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Largest And Active Facebook Groups | Complete List 2018

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Largest And Active Facebook Groups | Complete List


Largest And Active Facebook Groups | Complete List

Largest And Active Facebook Groups
Largest And Active Facebook Groups


When it comes to the Largest And Active Facebook Groups to join, the list is quite inexhaustible. So we made a segmented (category) list of the best niche specific Facebook’s biggest groups to help you choose which to join. We cut down the list to the best groups that can help grow free traffic to your website and generate huge sales on social media and promote your business in general.


How can you find a list of the 500 Largest And Active Facebook Groups in the USA and Europe or elsewhere?

You can use a step-by-step classical way of searching Groups through Facebook search (Search Basics | Facebook Help Center | Facebook). However, you could also try to find List of groups by specific activities. We understand how daunting this may be so we came up with these wholesome lists for you as promised in How I got 100000 page views from Facebook for free from a single post (blackhat)



Being part of the largest groups on Facebook may mean huge free traffic to your website. That consequently means loads of money online. Everyone wants to make money online without investment or too much spending but you need to be cautious else you get banned from Facebook.

I have been suspended a couple of times for trying to post in several groups like a bot. This affected my business greatly since it brings me huge free traffic daily.


Follow these rules and be Safe

By experience I have noted some Facebook rules that make you safe from being banned. You should follow the rules below otherwise you may be banned from Facebook and Page also banned forever.


  • Create Fake Facebook account (I always suggest for this) for business. Not really fake, that smells illegal. Let’s just say a ghost account or whatever. Best way is to clone your same account. Don’t use images from the web.
  • Join Facebook groups slowly with an interval of 2 minutes (Fast activity on Facebook is noted as Spam). postcron, a service that can automatically post for you even when you are offline for weeks in advance says a 5 minute interval is ideal.
  • Liking Pages must not be fast. (Slow down liking pages)
  • If Facebook warns you to slow down then stop liking and posting page link for that day.
  • When Facebook alerts you of misconduct and may be restricts you for a while, don’t force again and again otherwise you will ban. (Wait for 24h).
  • Use postcron to be 100% safe + you will be able to schedule posts on Twitter, Google+, etc.
Convert any website
Convert any website


The 25 Largest And Active Facebook Groups with Over 1 Million Members puts it this way:

‘For those looking to find the next great app or campaign idea on Facebook, turning to what Facebook users are already doing on the site with the basic tools Facebook provides can often be instructive. So, what can we learn from the 25 Facebook Groups that have reached at least 1 million members?

  • Facebook users love to be a part of a group that’s about breaking records. Two of the largest groups on Facebook, including the largest at over 5.8 million members, are simply about forming the largest Facebook Group, and nothing more.
  • Facebook users love genealogy. Groups based on “social experiments” to see who’s related are very popular – much like some of the largest Facebook applications.
  • Facebook users love to use Facebook Groups to protest Facebook. Ironically, whenever there’s a big change on the site, most users use the site itself to protest the site, presumably because it offers the best functionality for building a movement.
  • Facebook Groups can be effectively used to promote causes.
  • Brands can subtly use Facebook groups for promotion. For example, and Tramp Magazine both have groups with more than 1 million people. Users have also started Facebook Groups either supporting (1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T Colbert) or “against” (I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass) brands, too.

With the new Facebook redesign, Facebook Groups don’t have nearly as much visibility on the home page stream. This could be a great time for creative marketers to borrow some best practices for their campaigns. So, without further ado…’


The 25 Largest And Active Facebook Groups with Over 1 Million Members

  1. Let’s break a Guinness Record! 2010! The Largest Group on Facebook!(5,894,904 members)
  2. Six Degrees Of Separation – The Experiment(4,437,060 members)
  3. Feed a Child with just a Click!(4,206,122 members)
  4. We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook. We Are Gone If This Happens(4,163,024 members)
  5. Facebook Developers(3,352,805 members)
  6. Let’s set and break a Guiness Record!!!! Approved by guinnessworldrecords.c(2,730,202 members)
  9. We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook. We Are Gone If This Happens ►► INVITE ALL!(2,198,890 members)
  10. Can We Get All Facebook Users in one group ???? by Danilo Mastrantoni(2,028,955 members)
  11. If you remember this you grew up in the 90’s … ->,911,224 members)
  12. ENCUENTRA A TU DOBLE EN FACEBOOK… ¡GRATIS!(1,909,917 members)
  13. Petition Against the “New Facebook”(1,744,735 members)
  14. We Hate The New Facebook, so STOP CHANGING IT!!!(1,591,344 members)
  15. I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass. ->fan FHS(1,456,757 members)
  17. L’ ALBERO GENEALOGICO(1,366,747 members)
  18. Ultimate Social Experiment™(1,359,792 members)
  19. ÁRBOL GENEALÓGICO MUNDIAL(1,299,463 members)
  20. The Largest Facebook Group Ever(1,287,632 members)
  21. I Want To Punch Slow Walking People In The Back Of The Head(1,281,507 members)
  22. I Love to party – Let’s find 10,000,000 people strong!(1,250,993 members)
  23. 1,000,000 Strong For Stephen T Colbert(1,194,635 members)
  25. I bet I can still find 1,000,000 people who dislike George Bush!(1,000,318 members)
50+ big Facebook groups to get likes, comments & shares


