Internet marketing services in Cameroon

Internet Marketing and Web Development Services

BORN TO REIGN GROUP offers the best internet marketing services in Cameroon and across the world with our senior partners in the likes of Namecheap Inc. and Google. Apart from being an internet marketing company, we equally offer publication, web building, App development and web developmment training programs. Here is a full resume of our services and how you can get in touch with us.

Internet marketing
Internet marketing

Internet Marketing and Web Development Services

We conceive, design, create, market and promote anything online.


How can we help you? 




Section 1: Publishing


  • We write, edit, proofread, publish and review eBooks (digital books) and audio books.
  • We distribute, market, and promote books through Apple, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, and several other major retailers.
  • We transcribe audio recordings into print books and eBooks.
  • We create, promote and manage authors platforms online.
  • We design user-friendly Kindle eBooks with easy navigation, mobile book covers, logos, and more.


Section 2: Internet ∕ Digital Marketing


  • We create and optimize youtube channels.
  • We integrate Youtube channels with websites in order to serve and stream videos directly on the site.
  • We promote Youtube videos to get thousands of views in few days.
  • We promote Youtube channels to millions of real users.
  • We create high definition (HD) video intro for Youtube Channels in order to make the channel unique, original and more appealing to the audience.
  • We monetize Youtube channels.

Section 3: Social Media marketing and optimization


  • We create, optimize and promote social profiles and pages on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, etc.
  • We schedule posts hours, days, weeks and months in advance on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google +.
  • We promote social media content: posts, videos, pages, websites to millions of users on social media to get more likes, follows, engagement, sell products and more.
  • We create autoresponders (automatic messaging or response even when you are offline).


Section 4: Apps

  • We design, create, publish, market and promote mobile applications (in Android, APK, Java, Apple formats) on GooglePlay, Apple and several other platforms.
  • We transform websites, eBooks, audio books and podcasts into mobile applications.


Section 5: Websites

  • We create, optimize and manage totally FREE sub domain websites with modern features like floating sharing buttons, pop ups, easy navigation, etc.
  • We sell domain names and hosting platforms with high bandwidth and 24∕7 customer support at giveaway prices with secure and advanced servers located in the US and UK.
  • We conceive, design, create, manage and promote any type of professional website (including church websites, online schools, ecommerce sites, simple blogs, video sites etc).
  • We make your website secure, super fast, mobile and user friendly for all devices, networks, browsers and locations, and extremely responsive in every sense through the latest caching, encryption, optimization and CDN systems.
  • We monetize your website (that is, help you to start making money online).


Section 6: Training Programs

  • We provide complete training in web development starting from basic web building to advanced knowledge in HTML, CSS, Java Script, Sever Side and XML.
  • We offer complete Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training for webmasters on all platforms (websites, Youtube, etc).
  • We offer App building training with the latest app building tools.
  • We offer digital ∕ internet marketing training.



PAID sites (unique, highly responsive, optimized, fast and mobile friendly)


FREE sites (highly responsive, optimized, fast, mobile friendly)


To learn more about our products and services or partner with us go to the MMT Offers page on to download our free marketing guides, products, training courses and partnership offers online.



We work in partnership with Namecheap Inc., Google, Church organizations, businesses, professional schools, training centers, the media, Cyber Cafes, government institutions, web development centers, web masters, bloggers and others.


Note: As moral agents, we fight spam in every sense and do not work with or promote illegal, offensive, sensitive, adult or sexually explicit content. We use the latest end-to-end user encryption technology to combat spam, secure your platforms and protect end users.


Presented by Kum Eric Tso

CEO of BTRG & vision bearer of Voice of Dominion Ministries Int’l.


Contact us now to order:

+237 677 44 63 47 (whatsapp)

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