The announcement of the release of the June session of the 2019 CAMEROON GCE results will be amazing this year.

Although the delay of  the publication of the results by the GCE Board and over State radio has left most students and parents upset.

One of such parent is Evelyn Mancho. Evelyn has three kids who all wrote the GCE Advanced.

That the confusion in which the Board placed children goes a long way to taint the image of the institution.

My children almost developed trauma while waiting for their results.

Having gone through stressful registration, tedious academic year and finally sitting for the examination, they still need to patiently wait for the results amid a number fake documents.

It is unacceptable that children suffer again like this to know their results, she reiterates.

Meanwhile, another parent who prefers anonymity reiterates in anger.

She says, she is surprised that in these days the Board has not been able to develop an online system.

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This online system will help students to get timely and accurate results using their registration numbers”.

Meanwhile, parents and students alike will get chronic stress because of the number of false or outdated documents being circulated around.

Complete results of the Cameroon GCE A and O Levels:

GCE 2019 Statistics of registration by the GCE board

The statistics of registered cadidates this 2019 in the GCE examination against last year 2018 are as follows:

A general drop in the registration was recorded in this year’s Baccalaureate Technique and Baccalaureate Brevet de technicien.

As well as in Probatoire Technique and Probatoire Bevet de technicien examinations organised by the CGCE board for this June 2019 session.

Statistics of 2019

Download GCE A-Level General Results in PDF

You can download the complete results of the ADVANCED LEVEL of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education in English below.

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  2. Don’t bother Daniel, I’ll be first to tell you your results once they are released. Just drop you number

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