buy online in Cameroon

5 best online shops in Cameroon

5 best online shops in Cameroon

Gone are those days when you had so many difficulties in buying something in Cameroon. Today, you can buy online in Cameroon. In this tutorial, we are going to be looking at the top 5 websites from which you can buy online in Cameroon. We will take into consideration the things you can buy from them, the credibility of these sites and previous customer experiences. In this series we will equally look at:

  • How to buy online in Cameroon
  • How to sell online in Cameroon

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There are actually so many reasons why you should buy some things online in Cameroon. The other day I was looking for a phone I had bought offline, only to realize that the online price was way too cheap as compared to the one I got offline. In case you’re like: Why the heck should I buy online in the first place?

5 best online shops in Cameroon – 5 best websites to buy from

You can actually buy so many items online in Cameroon and even get them delivered at home before issuing the payment. You can:

  1. Buy mobile phones online in Cameroon
  2. Buy cars online in Cameroon
  3. Buy Laptop online in Cameroon

And lots more other things but these three are the most popular trend in the 5 best online shops in Cameroon we are going to see below. But first, let’s see why you should consider buying online in Cameroon.

12 Reasons why you should buy online in Cameroon

5 best online shops in Cameroon

Here are 12 reasons why you should buy online in Cameroon:

  • 1) Carrying things is a thing of the past

Staggering home with 10 supermarket shopping bags is a pain – especially when they cost 5p each. Shop online, get them delivered and have a bag-free shop.

  • 2) You can do it after a few drinks

Nobody ever walked into a store and walked out with a gazebo and a tiger onesie. But thanks to sites such as Amazon, and other eclectic marketplaces, it’s perfectly acceptable to sit down after a glass or two of vino and ponder what your living room would look like with a zebra print wall rug. Even better, nobody need ever witness you making these embarrassing purchases.

  • 3) It’s easy to return things

Refunds are your friends. Why not buy four dresses, try them on in the comfort of your own home and send back the ones that don’t fit? Yes, you can try on several dresses in-store, too, but no one will rush you at home and there will be no more split-second changing room decisions or a trip to town to take back the rejects.

  • 4) It keeps on evolving

Online marketplaces are pushing boundaries all the time. They know people are becoming used to the convenience of the internet, so they are looking for ways to keep people amused. Amazon Dash is a button you can attach around the house – above the toilet or by the washing machine – that lets you demand delivery of toilet roll or washing powder if you run out of stuff. Useful, and fun!

  • 5) Sending gifts to relatives is easy

Forgot a nephew’s birthday? No worries. Simply have a quick look online, make your purchase and get your gift delivered the next day. Include a little notecard and you’ll look like the most organized relative on the planet.

  • 6) Buy things with no one knowing

Afraid all your neighbours will laugh at your Hello Kitty carrier bag? Well then, just book online. Most likely, your goods will be delivered in a secretive brown box, and curtain-twitchers will be sorely disappointed with your activities.

  • 7) Use your coupons

There’s always a coupon voucher to be found and applied. Buying white goods or electrics? Chances are big appliance stores are in direct competition with online marketplaces, so they might offer discount vouchers with 10 percent off to entice you. Check sites such as for good deals.

  • 8) Check the reviews

You head to the store, see a toaster you’ve been dying to buy, but suddenly realize there aren’t pages and pages of reviews stuck onto the shelf. How will you know if the toast toasts on both sides? What if the spring thing jams? Buying online means you can read millions of reviews, ensuring the toaster of your dreams wings its way to you speedily.

  • 9) It can be cheaper than the high street

Rather than traipse from one end of the high street to the other, shopping online means you can hunt for the cheapest deals without leaving the comfort of home. It might take a little longer online, but you’ll be able to purchase your item happy in the knowledge you paid the best price.

  • 10) No crowds!

The best reason to shop online by far – who wants to scrum their way through a crowded store playing covers of terrible 1980s music? Set up your laptop and sit with a shortbread biscuit and mug of tea. Bliss.

