Free virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification

Free virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification

Free virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in the recent times, and it is because of the multiple numbers of features that it offers. WhatsApp requires you to register your number as the user of the account. But, what if you don’t want your number to get registered or want to use any virtual number as your WhatsApp account? Don’t worry. We have a solution for you with which you can use WhatsApp without registering it with your number. With this trick, you can use all the functions of the WhatsApp and the best part is that you can create unlimited accounts with the number.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, you can enjoy your WhatsApp with a virtual number. Sharing your number with WhatsApp might be an issue for some people as they don’t consider it secure. They don’t want everyone to know their mobile number and getting a virtual number is the best way to hide your number. With this trick, you will get a virtual USA number that is not registered to any person.

It is a fake phone number that will just be used to verify your WhatsApp account. And once it’s verified you will be good to use the functions of the WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses SMS verification method to verify the phone number, and after that, you don’t even need that number to be activated all the time. You can pass this verification method with a temporary phone number, and this virtual phone number for WhatsApp will be completely free.

So, without any further delay, let’s move to the part where we will guide you about how you can get a free virtual number for WhatsApp. There are many websites and apps available on the internet that offers temporary phone numbers for WhatsApp. All of these websites and apps use different methods to generate these numbers, and we will guide you about few of them.

Free virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification


Primo Free virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification

Download Developer: Price: Free+

The first on our list is the Primo app that is available for the android users right now. We are hoping to get it to the IOS play store as well, but right now only android users can enjoy this app. The first thing you have to do is to install this app on your phone. After installing the app, you have to run the app, and it will ask you to register for an account. You have to provide your real mobile number to verify your account. Enter the details and click on the submit button.

After the verification process of your number, you will be all set to get a free virtual number. At the bottom right position of the app, you will see a virtual number that you can use. Not down this number and open your WhatsApp. If you are already logged in to your WhatsApp, then log out from the account start from scratch. Select +1 as your country code because the number that you will be using is a USA number. Type the temporary phone number that you have copied from the app and click on continue.

Now you have to select the call me the option for the verification method. You will then get a call on your Primo app from the WhatsApp. Attend the call and note down the verification code. This is the code that you can put a verification code for WhatsApp. Once done you will be all set to use the functions of the WhatsApp with a free virtual WhatsApp number.

Primo Connect

Download Developer: Primo Connect Inc. Price: Free+

Text Plus

Text Plus Free virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification
Text Plus
textPlus: Free Text & Calls

Download Developer: textPlus Price: Free+

The next option that we have for you is the Text Plus. The drawback to other apps is that they require your phone to be rooted. But text plus allows you to enjoy a free virtual number for WhatsApp without rooting your phone. The procedure to use this app is similar to Primo. You have to install the app on your phone and after the installation to your go through the registration process. After signing up for the app you have to tap the generate button, and you will get a temporary phone number.

Note it down and put it in your WhatsApp. You can select any country code from the list as you will be using a virtual number. You will then get a pop-up screen that will show you a virtual number. Copy that number and create an account on WhatsApp. Use text me as the verification method, and you will receive a code as a message in your Text Plus app. Put that code in the confirmation screen, and your WhatsApp will be all set for the use.

‎textPlus: Unlimited Text+Calls

Download Developer: textPlus, Inc. Price: Free+


hushed Free virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification
Hushed - Second Phone Number - Calling and Texting

Download Developer: AffinityClick Inc. Price: Free+

Hushed is another most favourite app for the virtual phone numbers. It’s available on Google Play Store and iTunes. You can download it free and start using multiple virtual phone numbers for voice and or call verifications. This app can be used for making cheap worldwide voice calls but you need to buy credit for making voice calls.

Simply install the app, choose your virtual phone number and install WhatsApp on it by the simple method described above for Primo app, you will later receive a code for verifying your account.

‎Hushed - zweite telefonnummer

Download Developer: AffinityClick Inc. Price: Free+

There are many other free virtual number apps available on the play store such as Voxox that you can use to get a free virtual number for WhatsApp. The best part is that you can use this temporary phone number for other apps and websites as well. You can use this number to verify your Facebook, Snap Chat, and other social accounts as well. You can even make free calls from the number using the app.

There are few other features that this trick has to offer. Some of the notable features of this method are:

  • It is free of cost, and you don’t have to a pay a single penny for the virtual phone number.
  • You can increase your privacy with these fake phone numbers.
  • Those who don’t even live in the US can create a WhatsApp account with a US number.
  • You don’t have to use your actual mobile phone number to get registered on WhatsApp, and you can also use it for various other social media accounts.

These methods are 100% safe and secure to use, and you are not violating any law. This means that these methods will continue to work.

Along with these eye-catching features, there are some other benefits of these virtual numbers as well. You can choose to uninstall the apps after registering for the WhatsApp, but there are some features that you will surely don’t want to miss. By keeping the apps on your phone, you will be able to

  • Use international number for free of cost
  • Make free international calls from the number
  • Send free messages to any number for free of cost
  • Use WhatsApp without revealing your actual number to the contacts

We hope that you will find these tricks to be useful for a virtual phone number for WhatsApp and you can also share these tricks with your friends. Or you can use these numbers to prank your friends. But it is recommended not to use these numbers for any illegal activities as you will find yourself in real trouble in the end. Try these tricks and let us know how useful they are for you.

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