Identifying and Escaping Poverty

Identifying and Escaping Poverty

Identifying and Escaping Poverty is something worth doing by everyone. In simple terms, we can define poverty as the inability for a person to provide his/her needs. Not being able to meet up with your daily needs results to stress, anxiety, anger, bitterness, and a troubled mind. That’s why identifying and escaping poverty should be embraced by everyone. It does not matter where you come from. Even if you are from a poor background, you have the potentials to achieve financial freedom. Thus, do not sit back weeping like a little girl saying that life did not offer the same chances of success to you as it did for others. Such an excuse is not founded as it reflects nothing but laziness. Work towards achieving the desires of your heart and you’ll end up successful.

With some degree of certainty, we can say that poverty is a result of laziness. One might argue this saying that he/she has been working hard without achieving success. Such can result from cases were you are working hard on the wrong direction. Hard work is the key to success, but at times, you’ll need to incorporate your efforts with a smart mindset. A smart mindset will prevent you from taking poor financial decisions and missing life changing financial opportunities. If you’ve been working hard yet having nothing to account for, ask yourself what others are doing that you are not doing. It could be that you are missing something in the financial sphere that you need to learn. Keep on striving till you make it. Achieving financial success can be challenging but not impossible.

Identifying and Escaping Poverty

Identifying and Escaping Poverty – Everything you need to know

A great man once said “if you take all the money in the world and distribute it equally among everyone, you’ll realize after a while that all the money will go back to their original owners”. You are certainly asking yourself why and how can such be possible? Relax, we’ll guide you into understanding what the saying means. The reason behind such is that the poor are consumers while the rich are investors. That is, the poor will take what you’ve given them and spend it all in purchasing from the investments of the rich. That’s why some people have made the conclusion that money is for the rich and not for the poor. When money enters the hands of the poor, he/she must spend it in order to regain stability. This is because saving and investing money is not part of them.

On the other hand, when money enters the hands of the rich, he/she works on multiplying it through investments. That’s why the rich are more likely to become rich while the poor remain poor. Let’s not go far, simply show me a POOR man and I will show you a man who

P – Passes

O -Over

O – Opportunities

R – Repeatedly

A poor man is focus on seeing challenges in every opportunity while a rich man is focus on seeing opportunities in every challenge. Being a man is not a title but a responsibility. A man must be able to answer financially in the M – Morning A – Afternoon N – Night

The Millionaire’s Mindset

Think high so that you can end-up high. How far you go is determined by how far you can see. Keep the poor man’s thinking ways aside and embrace the millionaire’s way of thinking. Learn the ways of the millionaires and you end up succeeding. Integrating the Millionaire’s tribe means that you have the potentials to integrate that of the Billionaires. Work hard and strive for success. Ask any millionaire and he’ll tell you that a person does not obtain wealth by laying on a comfortable bed. You must step out and take action even when others are withdrawing. The reason why many are millionaires today is because they are doing things which others are not doing. It takes courage to be innovative in the financial world. But when this courage pays, it puts you on a financial lamp stand for everyone to see.

Greater rewards come with taking greater risk. If you keep on doing what you are use to doing, you’ll keep on obtaining the same results. New results come with new trials. You need to do what others are not doing or are afraid of doing. This is what we call innovation. Truth be told, innovation comes with lots of risks and high earning potentials. Take calculated risks and welcome their outcomes. If they are positive, reap the benefits and if they are negative learn from your mistakes and move ahead. Avoid dwelling on past failures and mistakes. Doing so will only prevent you from reaching higher levels of success. But if you learn from your mistakes, chances are high that you’ll no longer commit them in the future. In identifying and escaping poverty, remember to put God first in your life for he owns everything.

The Poor Man’s Mindset

POOR means “Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly”. Poor people are considered the worse people on Earth for the following reasons:

  • Give them for free, they will think it is a trap.
  • Tell then that it’s a small business, they’ll say you can’t earn much.
  • Call them to come in Big, they say they don’t have money.
  • Tell them to try something new, they’ll ask if it has been proven to work.
  • Call them into something that has been proven to work, they’ll say that they have no experience.
  • Tell them that it’s a Traditional business, they’ll say “it’s too hard to do”.
  • Ask them to run a Shop, they’ll say “I’ll be tied down with little to no freedom”.
  • Tell them to follow a 5 years business plan, they’ll say “Please it’s too long, I want something that works now”.
  • Ask them what can they do, they’ll say “I can do ANYTHING”.
  • Poor people are fun of asking friends who are hopeless as themselves what to do.
  • They think more than a university professor but do less than a blind man.
  • Instead of making money, poor people are focused on asking Google how to make money.
  • Unto a poor man, anything beyond his reason can’t work and therefor is fraudulent.

The Major Challenge that poor people face is “LACK OF ACTION”. They are more concerned about their current comfort ability and well being than planning and preparing for tomorrow. Such people dwell on their own type of knowledge and are not willing to learn from the wise.

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