Free Unlimited Internet for PC

Free Unlimited Internet for PC

Free Unlimited Internet for PC

Today, the internet is more accessible than before, though sometimes, the Internet connection you get is not 100% high-speed guaranteed. As if that is not sufficient, numerous are the areas worldwide where the internet is totally absent; this applies even in well-developed countries like the United States. Baring this in mind springs up numerous questions among which: how do you share thrilling news with friends? How do you upload assignments on the internet? How do you send an email to loved ones?

There is an endless list of reasons why the internet is important to you and if you do not get what you pay for as an internet bundle, maybe you could find a way to obtain free internet for PC. In this article, we will be talking about a few ways to access free internet.

The first personal computer (PC)

Back in the early days during the creation of the first computers, people rejoiced at the revolutionary opportunity of having a machine that can solve the number-crunching crisis. A computer was neither meant for watching videos online nor sending emails, scientists were just solely bent on providing an effective solution to the calculation of census results.

Almost a century after the creation of the first computer, a little firm called MITS made the very first personal computer known as the Altair. This reduced model of the first ones rapidly became popular and had as first system a Microsoft product called Altair basic.

Four ways to get free internet for PC

Below are four ways by which you can get free unlimited internet for PC.

Free Unlimited Internet for PC
  • FreedomPop

This service was started in 2012 to make ensure that everyone had access to reliable Internet. They provide WiFi and offer programs that permit free cell phone services for users of Android and iOS devices.

To benefit from its service, you are called to go to FreedomPop’s website, create an account, and request an access point. Though access points are free, a small deposit is required after which you obtain access to free Internet Access for an entire year.  A bonus with FreedomPop is the possibility for you to have your deposit reimbursed if you return the access points within that same year.  Making the best out of FreedomPop’s access point is as easy as connecting your device and browsing for as long as you desire.

  • Public Library

Another venue where you can get free WiFi is a public library. In general, libraries have high-speed free Internet basically destined to assist library users in their research and studies. A variant on the library you choose, a library card may be demanded of you if you are not a current member. Usually, though, most public libraries offer free quality internet that can be used by anyone found in the library. 

  • Free WiFi Spots

Mobile operators and large enterprises are one of the best places to visit for free high-speed internet. Some business places working on their customer relations and marketing strategies equally offer free internet services as a tool for customer attraction. Starbucks and Hortons, are some of such places which will put that smile on your face with those web pages loading fast.

  • EveryoneOn

The last one before we go to is EveryoneOn.  It is part of a program put in place by the government to bring low-income families closer to quality internet by offering it to them freely or at a very low cost. The program focuses on disadvantaged areas where the internet can facilitate employment, education, and improve health.

A mobile phone or a PC is an important gadget in today’s world though you may rapidly lose interest in them if you cannot connect to the rest of the world. Buying regular high-speed internet can be costly and tiring unless you find that channel by which it is made possible at a low cost or at nothing at all.

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