ENS 2019 Concours University of Yaounde 1 MINESUP

ENS 2019 Concours University of Yaounde 1 MINESUP

ENS 2019 Concours: Competitive Entrance Examination. The ENS 2019 Competitive Entrance Examination was recently launched by the Ministry of Higher education MINESUP.

ENS Yaounde Concours 2019-2020.

ENS of Yaounde concours 2019-2020 first year 1st cycle ENS Ecole Normale Supérieure of the University of Yaounde I MINESUP concours.

ORDER N° 19/00651 / A / MINESUP /OF 10 JULY 2019. 

To launch the competitive entrance examination into year one, first cycle of the Higher Teacher Training College (ENS Yaounde), University of Yaoundé I, for the 2019-2020 academic year. moneymastertutorials.com


Mindful of the Constitution.
of Law n 005 of 16 April 200 1 to set up Higher Education orientation.
of Decree n088/1328 of 28 September 1988 to organise the Higher Teacher Training College.
of Decree n 93/026 of 19 J anuary 1993 to set up Universities.
of Decree n° 93/036 of 29 January 1993 to set up administrative and academic organisation in the University of Yaounde I.
of Decree n° 2005/142 of 29 April 2005 to organise the Ministry of Higher Education.
of Decree n° 2005/342 of 10 September 2005 to modify and to complete certain dispositions of decree n° 93/027 of 19 January 1993 to set up general disposition for the universities.
of Decree n” 2009/008 of 12 January 2009 to appoint officials in the State Universities.
of Decree n° 2011/408 of 09 December 2011 to organize the Government. ENS Yaounde concours 2018-2019.
of Decree n° 2011/410 of 09 December 2011 to appoint members of Government.
of Decree n° 2012/333 of 29 June 2012 to appoint a Vice-Chancellor and Rectors of certain.
of Decree n° 2012/366 of 06 August 2012 to appoint officials in the State Universities.
of Decree n° 2012/433 of 01 October 2012 to organize the Ministry of Higher education.
of Decree n° 2013/0891/PM of 12 March 2013 to appoint officials in Ministry of Higher education.
of Order n° 19/0054 / MINESUP / SGIDAUQ / SDEAC / SE of the 27 Febuary 2019 to set up the calendar for competitive examinations into the institutions of Cameroon state universities, in the course of the academic year 2019-2020.

Article 1 : ENS Yaounde concours 2019-2020. 

A competitive entrance examination into year one of the first cycle of the Higher Teacher Training College (ENS), University of Yaoundé I for the 2019/2020 academic year has been launched in the following series:

Séries (moneymastertutorials.com) Nombre de places
Allemand 10
Biologie 10
Chimie 10
Espagnol 10
Géographie 10
Histoire 10
Informatique 10
Langues et culture camerounaises 10
Lettres bilingues 10
Lettres classiques 10
Lettres modernes françaises 20
Mathématiques 10
Physique 10
Total 140

Article 2:

(1) The examination shall be organised in one sitting for Cameroonians of both sexes who are holders of “Baccalauréat”.

“Langues et cultures camerounaises” series and the “Lettres bilingues” series are opened to holders of GCE A/L in at least two (2) subjects including “French” and at least four (4) GCE O/L subjects excluding ‘Religious Knowledge’.

The “Lettres Bilingues” series shall be opened only to holders of GCE A/L who fulfill the rest of the conditions stipulated in the present decision.

The table below specifies the series of “Baccalauréat” and the subjects candidate must pass, in the GCE A/L, to be qualified to register for the competitive entrance examination in a given series:

Séries (moneymastertutorials.com) Type of back or subject
Allemand. A4 (Allemand)
Biologie C ou D
Chimie C ou D
Espagnol A4 (Espagnol)
Géographie. A4 (Allemand ou Espagnol)
Histoire. A4 (Allemand ou Espagnol)
Informatique C,D,E,F ou TI.
Langues et culture camerounaises. A4 (Allemand ou Espagnol) et A2, French for GCE AL.
Lettres bilingues French for GCE AL
Lettres classiques. A4 (Allemand ou Espagnol) et A2.
Lettres modernes françaises A4 (Allemand ou Espagnol).
Mathématiques C,D,E, ou TI.
Physique C ou D.
Séries Type

Article 3:

    1. Foreign candidates may be allowed to sit for the examination, under the same academic conditions and according to the number of places available, in conformity with the regulations in force.
  1. Candidates who are not civil servants must not be more than 28 years old by January 1er 2019.

