Create a blog in Cameroon

How to Create A Blog in Cameroon & Make Money

How to Create A Blog in Cameroon – Easy guide to create a blog for beginners

How to Start A Blog in Cameroon? – If you’re still wondering, then you’ve landed at the right place.

First, if you have any queries at the end of this guide regarding Blogging in Cameroon, you can reach me on Instagram @kumerictso or @moneymastertutorials or just hit the WhatsApp button on the top right-hand side of the screen if you’re using your mobile device. You could also drop me an email at

I’ll be happy to help you out.

For the record, my blog was recently ranked #2 in The Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers in Cameroon.

How to Start A Blog in Cameroon: Easy guide to create a blog for beginners

How to Start A Blog in Cameroon: Easy guide to create a blog for beginners

I’m Kum Eric Tso and have been blogging for a couple of years now. I actually resigned from part-time teaching to become a full-time online entrepreneur in Cameroon and later on started my internet marketing agency Netkipedia with my blogging earnings.

I will go straight to the point and show you how you can start a blog in Cameroon in this simple beginner-friendly step-by-step guide. If this is your first time on Money Master Tutorials, then I strongly suggest you Sign Up to our mailing list and check out these tutorials:

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How to Make Money Blogging in Cameroon (over 500,000 FCFA per month) Step by Step Guide

There’s never a better time to start a blog in Cameroon than now!

According to the following reports from Internet World Stats and Hootsuite, the number of internet users in Cameroon has increased drastically in the last couple of years. As of January 2019, Cameroon recorded a total of 6,128,428 internet users and 2,700,000 Facebook users with a staggering internet users growth rate of 30,542% and internet penetration growth rate of 24,2% per population.

These are not just good numbers for marketers and businesses but a great opportunity for bloggers.

number of internet users in Cameroon statistics

number of internet users in Cameroon statistics

How to Start A Blog in Cameroon: Easy guide to create a blog for beginners

So, in case you’re still sitting on the fence about this online thing, then wake up my friend. These opportunities won’t last forever. Very soon the blogging field will be saturated in Cameroon as it is in Nigeria. Okay! You got my point. Let’s get into the real thing…

Are you a passionate writer? Do you have a story that needs to be told? Do you want to generate passive income for your family? Starting a blog might be your answer.

There are two quick ways to create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes. The first way is to do it yourself and it’s pretty simple if you follow our actionable step-by-step guide. The second option is to hire a web development agency to do it for you alongside other services like SEO, social media integration, speed optimization, annual maintenance, and more.

In case you don’t have a credit card to register your domain or get a web hosting platform online, then option 2 is for you. Maybe you want to save time and allow the webmaster to take care of the technical stuff while you focus on growing your blog. Then CLICK HERE to skip to option 2.

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

PART ONO: Do it Yourself (pretty simple)!

How To Start A Blog In 10 Minutes

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

Blogs are no longer just for the “professional writer.” They are for the thinker, the designer, the youth, the student, the mother, the craftsman, and the teacher.

In 2015, I decided to start blogging and building my personal platform. It’s now become my full-time career and it’s allowed me to make a living from the things I am most passionate about.

Sadly, I see many people not chase their dream because they either don’t know where to start or the “setup process” is too complex.

But it’s not. Below, I have outlined an easy step-by-step guide to getting a domain, setting up hosting, and installing WordPress in 10 minutes or less.

There are many ways to start a blog, but you will get the most control by using a self-hosted WordPress blog. This is what most serious bloggers use. This is what I use for many of my personal websites.

IMPORTANT: The first step for setting up a blog is buying a domain and setting up hosting. If you are not sure about the difference between hosted and self-hosted WordPress, I found this helpful infographic that explains it well. My verdict: stay away from It’s limiting and does not allow your blog to scale well.

Don’t even think of! I’ve tried it all.

