21 ways to build a great mailing list


#12: Add opt-in check boxes to other forms and business messages


Create opportunities to sign up for your newsletter while prospects are filling in other forms. Why not? It’s a value-added service to let them know a free e-newsletter is available. Think about all the types of forms you use: from software downloads, demos, and white papers to event registrations and contact forms. And with the highest open rates of any emails, confirmation and transactional emails could also increase sign-ups. So add a form!


#13: Let others reprint your newsletter


Encourage others to distribute and republish your newsletters, specifying that your newsletter content is not to be modified or used inappropriately. Many webmasters and newsletter publishers are actively looking for high-quality content, and if they reprint your newsletter, you may get new subscribers, traffic, and links to your site. If there are limits and conditions (on commercial use, for example) just state your policy clearly and concisely.


#14: Use a co-registration service to build your list


Co-registration is a great way to build your email list. Your newsletter ad or link appears on other websites, and visitors can sign up on the spot to be added to your list! The best co-registration service can be found at aweber.com, GetSubscribers.com or on the GetResponse.com website. They would definitely charge you for their services but it’s worth it because the benefits are immeasurable. I suggest you use one of these services instead of free mailing services that often times break down and leave you in the middle of the road.


#15: Use Google Adwords campaigns


Google Adwords is a relatively cost-effective type of online campaign and can get very nice results. It doesn’t matter whether you promote your newsletter subscription or a blockbuster product launch. Explore to find out what draws best…it’s worth it to experiment. Just make sure your newsletter sign-up form is always on the landing page!

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#16: Use your physical mailing list


If you have a physical mailing list from your offline business, send a snail-mail postcard to your customers, offering a special discount for signing up to your email newsletter. If you don’t have a snail-mail list, consider leaving a sign-up form near your register or point-of-sale location!

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