How to use Fan Page Robot

How to get 1000 likes on Facebook for free using Fanpage robot

How to get 1000 likes on facebook for free using Fanpage robot

Getting 1000 likes on Facebook has gotten more difficult today than it was 5 years ago. In the same way paying Facebook for likes is no way near a valuable investment. In my experience, it was a total waste of money. Most of us will agree that organic reach on Facebook is next to dead. So depending on organic reach to get 1000 likes on Facebook may seem like a witch hunt to many.

Given the difficulty involved in growing your Facebook page, many users have resulted in buying likes online which in most cases simply kills the page and your business. Before you make the fatal mistake of buying likes, take a look at reasons why you should never buy followers for your business.

Why you should never buy likes on Facebook

1. Fake likes don’t translate into exposure

2. Fake accounts don’t engage with other Facebook users

3. Fake users lower your organic reach

4. Buying fake likes is a waste of money

5. Facebook finds and bans fake accounts

6. Facebook remove fake likes

7. Facebook hates fake likes

8. Real users are careful of interacting with posts with fake likes

9. Fake likes reduce the quality of your Facebook page insights

10. Fake likes make your reputation worse on the Facebook ads platform

11. Real users know fake users

12. Fake likes damage your Facebook page

13. Fake likes make marketing and converting real users on Facebook harder

14. You can’t remove fake likes

15. Fake likes don’t click links

16. Fake users don’t buy products and services

17. Blackhat Facebook likes seller won’t refund your money

18. Buying fake likes make you vulnerable to hacking

19. Fake accounts will spam your Facebook page

20. Real users won’t engage with your page

Now that you know why you shouldn’t buy fake likes, I’ll show you how to grow your Facebook page organically using a tool called Fanpage robot.

How to use Fan Page Robot

Fan Page Robot Review - How to use

Name: Fan Page Robot
Price: $14.95/mo (pro plan), $39/mo (unlimited plan)
Make Money Bay Rank: 82 out of 100

How to use Fan Page Robot

Let’s quickly look at the features of this tool and how you can use it to grow your business.

What Is Fan Page Robot?

Before we see how to use this tool, let’s take a look at what this wholesome tool is.

Fan Page Robot is a social media automation tool that will help you to save time managing your social media accounts and grow your audience.

To be more specific:

It searches the internet for viral content and when it finds viral articles, images or videos it posts them on your social media accounts. This is very important in that it helps you keep your audience engage with the best content, increases your reach and grows your platform on autopilot.

This tool makes this process automatically and you will set it up in a few minutes. Also, it chooses the best time and the best hashtags to post the selected content.

If you make this research and scheduling manually it takes many hours per day and you may not make this process so effectively. Many small business owners are saving thousands of dollars thanks to Fan Page Robot. Money that was previously thrown away into fruitless Ad campaigns or in hiring a marketing expert can now be saved or used to grow your business.

While you grow your following, you can get even more traffic to your links and increase your leads and sales.

Fan Page Robot works for any niche, industry, country, and language.

It is an easy and simple tool to use and you can manage multiple accounts even if you are a total beginner. Plus, the support team for this particular tool responds and assists you promptly in case you need any guidance.

According to many small business owners, Fan Page Robot is a good tool to use if you want help managing your social media accounts or you want to save time and focus on other important tasks of your online business.

Here are some advantages of using this powerful marketing tool.


  • Save time
  • User-friendly and no learning curve
  • You can manage multiple accounts
  • Cheap tool, Great service for good price
  • Automated social media campaigns
  • Effective
  • No fake followers
  • Interactive audience


  • Does not work like an AI
  • User needs to have accounts and pages set up

Who Is Fan Page Robot For?

It could be helpful for anyone who wants to manage his/her social media accounts more effectively.

If you are a beginner, it will not be a simple process to grow your following. When you do not know what you are doing, it is important to have a tool like this one to do all the hard work.

More experienced users with multiple accounts can save a lot of time with Fan Page Robot.

Most small business owners spend too much time on social media and we all know that it is time-consuming to keep your accounts and pages updated with quality content.

When you do not spend time on research, you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

So, the only people that will not benefit a lot from Fan Page Robot are those who use social media only for recreational purposes.

How to use Fan Page Robot

What Is Included In The Tools?

Fan Page Robot has five main tabs inside the program that you can use to work.

  1. Posts: You can create, schedule your posts and find the best hashtags for maximum views reach.
  2. Generate Content: You search for viral content on news, images or/and videos by keyword. You can search for any niche and you can post the content you find to your social media accounts.
  3. Content Mixer: It finds and posts viral content to your pages automatically.
  4. Campaigns: Create custom URLs to appear your call to action on the other people websites that you have shared on your page.

These are the main tools of Fan Page Robot. You have the option to choose by yourself what you will post or you can automate the whole process.

You can also buy likes and shares but it is not recommended.

About The Support

It is a simple to use the tool and you will rarely need to contact the support.

It has a simple email where you can ask for help or send anything you want. They will respond after ASAP.

Keep in mind that people who buy the unlimited plan have priority when they contact support.

How Much Does It Cost?

Fan Page Robot has two plans:

  • Pro Plan: It costs $14.95/mo and you can manage three Facebook pages and 36 other social media pages
  • Unlimited Plan: It costs $39/mo and you can manage unlimited pages on ten social media platforms.

This is relatively cheap compared to Fan Page Robot’s competitors. With other products, you may pay $10-$15 for only one account but Fan Page Robot gives you access to unlimited accounts.

The money you pay for Fan Page Robot is not too much if you consider the time you save. Doing all those tasks manually takes hours every day while with this tool you need a few minutes per day. Some users choose one day schedule almost everything several months ahead.

How to use Fan Page Robot

Here’s a detailed step by step video tutorial that shows you how to use Fan Page Robot.



In conclusion, the ability automate a task without decreasing the quality of your content changes the whole game. Neil Patel says ”content is king” and content automation helps you to outsmart your competitors, generate leads, sales and get new clients.

That is the case here as well.

You save time by automating your social media pages while you post viral content.

As a tool, Fan Page Robot is a simple to use tool great for beginners and experienced users. It offers what is promised on the sales page at a fair price.

So, this tool is highly recommended to anyone who wants to automate his social media pages. I have been using it since April and haven’t had any issue with it, unlike other tools. Only good results.

fan page robot purchase receipt

For more information visit the Fan Page Robot home page.

Name: Fan Page Robot
Price: $14.95/mo (pro plan), $39/mo (unlimited plan)
Make Money Bay Rank: 82 out of 100

This bot could do wonders for a fan page and could really make each and every organic trick count it. It is a really good deal for anyone starting off their page or seeking to grow it further. The bot works like sweet honey and gives you all you can ask for.

Automation tool to schedule posts on social media

Gain access to Fan Page Robot today! Simply click this link and get started getting the most out of your Facebook account – more impressions, likes, and fans!

How to use Fan Page Robot With Honest Review

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or you want to share your experience with Fan Page Robot, leave your comment below. Also, feel free to review the tool as well.

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