To Get Started I’ll Walk You Through A Few Quick Steps:

1. Getting A Paid Hosting Account (don’t worry this will be cheap)
2. Picking A Domain Name (You Get One Free)
3. Setting Up Hosting
4. Installing WordPress
5. How To Install A Theme

Step #1: Buying A Domain Name

The domain name of my blog is That’s where people find me on the web. Choosing a good domain can be tough. Your domain can either be your name or a branded domain like mine. Luckily, the hosting company I will recommend in step #2 provides you the ability to pick a domain for FREE (regularly $11.99) when you sign up.

Step #2 Setting Up A Hosting Account.

This is where your blog will “live.” This is a server in the cloud (i.e., a remote computer), where you will rent space to install the WordPress software and manage your blog. It’s far easier than it sounds. Stick with me.

There are hundreds of hosting services available. However, based on my experience and research, I recommend Bluehost. I believe it is the best option for most people for the following several reasons:

  1. Bluehost is large and well known.
  2. They offer excellent customer service (located in the US).
  3. Their packages are highly affordable. If you sign up with the link below, I’ve actually locked my readers a $3.95 per month fee + a free domain. Which is incredibly cheap.
  4. Their service provides extremely fast page load times.
  5. Bluehost is very easy to use.

ACTION STEP: Click HERE to buy your domain and signup for hosting with Bluehost. I have provided a visual guide of the steps below.

Bluehost Step #1

Visit This Link (the same as the one above) and Click “Get Started Now” button.

Step 1: How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

Bluehost Step #2

Choose your plan.
step2: How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

Bluehost Step #3

Choose your free domain name or bring over your current domain. Both are very easy processes.


Bluehost Step #4

Place your order and pay for your plan.


Bluehost Step #5

Once you’ve logged in, you will be taken to your Bluehost dashboard where you can install WordPress (the software that runs your blog) in a few simple clicks.


Bluehost Step #6

Click the green install button.


Bluehost Step #7

Choose the domain you just registered or the one you brought over.


Bluehost Step #8

Check the “Show advanced options” box and fill in the title, username, and password. Your title will be the name of your blog (mine would be Dale Partridge). The username and password will be what you use to login to the backend of your blog (your WordPress dashboard).

IMPORTANT: Save this information somewhere where you won’t lose it. You will need it for step #10


Bluehost Step #9

Bluehost will install WordPress on your server and let you know when it’s complete.


Click the “View Credentials” button on the top right.


Bluehost Step #10

Click on “Admin URL” (located below the green box) and enter your WordPress login credentials from step #8. This will take you to your WordPress dashboard. Your WordPress dashboard is where you will do almost everything on your blog. From writing articles to changing design.

How to create a blog with bluehost

How to create a website with bluehost

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

Final Step

This is your WordPress Dashboard. You can either begin blogging or upload a new theme for your blog. I would recommend purchasing a new WordPress theme at At ThemeForest, in the navigation go to “WordPress” in the upper left section of the page.

Then choose your theme type and begin exploring thousands of themes. After purchasing your theme from Themeforest, you will return to your WordPress dashboard and click “Appearance” > Themes > Upload a New Theme. Here you will upload the .zip file of the theme you just purchased.

Alternatively, there are thousands of free themes you could choose from if you’re good at customizing to have the premium flare.

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

Lastly, you will then follow your theme’s setup features provided by the person who developed your theme. This is where you will upload your logo, change colors, add pages, and more.

Congratulations! You have officially setup your blog. This is only the beginning of an exciting journey for you. If you have any questions or issues please leave a comment below. I try to check my comments daily.

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

How to Start A Blog in Cameroon: Easy guide to create a blog for beginners

OPTION TWO: Hire a Web Building Agency in Cameroon

Presented by Money Master Tutorials

Sponsored by Netkipedia LLC

Create a blog in Cameroon

Do you want to create a blog in Cameroon and don’t know how? Don’t bother! We’ll help you out every step of the way in a few minutes. We believe anyone who can write or copywrite content ethically can be a blogger in Cameroon. We equally believe you can create your own blog in Cameroon all by yourself but you will agree with me that it will be better if there was an automation system that can just help you do the job instead of spending months learning about web hosting or coding as many do. Many people don’t have the time and patience to learn HTML and CSS, the language used by web developers to create wholesome websites like and because of this, they fail to achieve their blogging goals.

