use in Nigeria has hit the high.  Tech bloggers were once ignored, shunned as nothing important, but as fate will have it, the stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone of the digital world.

Tech blogs have been so amazing, we have seen a lot of valuable news, breaking tech news, and much more from incredible sources.

We can’t underestimate the usefulness of tech sites as we have seen top entertainment blogs have started writing about tech, giving a cubicle for dire Tech fans.

A blogosphere promoting Africa’s startup, phone reviews, gadgets comparisons and how to’s captured my attention, to create a well-researched article on the top tech sites in Nigeria.

With the help from Alexa premium and similar web I was able to get all the information on these sites from their daily visitors, global and local ranking of leading Tech blogs in the country.


Tech blogs in Nigeria have been a beacon of light, in a country where entertainment thrives.  I have always been of the firm notion that Technology and not Agriculture is the future that will change Nigeria fortunes. It’s quite evident that the Proposed plan to make Lagos a tech city shows how the country is need of rapid tech development.

Without further ado; let me introduce you to the Elite tech sites and the top tech bloggers that run the show in Nigeria.

TECH CABAL – The Best Tech Blog In Nigeria

Tech cabal is the most visited tech blog in Nigeria, probably the biggest in Africa. In a country where Entertainment dominates, I don’t know the secret of how this tech site has made it to the top 50 most visited site in Nigeria. It might be from the title Everyone is invited, the feat they have reached, has made many tech bloggers look up to it for unbiased reviews, start-up news and groundbreaking revolution in Africa.

This innovative blog is widely known for its keen news on exciting tech startup’s, gadgets and  across Africa. Welcoming you to arguably the biggest tech sphere, Osarumen and Tola will wouldn’t need to tell; You are all invited.


Techpoint tells the African Tech story using a touch of Africanism in a form you have never seen. You will be surprised how resources are left untapped in Africa which is ripe for the taking.

Techpoint aims to open your entrepreneur mind to vast opportunities and the daily news on how the fortune companies control the Technology space.


Naijatechguide is a tech site primarily for phone reviews, comparisons, and specs. If you are tech fan searching for phones and gadgets; you must have stumbled upon this site when searching for phones on search engines.

The word out there is Naijatechguide is the first blog to earn millions from affiliate advertisement from konga and jumia.


Tired of reading crappy reviews?

Specsprice cuts the garbage to give you the purest form of detailed reports about tech gadgets, Smartphones and Simple Telcom hacks. It boasts of unbiased review, well if you think otherwise, you can check it out for yourself


If you want to learn how to blog in Nigeria,  you can learn everything from one of the top tech bloggers known as Jide Ogunsanya.

This list would not be complete without obgonge blog. Many bloggers learned everything about blogging on jide’s blog, like shoutmeloud is to Indians, that’s how ogbonge is to Nigerians.

This tech site has offered more to Nigerian bloggers than any other site. Ogbonge’s blogs about Practical Guide on how to’s and technology related information which ranges from blogging tutorials, affiliate advertisement, and multiple options to monetize blogs. Without a doubt, the most valuable blog to bloggers  In Nigeria and overseas is ogbonge.


They say too much cooks spoil the broth, but Geek ng has defied this law, with multiple author post, Nigerian bloggers have grown to love them. I personally too like them.

This blog mainly focuses on phone reviews,  phone comparisons, tech news and other related topics about tech. Their youtube channel is worth a spectacle to watch unboxing videos and detailed reviews.


”What a man can do a woman can surely do it better.”

I added the surely to show my crystal admiration for Tobi Ayeni. She has made tech blogging techy and fun to blog about, but don’t be deceived because this woman has worked her has ass out to reach where she is right now. While technology blogs in Nigeria lack Candid and techy reviews. Her crisp reviews about smartphones is breathtaking; you will find it worthwhile to stick around.

This blog is barely than a year old, but the rating of this site alone in a short span of time is just incredible. Misstechy’s blog is a worthy addition to the technology space.


Mobility Arena is a site which represents the GSM arena for Nigerians. It has made smartphone reviews simplistic and easy to absorb. You will also find MobilityArena absuitable for all forms of tech update.


Best mobs is a site valuable not only to Nigerians only, but people abroad as well enjoy visit this site.

Best mobs showcase the best phones you need to buy. Their phone comparison authenticity is compared to that of gsm arena, phone arena and other authority blogs.


Their fans call themselves techrezites.  They have enthusiastic followers on topics like gaming, phone reviews, unboxing phone videos and much more to make you stay longer than expected. Their startup news is also a great spot to read keenly.

Nosa founded Techrez in 2013, and since then, the blog has gone to excite tech fans.


Android Nigeria is a tech site solely for android phone reviews, how to’s and the latest games on Android. They have now placed themselves as the best niche site with a monopoly for Android Phones.


Do not judge a blog by its name.

Oscarmini is not a movie site, although judging by the name, one would confuse it for a film site. This blog massively narrows down to the tech niche.

Oscar mini’s practical guide can get them Oscar on topics like Blogger and WordPress. Oscar mini gives an in-depth coverage of the future trends in technology. The website rates as one of the best-detailed reviews for mobiles and tablets, in fact, everything about the technical knows how’s of blogging can be found on Oscar’s space.

Note; hitherto, the rating of tech blogs in Nigeria might have changed because of increased rankings, which changes as daily visitors increases or decreases. So please don’t totally rely on these ratings because much had happened from when we wrote this to now. Rest assured, the blogs listed are the best tech blogs in the industry.

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