Keyword Surfer Google Chrome

Keyword Surfer Google Chrome

Keyword Surfer Google Chrome

Keyword Surfer Google Chrome is one of the numerous tools you could use on daily basis to obtain directives on what content to write on. It implies the search of keywords online and it gives relevant data content writers could make use of.

To begin, Keyword research is a major SEO task that comprises the identification of popular phrases and words online. This is made possible by the queries people enter into search engines and after research, users can attempt to figure out what they can rank for. The research of keywords gives online marketers a better understanding of the demand curves of particular keywords. It equally gives users an idea of what it takes to compete for terms in the organic search results and it offers some direction on how to optimize content.

What is keyword surfer Google all about?

This is a super fast and easy tool which will prevent you from wasting your time on the creation of content on unpopular keywords.

Keyword Surfer is completely free Chrome extension used to obtain data on keyword searches online. It gives you data on keyword suggestions, visibility metrics, monthly search volume, and related searches for any search query people pose online. Unlike other tools that serve the same purpose, keyword surfer does not require logging into any application and it gets your results directly from Google Search.

For every search you conduct using keyword surfer in google chrome, this is what you get in return:

  • Search volume data for the primary keyword used.
  • An extensive list of words related to your keyword and their corresponding volumes as well as similarity score.
  • Quick access to clipboard for every keyword you find relevant.
  • Data concerning the estimated traffic of every domain that is top-ranking.
  • An option for word count for all pages currently top-ranking.
  • An exact number of keywords used on top-ranking web pages.
  • Free access to Cost per click (CPC) for Keyword Surfer which is free and will remain forever free. This last point is a great deal for businesses that do not have the means to invest in another keyword research tool. Such business can continue staying alerted by performing effective keyword research and evaluating keyword difficulty using Google.
  • As earlier mentioned, you can analyze search volume for phrases and keyword proposed by Keyword Surfer. This enables you discover more valuable terms related to your keyword or phrase. Keyword Surfer shows data on estimated organic traffic on a domain.

Countries where Keyword Surfer is available

United States, Malta, United Kingdom, Nicaragua, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, Canada, Bangladesh, Australia, El Salvador, France, Paraguay, India, Italy, Japan, Tunisia, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Argentina, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Venezuela, Belgium, Singapore, South Africa, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Poland, Colombia, Turkey, Denmark, Switzerland, Chile, Taiwan, Finland, Israel, Thailand, Portugal, Egypt, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Romania, Czechia, Greece, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Uruguay, Croatia, Norway, Slovenia, Serbia.

Henceforth, you can make use of this 100% free tool to analyze search volumes and discover related keywords and phrases for 70 countries. What’s more, unlike its first version, Keyword Surfer 2.0 is filled by new data points like the exact number of keywords used on top-ranking pages and word count. The presentation of this tool is as appealing as its ease of use which will make keyword research one of your favorite tasks.

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