GCE Results 2023 PDF Download

GCE Results 2023 PDF Download

The GCE results of each session are usually published in August and so is the case for the Cameroon GCE Results 2023 PDF Download. The GCE examination written annually marks the gateway into high schools for candidates at the ordinary level and the university for candidates in the second cycle. A total of about 200,000 students from the 10 regions of the country register for the GCE every academic year. These students either carry out industrial studies which are tested via the technical GCE or Arts and sciences via GCE general.

In Cameroon, the educational system is divided into two for Anglophones and francophone students. Under the Anglo-Saxon system, the GCE (General Certificate of Education) is the certificate issued at the end of secondary and high school studies to successful candidates. The certificate is made up of the Advanced Level and Ordinary Level certificate which is issued to students leaving upper sixth and form five respectively. At the beginning of each academic year, a calendar is drafted for the GCE session containing all anticipated dates and corresponding activities.

Cameroon GCE Results 2023 PDF Download

GCE Results 2023 PDF Download

A few years ago, the exam ran from May to June each year, starting with practical examination sessions. However, due to socio-economic changes, the exam now runs from June to July. For the year 2023, the GCE session starts on the 11th of June with the aforementioned practical examinations. These will end on the 18th of the same month, giving way to the written part which begins on the 20th and is scheduled to end on the 9th of July 2023.

GCE registration process

Candidates are called to carefully read all instructions concerning exam eligibility and necessary procedures. The registration process is the first stage for all candidates who expect to have their names on the list when the Cameroon GCE Results 2023 PDF Download are published.

Each year, the registration process generally begins in November and closes in December for regular entries. However, for late entries, an extension known as late registration is always granted in January. This year exceptionally, the late registration process ran up to February due to the consideration of some socio-economic factors.

Financial conditions for the GCE examination

All candidates pay a fixed registration fee at each level of the examination: GCE O and GCE A Levels. Candidates who want to write the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level pay a registration fee of exactly 8000 FCFA. On the other hand, candidates for the GCE Advanced Level pay a slightly higher amount, 9000 Francs CFA.

Subject fees equally need to be paid by each candidate according to the examination they are registering for. At the ordinary level, the fee per subject amounts to a thousand FCFA while at the advanced level, it is two thousand FCFA.

Practical fees are included for subjects like food and nutrition, biology and chemistry which have a practical section. As such, all candidates who intend to sit in for such subjects must pay a practical examination fee of 5,000 FCFA per subject. This amount holds for both the A and O-level candidates.

Academic conditions for the GCE examination

At the ordinary level, no less than six subjects can be registered by a candidate while the maximum stands at 11 subjects. English language, French, and Mathematics are considered compulsory for all candidates and those who register for 11 subjects must have religious knowledge as the eleventh subject. However, an exception exists for compulsory subjects whereby upon presentation of previous success in the subjects, candidates are allowed not to register for them again. In such cases, copies of candidate results slips and certificates must be attached during registration.

The number of subjects to be registered drops at the advanced level since the bulk of work increases and specialization begins. Here, each candidate can register for at least 2 subjects and at most 5. An initial qualification such as a pass ordinary level certificate is required for all those registering for the Advanced level. Other accepted certificates include; a Teacher Grade II Certificate, an R.S.A Stage II Certificate, and all other certificates deemed equivalent by the GCE board.

Marking and publication of GCE results

A period of about 10 days is consecrated to the marking of the GCE examination papers at the end of the written session. For the exercise, the GCE board calls together highly experienced teachers and experts in each subject for both A and O Levels. After marking scripts, deliberations follow and a grading scale is voted for the results. Once this delicate task is completed, the Cameroon GCE Results 2023 results can be awaited anytime in August.

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board is the official body in charge of organizing end-of-year examinations for candidates writing the GCE O and A Levels. The Main Office is located in BueaSouthwest Region (Cameroon), and the Current Registrar Dang Akuh Dominic. The Cameroon GCE board was established in 1993 as a public examination body supervised by Cameroon ministry of secondary education in Yaoundé.


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