How to save and grow money

How to save and grow money

How to save and grow money

Have you ever wondered how some people reached money freedom or did to earn around $50,000 per month? While others will say that there is a whole secret teaching which was adopted by such people, we’ll simply say that there is nothing secret about reaching financial freedom and earning around $50,000 per month. All is centered around learning how to save your money, spending it wisely, and growing it through the powerful arm of entrepreneurial investment.

People are aware of the fact that they ought to be saving money regularly in order to secure their financial futures yet very few are able to save. Unfortunately, this might be as a result of their poor spending habits that leave them with little to no money for savings talk less of investing. Thus, they hardly save for the future nor retirement. This often ends up leaving them stranded. But the wise person will learn how to save money as well as how to grow money in order to fully secure his/her financial future.

How to save and grow money

Saving and investing money is not reserved for a particular class of people in the society. It can work for everyone. All you need is the desire to be financially free. It does not matter how deeply in debt you are. Many people who were sinking in debts are now floating in financial freedom just because they made the right decisions of investing and growing their money. Thus, you can do likewise and become the next millionaire in town.

We’ve never heard somewhere in history that money was found growing on trees. And of course, it will never. On the contrary, if a person properly saves his/her money and then takes a challenging step of investing it, he/she will stand the best chances of growing and even multiplying the money. However, it is noticed that many people are having the desire to save and grow their money, but they do not know how to go about it. That’s why we hereby write to present the best money saving tips that will allow you to raise a reasonable capital which will permeate you to grow your wealth through investment and become financially free with little to no money worries.

Best money saving tips that will help you on how to save and grow money

Have a positive mind

This point is strange right? Of course, it is. But you’ll be surprised to learn that it is what makes the other points successful. Your mind has the ability to move you from nothing to something if only you are willing to positively control it. In starting the journey of saving and growing your wealth, you’ll need a positive mind in order to overcome all the challenges on the way. Yes, you’ll encounter many obstacles and if you are not ready, some will discourage you from continuing.

That’s why we call on you to start by believing that you can make it no matter how discouraging your environment is. Instead of dwelling on your mistakes along the way, learn from them and take another challenging step ahead. A positive mind will keep you motivated even when everything around you seems to be crumbling. Thus, we can’t talk about the best money saving tips without making mention of the power in having a positive mind. It is here that your determination to succeed is weighed.

How to save and grow money

Make a financial plan

When you are convinced that you can make it to financial freedom by spending wisely, saving and investing your money, the next point to consider is that of making a financial plan. A financial plan at this step is nothing but your roadmap to financial freedom. It will help you to end up exactly where you were heading to. It consists of a detailed strategy which will take you from your present undesirable financial level to one which you hope for. After making a financial plan, you’ll realize that saving money is more of a child’s play.

It should be noted that a financial plan must have a good number of realistic goals which are set to be achieved over a given period. Why realistic? This is because people can set goals out of excitement knowing well fully that they cannot be achieved. Let all your goals be classed in a financial plan following your scale of preference whereby the most important goals are at the top and the least important at the bottom. As time goes by, remember to access the realization of your goals. Find out what you did successfully, what went wrong, what needs to be eliminated, and what needs to be adjusted.

Be flexible

Knowing How to save and grow money has a lot to do with flexibility. By so doing, you remain flexible and more likely to reach success. However, you must remember not to create room for laziness in the name of flexibility. We’ll help you in your scale of preference by proposing the following reasons why you should save money:

  • Saving to start a business and grow wealth;
  • Also save for retirement;
  • Saving for your children’s educational needs;
  • Also save to purchase a home;
  • Saving for emergencies;
  • Also save for periods of unemployment; and
  • Saving to purchase a car.

Just to name a few, you’ll be able to write down a solid financial plan based on your personal needs. It is easier to plan for a better future when you are aware of your present financial situation. That’s why we’ll advise you to find out about your net worth by checking the things you really own being assets and those that you owe in the name of liabilities. If your assets are far greater that your liabilities, then you have a positive net worth and if you realize it is the contrary, you’re having a negative net worth. Having a positive net worth does not give you the license to start spending carelessly else you’ll find yourself with a negative net worth.

You’ll need to implement measures which will permeate you to continuously maintain it positive while growing your wealth. On the other hand, having a negative net worth is not the end of the world. You’ll need to follow our best money saving tips as well as learn how to grow money and become financially free.

