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Momo Pays Scam or Legit Review

  • Momo Pays Scam or Legit Review?

Every now and then the Money Master Tutorials trustworthy team of top earning internet marketing experts in Cameroon have this question from would-be online entrepreneurs on whether ‘‘Momo pays is a scam or legit business”. Given that our last series of tutorials on How to make money Online in cameroon was 100% free to all Cameroonians in the Money Master Tutorials Learning centre, many of our students got the privilege to ask several questions concerning making money online in Cameroon.

One of the recurrent questions specifically directed to me was on the legitimacy of Momo Pays and this got me thinking.

We got questions in the likes of:

  • Is Momo Pays a scam or legit business?
  • Is Momo Pays a safe investment?
  • Can I make money through Momo Pays?
  • How can I make money through Momo Pays?

Momo Pays Scam or Legit Review

Momo Pays

Mindful of the sensitive nature of the question, I decided to write a totally transparent review of Momo Pays. First, I appreciate the fact that a Cameroonian based businessman actually sat down to think of an internet marketing system that possibly generates passive income. The initiative is quite commendable because this young man did not focus on scamming white people through nonexistent sales of puppies or marijuana online or all these mumbo jumbo that is tarnishing our reputation on the internet. However, a closer look at Momo Pays raises a few red lights that call for concern. From the setup of the business, we see traits of a semblable Ponzi scheme or scam network just like in most MLMs or network marketing companies.

Before we get to the review, I will like you to understand that being an internet marketing expert and an entrepreneurship coach over the years, I have come to realize that the social media currently controls the global village and the whole world is at the mercy of those who control the social media. The worry therefore is this: Who then controls the social media? Answering this question is very crucial as we live in an age where the internet can make you believe just anything. It seems to be the case with most recent business models. They hire all these shitty marketers and throw sophisticated campaigns in order to win over many ignorant victims.

  • Is this the case with Momo Pays?

Momo Pays actually puts in a lot of cash on Google’s advertising platform – Adwords and Social media marketing as well but this does not directly make Momo Pays a scam. It is but normal for any internet based business to promote its brand online through the aggressive hunt of new prospects in order to keep the business growing. This, in most cases often raises a lot of red lights in that the main source of profit of the affiliates or members in such a system depends on the company’s ability to recruit new members. In certain cases, when a network marketing company fails to keep the business running by recruiting new prospects, it simply shuts down the website and disappears putting the money of most members at risk. From our investigation so far, this is likely not the case with Momo Pays.


  • Who is the brain behind Momo Pays?

Franklin Chibuzo Ejenma who claims to be an internet entrepreneur is the founder of Momo Pays and our research shows so many resources that can enable us to verify the legitimacy of this business. I actually got Franklin on phone and asked him a few questions. He is quite opened to questioning as concerns the internal affairs of Momo Pays which is something we don’t see with most entrepreneurs of such businesses. I can conclude he is quite open to be investigated. I further interviewed several members including some close associates and found their books quite clean. We also looked up at his private address, phone numbers, relatives and all that could help the several prospects signing up for Momo Pays recover their money in case of any unfortunate incident such as a ponzi scheme and found out that his profile seemed to be clean, at least up till this point.

  • Here is what to note:

We can fairly rate Momo Pays as legit at this point based on the fact that most fraudulent network marketing or MLM companies don’t always disclose the founder’s details so as to cover up the tracts of their fraudulent activities but the official website of Momo Pays actually has an ‘About The Founder’ page. This shows some level of credibility and trustworthiness. Unlike spammy companies that are basically virtual systems, this one actually interacts one on one with prospects offline.

But, our investigation continues…

Momo Pays

  • What are Momo Pays products?

The strength of any company lies in the quality of her products and services. Hence, we took out time to review their product line to make sure they were not selling over charged products.