  • 11) It’s much more convenient

If it’s Wednesday evening and you suddenly realize there’s just enough in the cupboard for some beans on toast, don’t panic. Eat the beans, and then order a next-morning online delivery. By 8 am the next day, your shelves will be full and beans will be off the menu. Get a shop delivered weekly and you’ll never run out of food again.

  • 12) It’s easier to avoid distraction

How many times have you got to the checkout with a dozen things you have zero memory of putting in the basket? Shopping online means you know you need to buy carrots, so you go online and add carrots to the basket. It’s also harder to succumb to a supermarket’s subliminal advertising when you are online, saving you cash.

As we can all see, there are several reasons why we should all shop online in Cameroon. Now, let’s see where to shop or buy online in Cameroon.

5 best online shops in Cameroon

Here is a random list of the 5 best online shops in Cameroon. There are several online shops in Cameroon that we’ll cover in subsequent articles or future updates.


buy online in Cameroon

Jumia is definitely one of the most renown names in Cameroon when it comes to eCommerce – buying and selling online. You can buy online in Cameroon on Jumia. Jumia  is Cameroon’s top online store for electronics fashion and  more.

Jumia offers sellers with quality products to sell good on their online store.  It is not easy to get your product listed on though. But you can make great sales when you get your product live.  To make a deal to sell on jumia, you can write to

For buyers, it is the place to buy the best product with a wonderful customer support.  Jumia is found in many African countries and UK. It is the only shop in Cameroon that you can buy with a Coupon code for now. As a client of jumia you will get access to thousands of products ranging from   Phones, Cameras, computers and laptops, Televisons, baby dresses among others.

Products from top Cameroon tech companies like MTN, SNS mobility, Huawei can be bought on jumia. Buyers can get all the latest gadgets from Samsung, Techno , Nokia on jumia.

So far, Money Master Tutorials has detected very little abuses or failures with though most Cameroonians are rather skeptical with the notion of buying online. As for other countries like Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, etc, there are actually so many negative reviews about Jumia online. Here is one from to make you cautious when you are shopping with any website online in Cameroon:

Most recent Jumia reviews:

Kelechi Kingsley
Reviewed on Thu, 10/05/2018 – 20:58

SCAM ALERT… I logged into jumia deals site.I made contact with an agent who was in charge of selling a Toyota avensis car. He told me jumia were incharge of it and I should pay money for the fueling / delivery of the car. I paid him. On the day of the delivery, I got a text message that it can’t be delivered due yo a general problem.till date I have not gotten my money back..I have their phone numbers and names, pls I need help..[private info removed]

1 review
Reviewed on Fri, 04/05/2018 – 15:43

Complaint! When I placed this order the delivery options were either to have it delivered to a pickup station within 2 days which is by Friday 4th May or to have it delivered to my residence by 5th May. I opted to pick it up because I required it urgently. To date I have had no communication and the status says that the order is “pending fulfilment” On calling customer service I get on SADA who tells me that it is at the warehouse, then says need to wait for another 48 hours, then says the rider has not been assigned, (this was not for home delivery it was for pickup) So I ask can I cancel and reorder? She says yes but I will get a cancelleation email after 48 hours because it has to go to the cancellation team that sends out emails. Then I ask can I speak directly to someone in the cancellation team and she informs me that she is on that same team!! I say cancel the order please and she says “it can’t be done at the snap of a finger Benjamin!!” I say ok cancel anyways….2 seconds later I get the cancellation message. You can’t make this up….epitome of pathetic customer service and impunity culture as in go to[inappropriate content removed]if you can’t wait for your item we have plenty of customers!…So wrong especially since I like to buy stuff online. I will be taking my business elsewhere. Benjamin Mulli



buy online in Cameroon

Another way to buy online in Cameroon is through vendito. now called Jumia deals is a classified ad site in Cameroon.  You can buy or sell anything in Cameroon on  Vendito is found in  other countries in Africa and Middle East.  The classified site offers its services similar to Olx found in Nigeria , India, South Africa and other countries. This is the number one place to sell in Cameroon. It’s also a good place to buy online in Cameroon as well.