Pay off all your debts

Being in debts is more like being in prison. You won’t be able to reach financial freedom with debts around you. Thus, you must develop an effective strategy in your financial plan which is aimed at paying off all your debts. The best way to free yourself from debt is by saving. Just make up your mind to forgo most of your wants and save the money. Never neglect how small a saving might be because when the little amounts are summed up, they’ll give something interesting. Thus, you should only go for those things that you need and not those that you want.

If you are working, make sure that you save a greater part of your salary every month while getting just that which will meet your needs. And after a reasonable period of saving, you’ll have enough to pay off all your debts and still have extra cash. If you realize that your daily job won’t permeate you to easily pay off your debts while meeting your needs, consider other quick ways to make extra money. In paying off debts, stay away from using credit cards talk less of getting new ones.

It is advisable to pay off your purchases with physical cash. Whenever you complete the payment of your debts, remember other best money saving tips that will help you raise enough money to invest and grow your wealth. In this light, you’ll secure your financial future and have little or nothing to do with debts in the nearby future.

Pay yourself first

Paying yourself first happens to be one of the best money saving tips that has made many millionaires than the world can count. Many people consider it as their first budget item. It is the process of regularly saving a particular percentage of your monthly salary no matter the number of wants that pop up in that month. At the beginning, you might not realize what you are doing but in a short while, you’ll gain consciousness when you realize that your savings have summed up to a 6 figured amount.

Stop smoking

Did you know that people who smoke about 2 packets a day end up spending around $4,000 every year? What a pretty nice sum of money which could be saved and later invested to grow. You are probably amazed at this figure, yet you know that it is not easy to quit smoking. Yes, that’s the price to pay for those who want to save over $4,000 every year by simply quitting from the act of smoking. When this amount is added to your main savings, you’ll probably be able to start a big business that will grow your wealth in no time.

Lower your expenses

Many people are asking how to save money yet they are running behind a luxurious life of spending. There is just no way that they can make it to a financial free life. That is to say we cannot unfold the best money saving tips without emphasizing on the benefits of lowering your expenses as well as spending wisely. If you want to get rich fast, then spend wisely. If you want to reach financial freedom, then stay away from a luxurious life. In addition, If you want to secure your financial future, then lower your expenses as from today by prioritizing your needs over your wants. Financial experts around the globe have regularly given elements of answers when asked the question of how to grow money.

They have always said that growing your wealth is not a day’s job and that you must live below your means for this achievement. That is, you have to spend below what you earn every month while saving the rest. Track down your monthly expenses and find out what can be eliminated from the next month. Always take the road that leads to a lesser expenditure. Don’t waste your money on those things that you can easily forgo. Always look for the cheapest and effective ways if you are serious about getting rich.

Start saving today

You might ask yourself that “why save today when I can save tomorrow”. Although this saying might work occasionally for a few people, it hardly works for all. Many say that they will save tomorrow and when the day comes, it is hardly the case as there are always sufficient problems that need to be adjusted by money. In addition, you can’t start today and compare yourself with one who started yesterday. Thus, you should start today and not wait for tomorrow as tomorrow might be too late. Boost your chances of reaching financial freedom by starting today.

Increase your income sources

There exist a good number of ways to make extra money and increase your regular monthly salary. For the wise, an increased monthly salary means a greater saving percentage for a secured financial future. Thus, apart from your daily routine job, find out the different opportunities around your geographical area that are able to yield you with extra money thereby increasing your chances of saving high.

Take some calculated risk

I guess there is no activity without risks. Thus, why not boost your earnings with the things you are already bound to encounter. Taking a risk is foolish but taking a calculated risk is not. The most successful entrepreneurs around the world are known for their abilities in taking calculated risks. If you stay behind not willing to take a risk, you won’t find out what pays. Therefore, anyone who is serious about increasing his/her monthly earning and making a greater saving for a better investment to grow their wealth must be ready to analyze all risks and take those worthy. Don’t just ask yourself what if it does not pay, also ask yourself what if it pays. If you find that the benefits are alarming and that the opportunity is secured up to some level, do not hesitate to try it out.

