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How do I put a locally hosted website online?

I have been developing a website for a few weeks now and I want to put it online for some testing. Many recommended using WAMP and a localhost/mysite to develop my site. Only problem I have now is I don’t know how to put it online… Basically, I want to go from localhost/mysite to!

Answer by Kum Eric Tso

I have a few difficulties getting your question straight. As for me, I use Notepad++ to build my website offline and then upload the entire site or certain files directly from notepad++. Well, if you saved your web page as html and intend to upload for free then, then follow the following guide to upload it.

OPTION 1 (not the best): Go free!

  1. Sign in. In Xara/MAGIX Web Designer select the Publish option.
  2. Choose a web address / domain.
  3. Upload website.
  4. Open the “publish website” function.
  5. Enter FTP access data.
  6. Set up the Export folder.
  7. Transfer data.
  8. Enter FTP login data.

OPTION 2 (better): Use your Server!

  1. Connect to your server using notepad++
  2. You will see your server files displayed in the NppFTP window, navigate to the folder you want to upload files in to. (You can double click a folder to open it.)
  3. From your computer click the file you want to upload, then drag and drop the file into the Folder you want to upload to. It will upload immediately.Congratulations, now you know how to upload a file to your server using Notepad++!

OPTION 3 (best): Go Pro!

  1. Get a great domain name with reputed registrar like Namecheap.
  2. Get a Hosting platform. (I still recommend Namecheap).
  3. Access your hosting platform and upload files.

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I trust this answers the question. Are there any other doubts or contributions from someone else? Okay. Leave them in the comment section.

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