Free traffic generator to increase AdSense earnings on website

Free traffic generator to increase AdSense earnings on website

Free traffic generator to increase AdSense earnings on website

Getting free traffic to your Google AdSense website can be pretty difficult. Is there really a way to get thousands of legit and safe page views to your AdSense blog? YES! There’re a few platforms out there.

I earn between $500 to $2000+ monthly from a couple of AdSense blogs I own. I’ve been an AdSense publisher since 2015 and have tried almost every traffic source both paid and free. I’ve tried Google Ads (formerly Adwords), Facebook (groups, pages & paid Ads), forums, traffic generation tools (both paid & free), and a whole lot of other things.

Free traffic generator to increase AdSense earnings on website

If you’ve tried most of these methods then you’ll realize that it’s not easy to get genuine traffic to your AdSense blog or website. You either end up exchanging time for money or earning very little compared to what you put in.

Why use a free website traffic generator

Almost a billion active websites are roaming the internet in search of free traffic. Most of these websites can’t afford the high cost of effective SEO and Digital marketing. Yet, they need traffic to survive in the online world. What can better provide them with the huge traffic apart from a free website traffic generator? Ranking competition in major websites like google is really high. It can take months of not years to start appreciating organic traffic to your website. This holds if you respect all the SEO techniques. But not everyone is willing to wait for this long period. This creates need for a free website traffic generator. You can as well purchase targeted traffic from different sources.

There are many reasons that push people to go after traffic generators. And for sure, traffic generators come with advantages and disadvantages as well. That’s why I’ll advise you to start by finding out why you want to use traffic generators.

Have in mind that not all traffic generators are suitable for those running Google AdSense in their blogs. Hence, you should only generate traffic to a website that runs Ads from google if you’re absolutely sure of the platform and should do so cautiously. However, let’s look at the ways that traffic generators can benefit your website.

Reasons why you should use a website traffic generator in order to rank high

Establish trust and authority

A huge volume of traffic will certainly improve your ranking on different web metrics. This will definitely establish and increase your trust and authority before the eyes of those visiting your website. It is without doubt that people are more likely to listen to those they trust most. And if you successfully establish trust with your website visitors, you’ll stand a better chance of converting them to potential customers to your business. We all know that the more customers your business receives, the more money you are likely to make. This is a nice starting point for anyone who wants to establish the authority of his or her brand.

Earn free backlinks

As a blogger or website owner, you best know how backlinks are important. A website requires three things to succeed. They are high quality content, high domain authority, and strong backlinks. Website traffic generators can highly boost your backlink profile and strength. Going for them implies that you’ll have your website inserted in several top lists. Since these websites have a high domain authority and traffic, people will easily click those links to your blog. This process is one that provides your blog with several backlinks which are necessary for its domain authority growth. In other words, you’ll literally be getting backlinks with most of the traffic generators.

Welcome referral traffic to your website

Once the best free website traffic generator has boost your ranking on several web metrics, you’ll get your website on the top position of several charts. If you are lucky to have your website ranking as one of the Top Alexa sites, you can be sure to get lots of referral traffic. Many people regularly go through these lists to discover new websites. And if your website features within the different lists, you can be sure that you’ll receive free referral traffic to your website. Part of this traffic stands the chance of being converted to your regular customers or loyal blog readers. This will eventually boost the growth of your business or organization. With a well established website, you can expect to earn pretty well.

Use a social proof

On the internet, there are some website that show live public traffic stats about how popular your blog is to their visitors. With a boost of traffic from the best free website traffic generator, you’ll easily gain more readers through these stats. With a rich traffic stat, you can be sure that people will be willing to visit your website. Once they visit, most will be converted to loyal readers or faithful customers to your business. This will certainly boost your earnings.

Generate revenue

You can use a free website traffic generator to make huge amounts of money through your website. However, it is worth noting that most of the high end ad networks do not accept generated traffic. This is not to say that you can’t make money with generated traffic. There are lots of ad networks that do not speak against generated traffic. You just need to pick up one and start making money through you hugely generated traffic.

Bring down your competition to ground level

Using a traffic generator to boost more visitors to your website will certainly help in ranking your website above those of your competitors in most ranking metrics. This will quickly help you to pick up most of your competitors’ visitors. And for sure, you’ll grow your ranking and visitors in a twinkle of an eye.

Warnings about using a free website traffic generator

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the high-end ad networks that does not accept bot traffic generators. That’s why I’ll advise you not to use bot traffic generators for any blog that operates on Google AdSense. However, you can go for AdSense safe traffic at your using a traffic generator that allows you to specifically select the traffic source (country, Facebook, Google, direct), bounce rate, and a lot of other factors. You can do all this with Babylon Traffic and control the delivery of the traffic. This is definitely a Free traffic generator to increase AdSense earnings on website.

Be aware of uncontrolled traffic

Traffic generators do send high numbers of visitors to your website. For people who are on low budget servers, this high traffic can turn to a little nightmare for them. Worth noting here is that a website traffic generator makes use of very powerful machines. And to support the high traffic from them, you’ll need a modern and advanced server. Failing to have this can hurt your website by taking it down. This is obviously due to the excess and uncontrolled traffic that you are getting.

Do not have leads and conversions as your primary goal

The nature of generated traffic is quite broad. Such visitors come from different angles of the web with different intentions. Most stubble on your website without the intention to purchase anything. That’s why you’ll be highly disappointed if you go for generated traffic with a primary aim of having conversions and leads.

Recommended Traffic Generator For Google Adsense website

Babylon Traffic

#1 Free traffic generator to increase AdSense earnings on website

With Babylon Traffic, you can instantly drive thousands of visitors to your website. It is one of the best website traffic generators which has the ability to boost the visibility of your business and grow its brand across the world. You can start it for free in order to better appreciate the quality of traffic they’ll send to your website. With Babylon Traffic, you do not need to further your search for a huge traffic at a cheap price. This company represents your one stop solution for getting thousand visitors at a very cheap price. They provide traffic from different countries and from different devices depending on your choice. Its control dashboard is very easy to use. It allows its users to easily configure the path they want their visitors to take. Babylon Traffic delivers almost every thing. They’ll offer those page views and clicks you’ve been looking for.

Babylon Traffic has several features which I’m sure that you’ll love and appreciate. They offer custom campaigns which allow you to customize the way you’ll appreciate to have the behavior of your visits. Babylon Traffic is fast and reliable. With them, you won’t worry about time wastage. Your campaigns start running in seconds after you set them up. These campaigns will run 24/7. With residential proxies, you can get targeted visitors from specific countries and cities. Babylon Traffic comes from thousands of different browsers. They provide visitors from both desktop and mobile devices. You simply need to make your choice and allow them to do the rest. They have an amazing customer support team which is always ready and willing to assist you in all the issues that you might encounter. Worth adding here is that their services are highly appreciated and solicited around the world.


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