Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension Alternative

Keywords Everywhere Alternative Chrome Extension

Keywords Everywhere Alternative Chrome Extension

Keywords Everywhere is a free chrome extension where you can find data related to monthly search volume, CPC & competition on websites. It has equally developed tools used to search keywords from your seed keyword, and it likewise shows keywords of pages which have SERPs ranking. Today, there exist keywords everywhere alternative chrome extension which can be used by all.

Keywords Everywhere Alternative Chrome Extension

Keyword research is more than just about the term “keyword”, but equally, about providing answers in the form of phrases as a response to the questions your target audience poses online in relation to products, and services they need. As a blogger, or an online content writer you ought to know that the phrases and questions you provide are critical components required for all types of marketing campaigns.

Five alternative keywords everywhere chrome extensions

After some research, we bring to you the following as options to keywords everywhere alternative chrome extension.

  • Google trends

It brings to you the info on the relatively popular keywords and provides relevant data regarding regional variations. It is a rich source for seasonal evaluations in trends and changes in specific keywords over time with search engines.

This alternative is helpful in preventing you from spending time over keywords that were trending in the past and have given way to other keywords. It enables you to see exactly what Google users are currently craving.

  • QuestionDB

One of the most popular platforms where internet users can ask all sorts of questions is Reddit. This platform has a wide and diverse collection of questions thanks to their crowd of million users who daily discuss, ask questions, and attempt in providing answers. This is where QuestionDB came in with the idea of creating an impressive question base composed of all questions which find their way to Reddit. Classified by category, you can easily find trending keywords by visiting this question base.

  • Answer the public

It is a pretty good tool for finding phrases that you do not know of or cannot recall. The free version of this tool permits you to have an insight into the phrases and questions related to a specific mother keyword. With the pro version, you obtain information on the regional analysis of each keyword in addition to the previously stated. Using this tool is quite easy thanks to their system of classification which comprises related searches, queries by alphabetical order, related questions, and prepositions.

  • Keyword tool dominator

It permits you to have an idea of keywords found on very large e-commerce and social media platforms. Their keyword research tools work for Youtube, eBay, Walmart, and Google among others. Using their free version grants you limited access to 3 keyword searches per day per tool and you have the possibility of downloading data resulting from each search. Each of the tools found on this Keyword Everywhere alternative gives an outline of keywords and searches on some tools that can be done by regions.

  • Also asked

This platform was created with the aim of assisting online marketers to understand the topical grouping of questions online. It provides marketers with keywords related to questions and directs them on how to go about the questions they choose to answer in their contents. One of the most searched questions for which users may find this alternative useful are those in relation to SEO which is a relevant tool for any marketer in 2020.

The online world is a fascinating place for content providers and other users. One of the best ways to make the best out of it is by providing content that responds to the needs of your audience. Keywords Everywhere chrome extension alternatives are valuable tools all centered around the facilitation of content writing by providing relevant data on keywords. We hope the five alternatives given below serve as your starting point for finding those trending keywords.  

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