Examinations organized yearly by the GCE Board.

Every academic year in Cameroon, the GCE board organizes hitch-free examinations and awards certificates to candidates immediately after the final proclamation of the results.

The Board organizes:

  1. The GCE Advanced Level General
  2. And Also the GCE Ordinary Level General
  3. The GCE Advanced Level Technical
  4. And also the GCE Ordinary Level Technical
  5. Baccalaureate Technique and Baccalaureate Brevet de technicien in the English Language.
  6. Probatoir Technique and probatoire Brevet de technicien in English.

All these examinations are mostly written by candidates from the North West and South West regions of the country making up the only two anglophone regions in Cameroon.

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Guidelines To Prepare For Success In Cameroon GCE Examinations Ordinary Level; What to do.

Trust me when I say GCE O-Levels are really simple to ace. I got straight As for O-Levels and it wasn’t much of a challenge, to be honest.
What you have to do is as follows:

All GCE Results Here

Results of the 2019 session of the General Certificate of Education have been released with 37 candidates scoring 25 points at the Advance level with 5 A grades. The results this year have witnessed an 11.97% increase from last year. Get full results.

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