Largest And Active Facebook Groups
Largest And Active Facebook Groups

Full List of 50+ Largest And Active Facebook Groups


Here, I’m going to show you the biggest Facebook groups that will help you in getting high social ranking, huge free traffic and sales.


Let’s see the biggest active group list

  1. 246000+ Members=
  2. 173000+ Members =
  3. 117000+ Members =
  4. 71000+ Members =
  5. 65000+ Members =
  6. 64000+ Members =
  7. 60000+ Members =
  8. 47000+ Members =
  9. 45000+ Members =
  10. 42000+ Members =
  11. 39000+ Members =
  12. 38000+ Members =
  13. 35000+ Members =
  14. 34000+ Members =
  15. 34000+ Members =
  16. 32000+ Members =
  17. 31000+ Members =
  18. 30000+ Members =
  19. 30000+ Members =
  20. 29000+ Members =
  21. 28000+ Members =
  22. 28000+ Members =
  23. 27000+ Members =
  24. 27000+ Members =
  25. 25000+ Members =
  26. 23000+ Members =
  27. 23000+ Members =
  28. 23000+ Members =
  29. 23000+ Members =
  30. 22000+ Members =
  31. 22000+ Members =
  32. 22000+ Members =
  33. 21000+ Members =
  34. 21000+ Members =
  35. 21000+ Members =
  36. 20000+ Members =
  37. 20000+ Members =
  38. 20000+ Members =
  39. 20000+ Members =
  40. 20000+ Members =
  41. 19000+ Members =
  42. 18000+ Members =
  43. 18000+ Members =
  44. 18000+ Members =
  45. 17000+ Members =
  46. 17000+ Members =
  47. 17000+ Members =
  48. 17000+ Members =
  49. 17000+ Members =
  50. 17000+ Members =
  51. 16000+ Members =
  52. 16000+ Members =
  53. 15000+ Members =
  54. 15000+ Members =
  55. 15000+ Members =
  56. 15000+ Members =
  57. 15000+ Members =
  58. 15000+ Members =
  59. 15000+ Members =
  60. 15000+ Members =
  61. 15000+ Members =
  62. 15000+ Members =
  63. 15000+ Members =
  64. 15000+ Members =
  65. 14000+ Members =
  66. 14000+ Members =

100+ Facebook groups list in 2018 ( Add Public ,Secret &Friend Group)


Do you want to join the largest Facebook groups list of 2018 which can  help in sharing and  growing your Business , Follow, like etc. If you want a lot of Facebook groups list in 2018 then the following list is helpful to you. You will discover the biggest Facebook groups. Also, we provided the Facebook Friend groups list and Facebook Secret groups.

Facebook is the most popular social media site for millions of active users. You can double your traffic on Facebook by promoting your blog. The main aim of the post is sharing only popular Facebook groups list, which helps bloggers as well as Facebook users.

Money Master Tutorials has seen a lot of SEO experts increase their website’s traffic by promoting their posts to Facebook using our newly updated 100+ blackhat list of the largest Facebook groups. If you are a blogger and searching to join a lot of Facebook groups list, then here you can find all you need . Just take a look at the Facebook groups list below and join by simply clicking on it.


100+ Facebook groups list in 2018 Updated

Due to the fact that groups are regularly banned and new ones are created, we have decided to update this list every single month. This is our latest update of the largest and active Facebook groups for the year 2018. Keep in mind that some of these groups can become obsolete anytime from now but most of them are actually active per our last check.


100+ Facebook groups list in 2018 Updated

1) Facebook friend groups

2) Biggest Facebook groups


3) Facebook Secret Group

Their are lot of secret Facebook group available on the web and Facebook but we collected best secret Facebook groups for only for you.

3) Facebook Secret Group

There are a lot of secret Facebook groups available on the web and Facebook but we collected the best secret Facebook groups for only for you.

4) Facebook public group

5) Facebook community groups


6) IT groups on Facebook

7) Top facebook groups for business

8) best Facebook groups for moms

8) best Facebook groups for moms

9) USA Facebook groups 


Finally, I hope you found what you were looking for. I wish you the best with your marketing efforts. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Tell us about your experience so far with the largest groups on Facebook.

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