Fake Whatsapp Number - Identity

Fake Whatsapp Number – Identity

Fake Whatsapp Number – Identity

Social media users have all probably heard of fake usernames and accounts online, and though it may sound strange to a few, Whatsapp is not an exception. With the increasing use of fake Whatsapp numbers, many easily get suspicious when they receive messages from unknown Whatsapp contacts.

Whatsapp is a social media platform currently used by over 2 billion people in 180 countries. Initially meant to be an alternative to sms, the application now supports the transmission of various media forms: videos, audios, documents and photos as well as voice notes. This easy to go communication app guarantees an end-to-end encryption which stops third parties from having access to discussions.

Using whatsapp social media

Just anyone can use Whatsapp, it is pretty easy to get. On your android you simply need to do a search on playstore and directly download the app, the same applies to iPhone users who can do so on apple store.

Sending messages on Whatsapp is straightforward from the chat button. Once you choose the desired contact, all you need to do from here is take up your keyboard and type. If you are reluctant or too busy to type, press and lock the microphone sticker on your keyboard pad to record an audio. Pictures and videos can be sent instantaneously from the camera roll or created and sent directly from Whatsapp. The reception signals for media are:

  • One grey tick = sent
  • Two grey ticks = sent and received
  • Two blue ticks = send, received and read

Some users turn off these features making it impossible for their contacts to know what the status of the messages and media sent is. Prior to any modifications in settings, all media are automatically downloaded upon reception, provided there is an internet connection.

Using fake numbers

There are more and more ways of using a fake Whatsapp number on social media. Below are a few means by which such fake numbers are used.

  • Gb Whatsapp: once the app is downloaded, the fake number is simply registered and verified.
  • (+63) numbers: with these Philippine numbers, the use of fake numbers is made possible by installing the app Talk2 PH
  • (+1) US numbers: this works without a telephone number thanks to assistance from the app voxox. An immediate 1$ is offered on the app for information exchange, with this credit you can settle on free sms, calls and so on. Though Whatsapp may block some voxox account numbers, you could always go for a new one.

The above mentioned ways are greatly used by professionals in the fake business domain and with no doubt; its rising use is a call for concern.

Red flags of a fake Whatsapp number

  • If you suddenly receive a Whatsapp message from an unknown number starting with +44, pause. Think twice before you consider it real or serious.
  • Numbers which lack a profile picture and never upload status are probably fake numbers. This holds strong considering the importance users give to their presence on Whatsapp.
  •  Try reaching the supposed fake number via simple calls. If the call does not go through there are chances the number was simply generated to get you trapped.

As a social media user, it is very possible that you have had to come across a fake account knowingly or not. It is possible on Whatsapp as on other social media platforms to get involved with fake users. However, you could minimize this by putting in all necessary efforts in detecting how real an unknown number is.

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