How to clone a website's theme

How to clone a website’s theme

How to clone a website’s theme may be your worry. Well, I will show you how in just a minute.

How to clone a website’s theme

Have you ever needed your WordPress theme to match another design? Sometimes you’re integrating a blog into an existing website, other times you’re converting an old site to WordPress – Either way, it’s an age old problem.

You may have seen an wholesome premium WordPress theme on another and will love to have it but it’s way too expensive.

There’s a few ways to get a theme to match an existing website with varying cost and difficulty, read on to find out the best option for you.


Theme Matcher is an online tool that will create your custom theme automatically. Simply input the address of your existing website, select your layout, and then Theme Matcher will create a WordPress theme that looks identical.

The software copies all of your code, image, css etc and repackages it in a simple .zip theme file, ready for you to upload.

For straightforward conversions, this is definitely the fastest option.


2. Hire a Freelancer to create custom theme

We posted a job on and (two of the biggest freelancing sites) to see what kind of potential developers we could find to create a WordPress theme that matched our existing site design.

The response was overwhelming! On each site, we received 80 bids ranging from $200-$800 and taking 2-5 days to complete the work.

Going through each of these proposals was very time consuming. Many of the cheapest contractors had no ratings, and showed poor communication in English.

If your site is complex or you have very specific requirements, this is an good route to take. However, expect to spend a significant amount of time selecting and talking to your contractor, and allow a few days for them to complete the job.

3. Create a theme yourself

If you do not need your theme to look identical to another design, one option is to roll up your sleeves and create your own theme.

With a bit of experience in PHP, CSS and javascript, you can piece together a good looking theme with a few hours of hard work. If you’re less technically savvy, try taking an existing theme and changing the background color and logos to match.

This will give your theme a similar feel to the one you’re trying to match, but won’t match exactly.


The fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to make your WordPress theme match an existing site is to use

If you have complex requirements, you may need to invest a lot more time and money to hire a freelancer to create something custom.

Happy Theming!

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