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

Create a blog in Cameroon
Create a blog in Cameroon

We at Money Master Tutorials believe in automation. I mean an autopilot system that is fast, easy to use, accessible and affordable. Today, in our Make Money Online in Cameroon series, we will help you create, design, customize, manage and maintain your blog in Cameroon.

Our team of highly qualified, dedicated, experienced and certified web developers and internet marketers from the United States of America, India, Cameroon, Nigeria, United Kingdom, South Africa, and France will help you out to get your blog up and running in a moment.

Not only are they going to take care of every technical set up online from domain registration, hosting, and site creation, they will teach you how to manage and grow your site. Gone are those days when starting a blog in Cameroon used to be a hard nut to crack.

Where else have you ever heard of a web development and internet marketing company that helps you with domain registration, hosting, site creation, designing, and maintenance at the same time?

This concept came from Kum Eric Tso, Netkipedia LLC during an Online Entrepreneurship training session on ‘WebMaster Tools’ aimed at equipping bloggers with tools that help them combine web building with internet marketing in order to easily turn their blogging efforts into cash.

In order to facilitate the blog creation process for bloggers in Cameroon and elsewhere, he said to the young bloggers in attendance that:

“I will teach you how to make money online. If you don’t get it, I will encourage you. If you don’t still get it, I will push you.”

It is this driving force of determination to empower as many Cameroonian youths as possible in making money online in Cameroon that the concept to help you easily create a blog in Cameroon was created.

After realizing that hundreds of Cameroonians are passionate about starting a long term blogging career but have little or no support, we decided to intervene. We have spoken with Cameroonian bloggers who complained of being overcharged by webmasters, who are often unreliable and sadly with no concrete knowledge about blogging in Cameroon amongst other issues.

In partnership with other already established Cameroonian bloggers (besides the vision bearer, Kum Eric Tso), our team of developers have decided to help the upcoming Cameroonian bloggers cross the bridge.

The Money Master Tutorials team finally decided to facilitate the blogging journey for newbies in this lucrative and passionate online journey. Many who could not create a blog in Cameroon due to reasons such as the lack of a credit card to register their domain or purchase a hosting platform, can now create their blogs in Cameroon by simply ordering via mobile money.

This new, easy, fast, simplified and affordable blogging package comes with many advantages. Here are a few:

Domain Registration

We will help you choose a suitable domain for your blog and register it for you. No need to bother about exposing your credit card to fraudulent sites online or bank charges. Your safety and comfort matters to us. You don’t also have to fill your personal information online.

We’ve got you covered. Focus on blogging and let us bother about the domain registration and management hurdles.

Domain Transfer

In case you already own a domain registered elsewhere, we will help you transfer it to our servers easily where we will easily manage renewal payments and every technical aspect for you. The sweetest thing is that you don’t have to pay any dime for this transfer neither do you have to bother about downtime.

We will speed up the transfer and make sure your site is up and running within 24 hours. We’ve got you covered! Thank us later.

Premium Hosting

You can now create your blog in Cameroon on our premium hosting servers located in the US and syndicated through our content distribution networks (CDN) all over the world using the latest optimization technology. When we say premium, we mean 100% quality.

You will enjoy features like:
-Unlimited Bandwidth
-Unlimited CPU space
-Unlimited uptime and lots more.

The difficulties involved in hosting your blog in Cameroon is now a thing of the past. You can now create your blog in Cameroon and publish unlimited content and use different media formats (images, videos, podcasts, infographics) on your blog. You are sure to have your blog running without any interruption 24/7.