With a rather an ‘oversized’ vision of raising hundreds of millionaires each year in Cameroon through IT, Momo Pays offers an eBook as their main product. With such a vision, one would expect that their products such as the eBook should teach actual wealth creation methods and actionable steps that will empower Cameroonians to become entrepreneurs or millionaires as they claim. But NO, per our review of this eBook and in regards to its actual impact on the prospects or members we interviewed, our conclusion is that it is not worth it. The eBook idea seems just to be a scheme to send a larger chunk of the money you invest into the company’s account since it does not actually help you with entrepreneurial skills. Being an author of several eBooks on wealth creation myself, I know what I’m talking about. You only earn money by referring others to the business which makes it sound a little Ponzi and spammy. The eBook is titled: How to spend money and stay rich.

On the other hand, the company actually needs this money generated from the sales of eBooks through new prospects in order to maintain the Momo Pays system and actually help Cameroonians become millionaires. They spend quite a lot in maintaining the business and a sort of live support through WhatsApp. Given that the initial membership charge is just 3000 FCFA, one can say this is pretty fair enough compared to other systems that practically sell overcharged products at cut truth prices.

My advice to the Momo Pays team is to review their product line and actually provide tangible marketing training that empowers their prospects to actually become entrepreneurs. If not, the company is a long way from achieving its objectives. A good network marketing company has a good product line that actually adds value to the end user. These products or services should be accessible, affordable, and easy to use. I strongly think if Momo Pays could address this point seriously, it would become one of the most powerful network marketing empowerment systems in Cameroon especially with the state of unemployment in Cameroon.

  • Momo Pays domain

Momo Pays domain ( is registered by Franklin Chibuzo Ejenma. The site is actually secured (https). The fact that the website is secured is a good signal since users’ data such as email addresses, passwords, and other sensitive information is safe. The website equally uses a secure online mobile payment method using monetbil. A current update of the site and an implementation of the latest encryption technology could help keep the site safe for users and out of reach from hackers.



  • How does Momo Pays work?

Momo Pays has a 2 level commission base; each new member is required to pay 3000 FCFA via mobile money.

For each person you refer who registers and buys their eBook, you will receive 1000 FCFA instantly. When a person you have already referred, refers another person, you will earn 500 FCFA.

Momo Pays

From the illustration above, if you have referred just 2 members who actually sign up and pay 3000 FCFA each via mobile money, you will earn 2000 FCFA, that is, 1000 FCFA, for each member. This is level 1 commission.

If your first referral now refers 2 members, you will earn 1000 FCFA, that is 500 FCFA from each of them. If your second referral refers 3 new members, you will also earn 1500 FCFA, that is 500 FCFA from each of them.

You can refer as many people as possible. So if you refer 1000 people and they all register and pay, you will earn 1,000,000 FCFA on the first level commission and you will also earn more from their first level referrals.

According to Momo Pays, Members are able to withdraw their earnings every Friday,  which is deposited directly into their mobile money account on your request.

So far, we have not had cases of people whose due earnings were not paid. So, this sounds quite positive for the company but wait for our last verdict to see if Momo Pays is legit or scam.


  • Is Momo Pays a legally registered company?


YES. From the information we gathered from the company, Momo Pays is legally registered. The fact that this company is legally registered in Cameroon makes it legit and clean to work with. I t shows that the founders of Momo Pays did everything to keep their books clean. In addition to that, Momo Pays provides their company’s contact information public on their website as follows:

Registration No : TPPRR/RC/LBE/2018/B/052

Molyko, Buea.

P.O. Box: 144 Buea

(+237) 674864615

This reinforces the trustworthiness and integrity of the company. Momo Pays equally has a Contact Us page and actually responds to inquiries from prospects.

  • Momo Pays Terms and conditions

By joining and participating in Momopays, means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions stated below.

  1. This product is provided on and as is, as available. We make no guarantees/ warranties of any kind , either expressed or implied.
  2. That you have read and understood the policies and guidelines of this system before joining and participating.
  3. The successful running of this concept is dependent on the participating members because they fund it.
  4. All payments are not regarded as investments, every member who pays does so to purchase the product we offer (ebook on financial management).
  5. Any payment made to participate in our referral program is final, no refunds.
  6. We reserve the right to modify, edit, add or remove any features or functionality, manage memberships within Momopays and otherwise make changes to this agreement without notice or permission.
  7. We reserve the right, without notice and at our own discretion terminate any membership breaching the agreement , caught spamming or causing harm to the system ,abusing the service , harassing or insulting participant or administrator in any manner.
  8. Payment are made via mobile money Orange and MTN and participants may withdraw funds at anytime to their personal mobile money account. Any issues that may arise concerning the transaction shall be sorted out by the individual and his mobile money service provider


  • Can you truly make money through Momo Pays?