The products that you can buy online in Cameroon from vendito are classified under the following categories:

  1. Fashion and Beauty,
  2. Electronics,

iii. Mobile phones and Tbalets,

  1. Real Estate,
  2. Jobs and Services,
  3. Home and Garden,

           vii. Vehicles,

           viii. Hobby and sport

  1. You can sell online  anywhere in Cameroon. You can search a product by Region, Town and even quarter.


buy online in Cameroon

Another place to buy online in Cameroon is

This is one of the top classified sites in Cameroon.  The site is found in many African countries including; Ivory coast, Senegal, Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco  and more.

They have been into the business for a while but have experienced a drop in Alexa ranking for the past three months during which this article was being written. One of its main competitor now is which is everywhere on the Camer online community for now.  It is an ideal place to buy online in Cameroon.

     All the services offered on are also offered on

Here are some aspects we can point out on

1. In addition to the free ad services, you can promote your product through premium ad listing.  It is not very easy to get your product on the top page of such a site given the huge traffic .Products are listed every day which makes push your ad to the bottom.  So to make sure you are on the number one page. You can opt in for premium ad listing to make your ads rock and thus generate conversions.

  1. Afriba has ads from all regions and many towns in Cameroon .  Ads are available to users from 108+ towns in Cameroon including , Yabassi,  Yomama. Yagoua,   Ndop,  Mamfe and other small town you can think of in Cameroon with an internet connection. Thus with your ad on Afribaba, you will be able to cover a target many areas in Cameroon compared to other ad sites.
  2. Partnership with other companies make the site trust worth to get  the best products. If for example you cannot get a product or service on Afriaba, you can check out their partner website. Some top partners include Assurance voyage Schengen,  Chocomeet,  Camerpages and  clicemploi
  3. Verification is not very strict on this site. The site accept almost everything to be posted including adult content, and porn. This makes the site not very suitable for children between 15 and 17   years.

You just need to upload and wait for your ad to go live. Thus buy and selling here is easier.

Sellers can benefit from special products and ads on Afriaba shop.

The website has many links which give you access to various services and products on the page. For example you can check out the last 100+ ads and more.

    Top businesses like Vista   Language age center, Universal Travel and consult, GMS consulting among others have featured their services on this site. So you can trust Afribaba in selling online in Cameroon.


#4. Kaymu

buy online in Cameroon

Another great from where to buy online in Cameroon is Kaymu.  This is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to carry out a secure online transactions.

This is one of my best sites when it comes to buying and selling online in Cameroon.

You can find and create different shops on kaymu  , if you have products of different categories or simply create a single shop with your products.

The kaymu   team is always there to assist you in setting up your shop if you have quality products and ease clients to buy online in Cameroon.

Again your products need to be verified before they are made available on So buyers don’t be scared!

Here are some items you can sell on kaymu: dresses, shoes, phones, tvs,   tablets, hours equipment, health and beauty products, drinks among others. Just think of what you can see when you go to Marche Central, Marche Mboppi and Marche Sanaga ( Top markets in Douala), you can  sell all these products on kaymu . Get in touch with them or create your shop and wait for approval. Kaymu is really a great place to buy online in Cameroon.



buy online in Cameroon

How do I buy something from a Page?

When you visit a Page, you may be able to buy things from the Shop section of a Page.
To buy something:
  1. Go to a Page and click Shop in the Page’s left column
  2. Click an item you want to buy
Depending on the Page, you’ll see one of the following ways to buy things:
  • Message the seller: Click Message and then click Send. You may edit the message before you send if you like.
  • Check out on the seller’s website: Click Check Out on Website and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Check out on Facebook: Click Check Out, enter your shipping and payment information, and then click Place Order.
Keep in mind: Some Pages may not have a Shop section.
Apart from the ability to buy on Facebook pages, there are literary Facebook shops (eCommerce groups) for just anything you want to buy online in Cameroon.
Here is our take on the 5 best online shops in Cameroon. What about you? Where do you buy online in Cameroon? Don’t forget that you can also buy from international eCommerce platforms like and and get you products delivered at home. Just that it will take weeks, if not months to arrive. You can always buy your digital products like eBooks and download instantly.

Question For You: What are your 5 best online shops in Cameroon?

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