You can equally create any design of your choice, optimize and promote your content using our webmaster tools for free thanks to the Cameroon blog creation package offered by In case you don’t know what you want your blog to look like, contact our support team and we’ll come up with designs that will suit your taste perfectly.

Another good news is that you don’t have to bother about the hosting mumbo jumbo. I mean the technical difficulties in connecting domain names with your hosting servers and in creating your WordPress blog. Our hardworking and reliable technicians will handle the technical set up for you. Just order your site and sit back and watch us turn your blogging dreams into reality.


Many blogs in Cameroon don’t last long because of security issues. They get hacked or attacked by some hackers or naught cases online and many bloggers end up in frustration. We make your blog extra secure by using the latest security system and the most advanced encryption technology.

Our technicians carry out routine maintenance checks and updates on all blogs managed by us to ensure 100% safety and quality user experience. Just in case you leak out your admin login details such as password by mistake, we still got you covered.

Your website is backed up in our secure systems and we can reverse any changes you did not make to your site and block any malware or unauthorized activity in the fastest time possible. As concerns payment, we automatically collect payment online through MTN mobile money, Orange Mobile Money and Express Union Mobile Money using an extremely secured and encrypted payment gateway.

Our other alternative payment methods will be communicated to you where necessary through our support team.


Starting a WordPress blog in Cameroon is now easier than ever. WordPress is the best program that is used to create 90% of the blogs online. WordPress makes your blogging journey in Cameroon more exciting than ever in that the platform is easy to use with several features to help you create whatever content you desire.

We will help you install your WordPress site, customize it to suit your taste, install and update themes and plugins for you regularly. We do the maintenance and designing chores for you so that you can focus on what matters most to you – creating great content, promoting your blog and of course making money online in Cameroon.

Though WordPress is so easy to use, many Cameroonian bloggers still find difficulties using it. So, as Kum Eric Tso will put it:

“We will teach you to get it. If you don’t get it, we will encourage you. If you still don’t get it, we’ll push you.”
That’s how crazy we are in our quest to make Cameroonian millionaires through blogging in our make money online in Cameroon campaign.

Customer Support

We offer 24/7 live support for all our clients through various methods such as live chat, hotline, Facebook, WhatsApp, and email.
WhatsApp: +237 677 44 63 47
Hotline for calls & SMS: +237 677 44 63 47


Hosting and maintaining the kind of premium blogs we host can cost between 300,000 to 500,000 francs CFA per year for traditional hosting companies and domain registrars.

Our hosting, designing, and maintenance packages to help you create your blog in Cameroon start at an affordable rate of as low as 120,000 FCFA/year. Note that we are currently running a 50% discount special promotion for our “readers only” that ends in a few days.

You can hurry and order the creation of your blog in Cameroon today in order to take advantage of this promo and save as much as 50%. Note that if you register now, you will enjoy a lifetime discount of 50% yearly on all your transactions with us including our online entrepreneurship training program. That means you can create a blog with as low as 60,000 FCFA/year today.

How to Create a blog in Cameroon in 10 Minutes

Steps to follow

1) Choose your domain name and submit it to us via email, WhatsApp or SMS to +237 677 44 63 47.

2) Once your domain name is approved by our team, login into this page and select your blogging package.

3) Issue payment – once your payment is confirmed, we will contact you and set up your blog within a few hours. In case your order falls on a weekend, your blog can take up to 48 hours to be installed.
4) After choosing a package and issuing payment, send us details of what you want your blog to look like preferably via WhatsApp or email including a confidential Gmail email address.

5) Once we are through with the creation process, we will send you details of your admin login information and a guide on how to start blogging. You will then check the live version of your site, recommend customizations or changes where necessary depending on your package.

How to order

Select your plan and contact us via the WhatsApp button with your domain name(s) and specifications of the services you desire. Once we accept to enroll you in our promotional program and you issue payment, we will take it up from there.

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