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How much is my website worth if I get 10,000 visits per day?

Answer by Kum Eric Tso

Selling your blog or website isn’t something I encourage given that it’s worth more than you can I ever get if sold, at least, in the case of my blogs.

In case you have strong reason to sell, then I’ll help you figure out how much you can expect. First, you need to consider certain factors:

  • How much your blog is worth to a potential buyer
  • How much your blog is worth to you and your business

Your blog can cost as less as $100 or as high as $10,000+ depending on it’s earning potential and of course these things vary a lot. What if you have 10,000 visitors per day with none buying anything or clicking any ads? Well, there is more to it than traffic. So, to help you easily figure out, I prefer that you do this little maths.

Multiply your monthly earnings with the age of your blog or website. That is:

monthly earning X website’s age

For example my blog: Money Master Tutorials and Voice of Dominion are both 1 year old each.

Money Master Tutorials can be worth: $1200+ since it has a minimum earning of $100 per month through affiliate marketing with less than 5000 visits per day.

Blog Worth: $100 X 12 months = $1200

Note: I can not sell this blog even if someone offered me this amount times 10, I will have to think twice because it’s definitely worth more than that.

In case you need more help, visit Money Master Tutorials for more on how to make money online.

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