Michael Blakey Net Worth - $60 Million

Michael Blakey Net Worth – $60 Million

Michael Blakey Net Worth 2019 – $60 Million

Net Worth:$60 Million
Date of Birth:Dec 8, 1958 (60 years old)
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Profession:Promoter, Film Score Composer, Film Producer, Musician, Record producer, Songwriter, Music Arranger, Talent manager, Composer, Television producer
Nationality:United Kingdom
Michael Blakey Net Worth - $60 Million

Michael Blakey Net Worth – $60 Million

Michael Blakey is one of the victorious British in the music industry. He is not only a songwriter but also a record producer, artist manager, and musician. Michael Blakey is well known for his music videos and Tv content. His birthplace is London and was born on 8th Dec 1958. It is surprising that the urge for his career starts at an early age and he jumped into it at the age of 19, but up to now, he is still active in the industry. In 2008 he got married to Sasha. To reach where he is today, he has struggled much with involvements in various activities within the industry.

His profession began in 1977 when he was hired at Hansa Studios as a residence producer. This was followed by many activities that have earned him a lot of awards and wealth. The fruits of his hard work are reflected in his current net worth. Michael Blakey’s current net worth, 2019, is estimated at $60 million. His work has helped a lot in shaping the music industry, and there are lots of interesting facts about his net worth.

Though most of Michael Blakey’s details about his wealth are undisclosed, he has made continuous growth over the years. Case in point, his net worth was $ 4o million in 2018, but as of now, it is estimated to be around $ 60 million. He has derived much of his earnings from being a producer and promoter. Michael Blakey has participated globally in many musical talents and concerts and being behind some of the lucrative stars which include but not limited to Glen Campbell, Ron White, Waylon Jennings, 2Pac, and Bob Carlisle. His association with such artists has earned him many gold and platinum records.

While most of his age mates were still in school, Michael Blakey had start work on his career. He was employed in Berlin by Hansa Studios as residence producer who became his learning ground and consequently exposure in the business. He was eager to learn, and after obtaining the necessary knowledge, he started contributing to the business. While at Hansa, Michael Blakey had a great opportunity of working with great stars such as Boney M, Julio Iglesias, and Udo Lindenberg who gave him inspirations. Within no time, he started producing singles for European artists which one of his hit work was the Phlox for a rock band.

As Blakey was not only contented being a producer, he could compose and play drum nicely. From the 1980’s he was driven by his music passion and luckily in 1993 he joined a band, the European Tidal Force. While at this band, Blakey could perform very well as a band drummer and composer, but his expertise was in the production scene.

Within the era of t 1990s, Blakey became very popular in the production sector and outstanding in this lucrative field. He moved up the rank to the position of being chief of A&R at Atico Records. Between 1994 and 2000, Michael Blakey was busy establishing his 3 music production companies which later proofed his leadership qualities in the industry.

Dreams Come True, a soundtrack for Disney Cinderella II, was one of his most outstanding work produced in his company. His companies include 2KSounds, one of the earliest successful companies to promote music on the internet. By then, music promotion on the internet was strange, but Blakey could foresee the heading of the fan base. He could inject a lot of money from the company because the company had a joint venture with Michael Blakey Virgin Records where Blakey served as the president.

Michael Blakey Net Worth - $60 Million

In the recent decade,2009, Blakey founded a media group called Organic Media Group whose primary role is the production of motion pictures and Tv content. The group has joined and worked with stars such as Crystal Harris and Margo Rey. Within the same year of 2009, Michael Blakey formed Electra Star Management, where he is currently the top manager. This is to mean; he is currently managing great talents like Brett Butle, Pamela Anderson, and Billy Bob Thornton.

Michael Blakey working in various fields and dimensions, it has enabled him to create a brand value. His hard work in his career field for more than four decades truly reflects his estimated net worth of $60 million.

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