Facebook Flex – Facebook Free Mode

Facebook Flex – Facebook Free Mode

Facebook Flex – Facebook Free Mode

Many are those who at some point searched for ways of using Facebook at low cost or free. Today this is being made possible through the revolutionary Facebook Flex. Via this version, you can freely communicate with friends, family, and loved ones at all times. On social media, Facebook reigns online as a leader with more than 1 billion users regularly.

About MTN Cameroon and Facebook Flex

MTN Cameroon is a subsidiary of the multinational telecommunication giant MTN Group (created in 1994). The group offers digital, voice, and data services to retailer clients in 21 countries with MTN telecom licenses in the Middle East and Africa. The brand represented by MTN Group is one of the favorites amongst all brands in Africa and equally offers wholesale enterprise solutions to the public sector and corporate customers in 23 countries.

MTNC (MTN Cameroon) was created on February 15th, 2000 following the acquisition of its operator license. The company strives to ameliorate communication between peoples both at the national and international levels. It offers telecommunication solutions for calls, SMS, and internet connection. With the introduction of MTN mobile money (MTN MOMO) in 2012, MTN Cameroon has been able to take its number of subscribers to about 10 million. This gives the company the first place in the mobile telecom market in Cameroon with a share of about 47.2%.  In 20 years of existence, MTNC has positioned itself as the boss of telecoms solutions in Cameroon and continues to play a great role in the overall socio-economic development of the country.

FAQ on this free Facebook mode

  • What is Facebook Flex all about?

This free version of Facebook known as Facebook Flex is provided by MTN for use by the general public. It allows you to freely connect to Facebook, with no charges applied to your main account balance or your internet bundle.

Facebook Flex – Facebook Free Mode
  • What can Facebook Flex be used for?

Similar to the regular version of Facebook, there are numerous actions you can take with this free Facebook. Once you divert from the classic to the free version, you will be able to: read, comment, and share publication, and chat on Facebook Messenger with your friends free of charge.

  • How does it work?

As a free mode of Facebook,  this version grants you free access to all your content on the platform other than photos and videos. You can however access these media files with one click by simply switching to the paid mode.

  • How can Facebook Flex be accessed?

Unlike the paid mode which can be downloaded online via search engines, play store, or apple store, Facebook flex has a specific link for its download. To install Facebook flex on your mobile phone, dial *222# and follow the link that will be sent to you via SMS.

  • Who can use Facebook flex?

All mobile users who browse using the MTN Cameroon network can use this free Facebook mode. Its use is friendly to basic phones as well as all-new MTN SIM cards. MTN as an emerging operator in the telecommunication field sets itself at the forefront of digital and technological challenges. The regular updating of its products and services is aimed at offering mobile telecom users the best possible experience wherever they are. MTN Cameroon now uses the Facebook flex version as another tool in bringing people closer despite physical boundaries.

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