21 ways to build a great mailing list



#21: Promote your newsletter at every marketing touch-point!


  • Whenever you share your PowerPoint or webinar presentations, make it easy for audience members and associates to subscribe by including a link to your newsletter subscription page.
  • Hand out sign-up forms when speaking to groups or at seminars. Don’t forget to ask for them at the end of your presentation!
  • Imagine how many sign-ups you’d get if every incoming caller had the opportunity to subscribe! Have call-center and sales employees ask customers and prospects if they’d like to receive newsletters or promotional emails, once they’ve established rapport. It only adds seconds to the call and is an ideal source of qualified subscribers!
  • If you use hard-copy collateral, get some of those print costs back by encouraging email subscriptions on Direct Mail, Catalogs, and Print Ads.




Finally, include a sign-up form with every value message – everywhere you come in contact with prospects and customers. Feel free to vary the content and the design, but make signing up quick and easy. Your list-building engine will generate new contacts 24/7.


Taking e-mail a step higher


You’re probably very familiar with sending and receiving e-mail messages. But when you start an online business, you should make sure that e-mail software has some advanced features:

  • Autoresponders: Some programs automatically respond to e-mail requests with a form letter or document of your choice.
  • Mailing lists: With a well-organized address book (a feature that comes with some e-mail programs like Mailchimp.com), you can collect the e-mail addresses of visitors or subscribers and send them a regular update of your business activities or, better yet, an e-mail newsletter.
  • Quoting: Almost all e-mail programs let you quote from a message to which you’re replying, so you can respond easily to a series of questions.
  • Attaching: Attaching a file to an e-mail message is a quick and convenient way to transmit information from one person to another. You can even sell your digital product (e.g ebook) directly to your clients using this means.
  • Signature files: Make sure that your e-mail software automatically includes a simple electronic signature at the end. Use this space to list your company name, your title, and your Web site URL.


Both Outlook Express, the e-mail component of Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Netscape Messenger, which is part of the Netscape Communicator suite of programs, include most or all these features. Because these functions are all essential aspects of providing good customer service, I discuss them in more detail on moneymastertutorials.com.

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