Pack your lunch

This is one of the best money saving tips which helps many people to save over $5,000 every year. If you are verse with buying lunch at your worksite, you’ll easily understand what we are talking about here. You best know how much you spend every month just for food. There is a better way to cut down this expenditure by packing your lunch from home. For sure, this will make up for a pretty nice amount which you can save every month.

Good places to invest money

We are through with our best money saving tips. Now, let us see how we can invest this money and grow our wealth. Don’t worry because there exist many good places to invest money which we shall reveal.

Growth funds

A growth fund is a mutual fund that is specialized in investing in an emerging company which is promising in terms of profitability. This is also referred to as growth stocks. Growth funds has led to the creation of more millionaires than the world can count. Although, it is surrounded by remarkable risks, its profitability is also alarming. It is the type of mutual fund that figures out profitable established companies as well as promising young ones to supply them with capital while hoping that they keep increasing in value. This is how they get back their highly profitable returns. It must be noted that growth funds are more volatile than the other types of funds.

Thus, you must carefully study how they operate before getting in. However, when you succeed in the growth fund market, you’ll appreciate the growth in your wealth. Because this sector is surrounded by risks, we’ll advice only aggressive risk takers who are willing to do an investment of 5 to 10 years with an expectation of high returns to step into it. If you are seeking for ways to grow money and are ready to take risks with patience, then growth funds are the best options for you. If you want to invest in mutual funds, you can do this directly with the AMC or indirectly with an intermediary. Make sure that you start by studying the market and when you’ll be floating in success, you’ll realize that this is one of the good places to invest money which is well known by the world’s leading millionaires.


Also referred to as the money of the 21st century, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which recently gained a place in the market. For the little time it has been in existence, it has created many millionaires thus a promising money growth opportunity. However, it should be noted that the market is full of different types of cryptocurrencies. Thus, bringing the need for us to present the best currency to invest in. While others are just popping up, many have been in existence for a while and have proven themselves worthy to consider for investment. Finding the best currency to invest in is more of a challenging process. But you don’t need to worry because we are going to present the best from which you’ll pick out that which suits you.

List of cryptocurrencies

Our list consists of those that have made many people rich and is still doing same today. Nevertheless, wherever cryptocurrency is mentioned, risk is also involved just as it is the case with other money-making opportunities. It should be noted that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Just as it can make you become a millionaire fast, you can also lose your money due to its volatile nature. That’s why it is always advised to invest in cryptocurrency only that which you can afford to lose. Below is a list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest.

Best cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin: Since its creation in 2009, it has overturned every financial law in terms of value. It is the best currency to invest in. Apart from being the first cryptocurrency to be created, it has greatly revolutionized the financial world.

Ethereum: This is a blockchain platform which has been in existence since 2013. It has proven itself worthy among the best cryptocurrencies. All the currencies that are linked to this blockchain are called ethers. They were proposed by Vitalik Buterin who is a programmer. Anyone who partakes in the program is rewarded with ethers thereby growing his/her wealth. Many people consider ethereum as the best currency to invest in order to grow their wealth.

List: Considered by many folks as the best currency to invest in, it was invented by the year 2016 and its success boosted its founder to take it into the market for trading and exchange. Since then, it has known a remarkable success with an increasing value.

US Equities

Equities has been an investment option in the European countries for years now. However, the US has outstood itself in this domain in terms of success and reliability. Thus, if you are ready to overcome all risks and take the challenge of a long-term investment say 5 years or more, think of joining the US equities with companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. Of course, you’ll stand the chance of making more than what you can spend in a life time based on your investment package. Investment packages here move from $1,000 to $1,000,000. Most of the leading business men in the world have invested in equities in order to boost up their capital. Thus, one of the good places to invest money and grow it. 


This is the best choice for those who are seeking for good places to invest money, yet they are afraid of the high risk rate surrounding options like mutual funds and equities. With bonds, you’ll always find that which suits you due to their variety of investment options with remarkable returning rates.

We hereby conclude our article on how to save money and how to grow money. We hope that you were able to learn what it takes to earn over $50,000 every month and reach financial freedom. If you found our article helpful, remember to like and share with your friends so that they can also benefit from it.

Final Thoughts on How to save and grow money

Learning how to save effectively is much better than knowing how to make money in the first place. Of what use will your efforts be when everything you labour for is eventually lost or you keep stagnating on the same spot simply because you don’t know How to save and grow money.

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