Best Telegram channels list links to join in 2020

Best Telegram channels list links to join in 2020

Best Telegram channels list links to join in 2020

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service. Telegram client apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS and Linux. Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio and files of any type.

Even though WhatsApp has more than 1.3 billion users worldwide, the features offered by Telegram like secret chat, self-destructing messages, encrypted backup ensure more secured chats. Apart from security features, Telegram is also ahead of WhatsApp in terms of other features like Dark Mode and larger group capacity.

Today, we’ll take a quick look at Best Telegram channels list links to join in 2020.

what is a telegram channel?

Channels are a tool for broadcasting your public messages to large audiences. They offer a unique opportunity to reach people directly, sending a notification to their phones with each post. Telegram Channels can have an unlimited amount of subscribers, and only admins have the right to post.

Telegram channels are a way to broadcast to your audience. There are many types of Telegram channels you can join and follow them in almost every subject.

How can I find a channel on Telegram?

You can find it very easily using the inbuilt search option. Telegram provides search functionality which is useful to look for the Public channels available on its platform. You can access it via tapping on the *Search* icon [located on top right of your screen when you open the app]

To find a channel on Telegram, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Search icon.
  2. Enter the name of the channel. [You can type general words such as health, movies, songs, and so on]
  3. A list of available public channels will be displayed. [A few channels will be displayed]
  4. Tap on the channel you would like to join.
  5. Tap Join Button and you’ll become member of that channel.

These are some of the steps to search and join channels on Telegram.

In fact, you can search on web for the latest and best telegram channels. There are hundreds of websites providing list of trending and popular channels which provides great content to the users for free.

How to create telegram channel

How you set up a Telegram channel is dependant on your platform and it is roughly the same between the 2 platforms:

For Android:
1. Open your telegram app. Look for the hamburger menu, located at the top left corner of the app. A hamburger menu looks like 3 horizontal lines stacked on top one another. Tap on it.

2. This should open a side menu. Look for “New Channel” and tap on it.

3. Tap “Create Channel” and you should be prompted to fill in basic information about your channel.

4. Fill in the channel name and give a brief description of the channel (optional).

5. Tap the check mark which is located at the top-right corner of the screen.

6. Select the privacy level. Public channels allow anyone to search and join your channel by its username. Private channels are only available through invites.

7. Tap the check mark again. Same location.

8. Select members to add to the channel. You are only allowed to add 200 members after which, the channel needs to grow organically on its own.

9. Tap the check mark. Same location as before. The channel is now active.

Best Telegram channels list links to join in 2020

Here channels have been categorized in different groups. Here we have list of the best telegram channels below:

best telegram channels list

Telegram Technology Channel

This era is also known as the technology era because of its significance in more and less all domains. Moreover, one can imagine one’s life without technology as it has become need of the hour. Therefore, you must keep yourself up-to-date with latest technology. These technology based channels apprise you with valuable tools, technologies and related information. Moreover, you stay updated with latest tech news, gadgets, smartphones launch, new app release and so on. You can join these channels, these are top rated channels in this domain.

Entertainment Telegram Channel

These channels are really something that can leave you thinking that why you should not join these channels because these channels give you ample information about entertainment world. You get know to latest news of your favorite celebrities, latest movies, box office buzz and much more. Here you have channels that you can join

News Telegram Channel

At present, it has become necessary to have information of happenings of the nation and world. Hence, news Telegram channels are must join channels because they help you to keep updated. If you are frequent newspaper reader, you must subscribe these channels.

  1. E Papers
  2. indiaunzipped
  3. World News Updates
  4. Indian Newspapers
  5. tech news
  6. Telegram news
  7. Daily psychology
  8. wahsington Post news
  9. TheHindu_Zone
  10. Profit Robot News

Music telegram channels

Who doesn’t like to listen to music ? These channels are really something that help you to entertain and refresh. You will love to listen your favorite songs and album. Moreover, you also get latest song here. Hence, if you are music lovers, you must subscribe it without any delay.

  1. Telegram music
  2. Daily music
  3. Best popular music
  4. The hits
  5. Up music now
  6. Best_HouseMusic
  7. Rock everyday
  8. Epic music
  9. Youtube sounds
  10. The sound
  11. Bollywood songs
  12. nab music
  13. RadioJavan

Programmers telegram channels

These channels are really very helpful for those who are programmer or want to be a programmer because here they get to know almost everything that is needed for their profession. You get know much more about programming and so on. Hence, you must subscribe these channels to broaden your knowledge about programming. You can join…

GIF Channel Telegram Channels

The name itself suggest that these channels offer you GIF. You get various GIF such as funny, educational and much more. You can download them directly and save them. You can also share them with your friends on other social media platforms. These are the channels you can subscribe…

Quotes Telegram Channels

We all know that a motivational quote can give a great lesson. A single quote can change the mind of people. It bestows you with positive thoughts. Hence, if you are disappointed or upset of something, you must subscribe these channels as they help you to bounce back and feel motivated.

