Facebook Marketplace – Online Sales

Facebook Marketplace – Online Sales

Facebook Marketplace – Online Sales

Facebook is an informal communication website that makes it simple for you to associate and share with loved ones on the World Wide Web. Initially intended for university students, Mark Zuckerberg created this app in 2004 while he was enrolled at Harvard University. By 2006, anybody beyond 13 years of age with a legitimate email address could join Facebook.

Today, Facebook is the world’s first social media platform, with a user base of over 1 billion people worldwide. This social network now extends beyond interaction for leisure purposes with the creation of Facebook Marketplace which is a new venue where users can buy and sell items locally.

What items are there on sale in the Facebook marketplace?

The first click into the marketplace opens with photographs of things that individuals close to you have recorded available to be purchased. To locate something in particular, search at the top and sieve your results by category, area, or cost. You can likewise peruse what items are available in a wide range of categories, for example, Clothing, Household, Electronics, and Apparel. To ease your search by location, you could use the area built-in tool to provide more precision to the location you seek.

At the point when you discover something intriguing, tap on the picture to see more subtleties from the dealer, including a description of the article, the name and profile picture of the corresponding seller, and their location. You can likewise save the item for subsequent review.

Once you are certain of what to buy, all you need do is sending the seller a message from Marketplace to inform them of your desire to make an offer. From this point onward, the seller and you can go through the product-specific details. It should be noted however that, Facebook does not ease the purchase or delivery of items via its Marketplace.

Putting up items for sale marketplace

As a user on the Facebook marketplace, you will realize that putting up items for sale is just as easy as purchasing one. Below are a few steps you can follow to get the ball rolling:

  • Save a picture of the item you want to sell on your camera roll.
  • Type in the designated name, price, and details of the item.
  • Indicate your location and register your product under a category.
  • Then post.

Once you execute the steps above, anyone in search of items for sale in your locality can contact you via direct message if they want to buy anything.

Facebook Marketplace – Online Sales

Keeping track of your current and past activities on Facebook Marketplace is quite simple as well:  visit the section “Your Items”. There you will be provided with the list of items you saved, those you posted for sale as well as all the messages you received from marketplace users.

For a round-up, here are a few things we suggest you take into consideration when selling on the Facebook marketplace;

  • All orders are expected to be shipped within 3 days after purchase and received within 7 days maximum.
  • Some eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce are synchronized with Facebook Marketplace.
  • Communication with potential buyers could turn out hectic but as a seller, you will have to exercise patience with them and be as professional as possible when responding to their queries.  

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