Article 4: ENS Yaounde concours 2019-2020. 

The application files shall comprise the following documents: moneymastertutorials.com

    1. A registration form available at ENS, at each examination Centre, on the website of MINESUP http://www.minesup.gov.cm and on the website of ENS http://www.ens.cm; or https://www.moneymastertutorials.com
    1. A certified photocopy of birth certificate which must not be more than six (6) months old from the date of issue.
    1. Photocopies of transcripts of Probatoire or GCE O/L and Baccalauréat or GCE A/L signed or certified by the competent boards as well as results slips.
    1. A certified true photocopy of Baccalauréat or GCE A/L or equivalent diploma which must not be more than six (6) months old from the date of issue. Candidates preparing for the Baccalauréat or GCE A/L for the 2015/2016 session shall present their diploma in due time. moneymastertutorials.com
    1. A medical certificate issued by a medical officer, from the Administration, testifying that the candidate is physically and medically fit for teaching. It should particularly specify that the candidate do es not suffer from serious physiological deficiencies in his diction, hearing, sight and mobility ;
    1. A certificate of non-conviction which must not be more than three (3) months old from the date of issue;
    1. A receipt upon payment of twenty thousand (20,000) CFA as registration fees delivered by BICEC account N° 100001-06865-95647265002-11. No other form of payment shall be accepted.
    1. One A4 self-addressed stamped envelope.
    2. Two passport-size photographs.
  1. An authorisation to sit for the examination issued by the Minister of Basic Education, the Minister of Secondary Education or the Minister of Higher Education for civil servants working in these Ministries.

Article 5:

Holders of foreign diplomas shall submit either the equivalence or the receipt showing that they applied for the equivalence of their diplomas or certificates. The order granting equivalence and the receipt are issued by the Minister of Higher Education. The final admission of these candidates shall be confirmed only upon presentation, within the dateline set by the competent authorities, of the text granting them equivalence.

Article 6:

Complete application files should be submitted at ENS (Admission Office) latest13th July 2019 and 06th July 2019 for Regional centres. moneymastertutorials.com

Article 7:

The examination shall comprise:

  1. Academic performance (30% of the total assessment).
  2. Two written papers (60% of the total assessment).
  3. An oral test (10% of the total assessment).

The academic performance will be taken into account after the oral test, for final admission only.

Article 8: ENS Yaounde concours 2019-2020.

The written part of the examination will take place on Saturday 27th July 2019 in Bafoussam, Buea, Douala, Ngaoundéré and Yaoundé.

The syllabuses of the competitive entrance examination in each section are the same as in the Baccalauréat or GCE A/L programmes. Marks for each paper of the written test range from zero to twenty according to the above-mentioned coefficients. Any candidate who scores less than five on twenty shall be disqualified.

The jury shall publish the list of successful candidates in the written exam per section and in alphabetical order. These candidates shall then proceed with the oral test.

Article 9:

The oral test which is only for successful candidates in the written papers shall take place exclusively in YAOUNDE. Questions will coyer two areas namely, General Knowledge and Bilingual Training, The Oral test aims at assessing the candidate’s ability to communicate in French and Englishin general and in pedagogie communication in particular.

Article 10:

The academie performance will mostly be based on:

    • the candidate’s age.
    • the number of years spent in Secondary school.
  • marks obtained in Probatoire, GCE O/L and in Baccalauréat or GCE A/L.

Article 11: ENS Yaounde concours 2019-2020

After the oral test, the jury shall prepare the list of successful candidates per series and by order of merit. The final results will be published by the Minister of Higher Education.

Article 12:

The composition of the jury mentioned in article above shall be specified by the Minister of Higher Education in conformity with the rules and regulations in force.

Article 13:

Registration fee is non refundable.

Article 15:

The Rector of the University of Yaoundé I, the Director of University Accreditations and Quality, and the Director of the Higher Teacher Training College (ENS Yaounde I) are responsible, each in his own domain, for the Implementation of this circular which shall be registered and published in English and French wherever need be.

ENS Yaounde concours 2019-2020: first year 1st cycle ENS Ecole Normale Supérieure of the University of Yaounde I MINESUP concours.

ENS 2019 Concours University of Yaounde 1 MINESUP


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