Books Telegram Channels

Do you like reading books? Nothing could be better than these books Telegram Channels which offer you several books in different categories. You find latest books and your favorite ones here. Here you have some channels that you must subscribe in order to experience various books.Books mania

Best App Telegram Channels

Who doesn’t want interesting app in his smartphone? We all want to customize our devices with unique apps. These channels keep you updated with latest apps and mod of new version apps. These channels are certainly useful for those who always look for exciting and interesting apps. So here you can subscribe these channels

Current Affairs Telegram Channels

Telegram channels india

At present, it has become very important to keep oneself updated from happenings of the world therefore these channels are very useful and helpful to get current affairs. Moreover, students who are in the pipeline of competitive examination, they must subscribe these channels for making their current affairs strong.

UPSC Telegram Channels

Needless to say, civil services examination is one of the most toughest examination of india. It is not child’s play to crack UPSC exams. You need a lot of practice and firm determination in order to succeed. Hence, if you are in the pipeline of UPSC, you must subscribe these channels because these are channels are something which help you in many ways in your practice.

Banking Telegram Channels

These channels have collection of study materials for banking aspirants. Moreover, aspirants those who are in the pipeline of banking examination get platform to prepare in group. Hence, if you are looking for platform to prepare, you must subscribe these channels.

Cat exam Telegram Channels

These channels are very important for CAT aspirants because in these channels they get various information in apropos of their syllabus. Moreover, Aspirants are also provided study materials. Hence, these channels are must subscribe channels for them.

Gate Telegram Channels

These channels provide you valuable information about GATE. Aspirants those who are in the pipeline of GATE must subscribe these channels because they get a lot of assistance from these forms.

Stock Market Telegram Channels

At present, stock market has very much significance because many people and businessmen are associated with it. Thus, these are very important for them because they get various valuable information from these channels. Hence, if you are businessmen or associated with any sort of business, you must subscribe these channels.

Best E-Books Telegram Channels

It is told that books are the best of a man because they help us in many ways or in many walk of life. Books always give us valuable information and knowledge about some certain topics that really help us. Hence, if you are books lovers, you must subscribe these channels.

Education Telegram Channels

These education Telegram Channels are pretty helpful fruitful for all studio students because here they get various valuable lesson. Moreover, they also find study materials related to their syllabus that really work for them.

  • @amazingfacts012
  • @quotery
  • @ebooks_encyclopedia27
  • @canotes
  • @freecourse
  • @blarkhive
  • @unacademy_pdf
  • @examtime
  • @gkzone
  • @interesting_knowledge
  • @slangwords

Foods Telegram Channels

Are you foody? Then these channels are for you because these channels are something that tell you about various food stuffs and cuisines. You must subscribe these channels, if you re want to about many tasty dishes.

Health and Beauty Telegram Channels

At present, who doesn’t take care of health ? We all want to stay healthy and fit. Women want to look beautiful and gorgeous. So here you have channels which give you tips to remain healthy and appear beautiful than ever before. These channels are really essential, if you are fitness conscious person. Men and women both must subscribe these channels as it helps them in many ways.

  • @free_plastic_reconstruction_book
  • @healthyadvices
  • @surgicaloncology
  • @dailymedics
  • @medicalapps
  • @childheaven
  • @livehealthy
  • @gymrewards

Ads and Marketing Telegram Channels

Ads and Marketing has become very major segment of any business. If you wanna run your business smoothly and prosper in life, ads and Marketing are the major things where you need to pay attention. So here you have channels which help you in ads and Marketing by giving you valuable suggestions and information about marketing strategies.

Telegram bot channel

Telegram bot is nothing but an application that functions inside Telegram. These Telegram bots have been created to perform several task given by users. These bots are really helpful and useful in ways such as to get customized news and information, accpet payments from users, make custom tools and much more. There can be interaction between users and bots just by sending them commands and messages. Moreover, Bots are developed to perform more and less all sort of activities like teach, broadcast, reminder, game play, search and so on.

Funny Telegram channel

We all love to spend our time with funny videos, memes, sarscams and interesting stories. For all these reason, one can join Funny Telegram Channel to laugh and make others laugh. Funny Telegram Channel offers you funny videos, jokes, riddles, stories, memes and much more on regular basis. These channels help you to remain happy and delighted throughout the day. There are various Funny Telegram channel such as Like you bro, Tomato calypso, Fun channel and Programmers jokes. These are highly recommended channels as it removes your stress. Hence, you must join them.

