List of top Adsense Highest CPC Ranking By Countries

List of top Adsense Highest CPC Ranking By Countries

List of top Adsense Highest CPC Ranking By Countries

As we mentioned in 6 Google AdSense Tips to Increase Earnings, targeting high CPC countries is actually a game changer for any website success.

Google AdSense program is what helps bloggers turn their blogs into money and receive a pretty steady income. However, the amount of money you can earn through this program varies depending on the country you live in because countries have so specific traffic. Hence, your geolocation lets you earn more (like Canada or the US) or less (like China or Pakistan) money. You will also have to register and get the AdSense approval before you can actually start making money.

What is CPC (Cost Per Click)?

CPC means you get paid depending on the amount of clicks the advertising on your website gets. On every blog there is AdSense code put there and an advertiser pays for every click. Google gets all the money and then sends your fair share. The idea is that those clicks are supposed to turn into conversions. And so the higher the ability of a country to buy the more you will get for their clicks. The higher the conversion rate the higher the CPC. That’s counted in CPM (per 1000 clicks)

Google AdSense program is a CPC (cost per click) based program, it will give you an HTML code that you have to put in your website. You will then have different banners and text links placed on your website. After a user clicks on those links you earn some commission.

How much can you make using Google AdSense program?

The number completely depends on your country’s CPC rate. The higher the rate per click in your country, the more you will earn. You actually can earn a different amount for the same kind of clicks in different countries.

So if you want to have a higher pay rate it’s in your interests to attract users from those highest paying Adsense CPC countries only. Also all the CPC keywords have different ratings. The highest rated keyword will give you $183.39 per click. You can find lots of profitable keywords and niches online.

List of top Adsense Highest CPC Ranking By Countries

  1. United States
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. Marshal islands
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Germany
  7. Switzerland
  8. Brazil
  9. New Zealand
  10. Italy

Here is an insight into the rates. This list is based on Google Adsense account clicks and earnings. It may not vary for your account but the top countries will still be the same.

Country CTRCPC (USD)
Luxembourg 0.55%0.65
United States 0.75%0.61
Australia 0.72% 0.57
United Kingdom 1.06%0.48
Finland 0.54%0.45
Canada 0.79%0.45
Austria  0.69%0.45
New Zealand1.21%0.33
Sweden 0.70% 0.31

However, Google AdSense never share any top country rates officially, so this information was prepared based on different sources. This still will help you increase your Adsense income drastically. You should analyze this list and try to find out the high CPC keywords and rank them on a search engine.

You basically just have to start. Get your approval, work on your traffic and start making money on your blog.

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