Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager – A Guide for Users

Facebook Business Manager – A Guide for Users

As a Facebook business user, you ought to be among those using Facebook Business Manager. It is a very essential tool capable of keeping your business assets on Facebook safe, centralized, and organized. In case you have been avoiding this tool simply because it appears complicated to use, here is some good news for you, this article brings to you a straightforward guide on the how and why of Facebook business manager.

What is this Facebook business tool about?

As Facebook itself clarifies, “Business Manager” fills in as an all-inclusive resource to oversee business resources, business assets, and access to these assets by employees.”

Facebook Business Manager

Essentially, it is the ideal spot to deal with the entirety of your business activities related to promotion and publicity. It is likewise a venue where you can control different users’ access to other resources like Instagram records and catalogs. Here are a few key functions of the Facebook business tool.

  • With this tool, your Facebook profile will be separated from your Facebook business activities such that you will not be bothered about posting good content in the wrong place.
  • As a central place where Facebook ads can be tracked, the Facebook business manager provides you with detailed reports on the performance of your ads.
  • It offers you the possibility of permitting partners, agencies, and vendors to have access to your ads and pages without transferring any ownership of assets to them.
  • It protects your data from co-workers such that those with whom you work on your business page do not get to see your profile information.

How to set up this manager tool for your professional activities

Facebook Business Manager

Step 1: the creation of a Facebook business manager account

  • Go to the business.Facebook.com website and click on the “Create Account” button on the top right corner.
  • Fill in the blank spaces for your name, your business name, and the email address attached to your business, then click “Next”.
  • Fill in your business details: website link, phone number, and address. Specificity should be provided as to whether you will use your business manager account to promote someone else’s business or yours.

Step 2: add your business page(s)

  • Click on “Add Page” found on the business manager dashboard.
  • Begin typing the name of the Facebook business page you want to add; the name of the said-page should auto-complete before you go through. Once you click “Add Page”, your request will be granted immediately if you are an administrator to the page.
  • Repeat the same process if you have more than one page to add.

Step 3: add your Facebook ads account(s)

  • If you are already using Facebook ads you can connect your existing ad account from the business manager dashboard on the button “Add Ad Account”.
  • Create a new Ad account from the dashboard if you do not have any ad account yet. Click on the button “Add Ad Account” and fill in all the information requested.

Keep in mind that there is no turning back after you add an ad account to the Facebook business manager.

Once all the above is done, all you need do is adding people to manage your Facebook assets. In case you work in collaboration with partners and agencies, you can grant access to them by clicking on the “Add Partner” button on the dashboard. In hope that this article has brought some clarity to your questions, you could henceforth use this Facebook business tool to make the most out of your Facebook ads and marketing strategies.

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