Fashion Telegram Channel

Fashion Telegram Channel, name itself suggests that these channels are all about fashion & style for users. These channels give you valuable information about new trends. If you are fashion conscious, you must join these channels in order to remain in touch of latest fashion trends. You are really gonna like it for many reasons. These channels certainly give you valuable information in apropos of popular fashion and others news. Hence, if you are fashion conscious, subscribe it.

  • @aliexplorer
  • @fshntlgrm
  • @mensfashion69
  • @chinesestore
  • @marvelousbeauty
  • @shopzone4u
  • FashionClub

Makeup Telegram Channel

Makeup Telegram Channels are something that must be noted by women who really like makeup in order to look gorgeous and beautiful. These channels are your inspiration every day, if you really fond of makeup. These channels give you tips, makeup products, latest trends, tutorial and valuable information in apropos of makeup. A lot of tips and tutorial will help you to give yourselves special touch and look. You must join these channels, if you love makeup.

Telegram Channel Women

These channels are mainly developed for women which provide a wide range of information in apropos of women. Moreover, women get all the solution of their problems. Overall, this is the best platform for women as these channels are dedicated to women. Hence, women must join one of these channels, if they are looking for something which may be the best platform for them.

Yoga Telegram Channel

Needless to say, Yoga has become worldwide popular for many reason such as it helps you to remain healthy and fit. Moreover, it gives you inner peace and help you remain cool & calm throughout the day. Although Yoga originated in india yet it has become famous across globe. Many countries have adopted yoga in order to stay healthy. These channels give you various tips about yoga. Moreover, you come to know about the diffrent benefits of yoga. Hence, if you want to stay healthy, must join it.

Fitness Telegram Channel

At present, we all want to stay fit, we don’t want to fall sick because health is greater assets than wealth. If you are fit, you will give level best to your work. These channels provide you valuable information about fitness. You get several fitness tips that prevent you from getting physically week. Hence, if you want to keep your body fit physically, you must join these channels because here you get all the information and tips that help you to stay fit and fine.

Bodybuilding Telegram Channel

At present, bodybuilding has become fashion for the young generation. Since, most of the young boys want to look handsome and bold, therefore the demand if gym is getting higher and higher by the time. Bodybuilding helps you to stay fit and remain healthy. Moreove, you give proper and bold shape to your body that makes you more handsome than ever before. These channels give you valuable information and tips about bodybuilding. Hence, if you want to look better than ever vefore, you must join these channels.

iPhone Telegram Channel

iPhone Telegram channel, name suggests itself that such channels are dedicated to iphone. At present, iPhone is one of the most demandable phone and getting more popular by the time. These channels offer you information about iPhone. If you have iphone, joining these channels become necessary for you because you get all the valuable information and latest news about iPhone.

Wallpaper Telegram channel

These channels are all about wallpapers in a wide range. We all know that today wallpapers are very essential for our smartphone. It is quite boring to download wallpapers from web, therefore, most of the people have liked to join wallpaper telegram channels. You get various sort of wallpapers in these channels from 3gp to HD. Hence, you must join these channels, if you really want to customized your smartphone with special wallpapers.

Art and Photography Channel

Basically, these channels are dedicated to lover of art and photography. Art and Photography channels are very fruitful and useful for a photographer and artist. These channels tell you about a lot of new techniques and ideas for art and photography. Moreover, if you want to polish your skill, you can take tutorial. You learn new technique of photograpgy either. Hence, you must join these channels, if you like art and photography.

Architecture Telegram Channel

Architecture Telegram Channel is something that broaden your knowledge about architectural work. These channels are really cool, if you take interest in architect. These channels give you a wide range of information about architectural work and technique. If want to be an architecture, this is one of the best platform for you because it helps you in many ways. Join it to know more interesting fact about architect.

Telegram Bollywood Channel

Who doesn’t want to watch bollywood movies? At present, you get every week block-buster bollywood movies that entertains you. Telegram Bollywood Channels give you all the latest b town news and information. These channels give all the information from bollywood. Hence, if you want to remain in touch of bollywood news, you must join these channels in order to know all the movements in B town.

Motivational Telegram Channel

These channels offer you a wide range of motivational notion. These channels are really enflunsive for those who are depressed from something. These channels help them to bounce back and move on. Moreover, it encourages you to do something better in your life and fill you up with new energy and enthusiasm. Join these channels to feel better than ever before.

Telegram Math Channels

Telegram Math Channels are dedicated to those students who loves mathematics more than any other subjects. These channels are really something that helps the students in many ways. If you are not good at mathematics, you can improve it just by joining these channels. Hence, join these channels and make some improvement and learn more mathematics.

Telegram Science Channels

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Hopefully, you must have found this post useful in apropos of Telegram channels. This post is very useful for all those who don’t have enough idea about telegram channels. Moreover, this post will also help those who are looking for best telegram channels list and want to know more about them.

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