YES! We are told that many Cameroonians however (over 7000 as per the time of this review) have registered, and over 1,500,000 FCFA has already been paid to its users (on weekly basis).


  • Is Momo Pays a risky investment?

I will say NO to a higher extent given that the amount of money you invest is quite small and you stand a chance of recovering it the same day if you are an aggressive marketer. On the other hand, some people invest the 3000 FCFA and never recover a dime because they failed to refer others which is not good news for Momo Pays in that they are failing in their vision to make millionaires.

It now depends on how skilled you are in terms of marketing. Generally, if you are quite active on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, especially in groups, you are likely to make a lot of money through Momo Pays. You could earn 100, 000 FCFA or more every single week.


Momo Pays

Though Momo Pays has a couple of weaknesses in its setup, our conclusion is that it’s a young company with so much growth potential and a real opportunity to help Cameroonians generate some passive income. With a leader that is hardworking, open to networking and a strong passion for IT, Momo Pays will definitely be the next big thing in Cameroon because of the power of Social Media Marketing.

With Momo Pays’ two-level commission based payment system and other factors taken into consideration, we can safely rule out the possibilities of a Pyramid Scheme. Hence, we can conclude that Momo Pays is not a scam per say though we will continue keeping an eye on this system.

Final Conclusion: Momo Pays is legit.

How can you join Momo Pays?

momo pays

Click here to JOIN MOMO PAYS.

How much can you make through Momo Pays every week?

As I said earlier, social media controls the global village and this is actually good news for the Cameroonian youths who are actually controlling most of the social media communities in Cameroon. Think of it this way: every single person in those Facebook and WhatsApp groups you belong to is a potential Momo Pays affiliate investor in your downline. Alternatively, everyone on your contact list also constitute a list of prospects. Hence, with the possibility to reach out to thousands of people on Social media profiles every week, you are likely to make a lot of cash as referral commissions.

On average, the average Momo Pays member is supposed to refer at least 20 people per week. That means you can earn 20,000 FCFA referral commission weekly from the comfort of your home by simply pitching prospects on social media and sharing your affiliate link with them once they are interested. You can earn even more from those referred by your downline.

The question therefore is not whether you can make money through Momo Pays or not but rather if you have the marketing skills it takes to make hundreds of FCFA every single month. You can actually earn as high as a million every single month if you have the guts! Those who have be trained through Money Master Tutorials online entrepreneurship training program earn up to a million a month using diverse ways including Momo Pays.

Monthly Bonus Commission

MoMoPays Monthly Bonus Commission has been launched for their starter package (3,000 frs package) Members are required to refer at least 20 active members within each month starting from the month of May 2018 to qualify to earn the bonus commission. Qualified members will earn 200 frs on each active members they refer within each month. For example, 20 active referrals will earn you 4000 frs bonus commission 25 active referrals will earn you 5000 frs bonus commission 50 active referrals will earn you 10,000 frs bonus commission 100 active referrals will earn you 20,000 frs bonus commission. NB: Bonus commission will be paid automatically to your momopays account. Remember, your network is your wealth. Refer more. Momo Pays is the next biggest network in Cameroon.

In case of any questions on how to make money online in Cameroon, click the WhatsApp button on your screen to pose your questions directly to me.

How can you join Momo Pays?

momo pays

Click here to JOIN MOMO PAYS.


Momo Pays FAQ

What is Momopays ?

MoMoPays is a network marketing website which is a platform for Cameroonians to make money online and get paid via their mobile money accounts.

How do I make money via MoMoPays?

After you have successfully signed up and bought their ebook, you will get a unique referral link which you will give to prospective members when they sign up through your link, you will automatically earn a commission which will be visible on your dashboard.

Is MoMoPays a pyramid scheme?

No, with all pyramid schemes, members at the top benefit the most at the expense of members at the lower part of the pyramid. On MoMoPays, your commission is dependent on your direct referrals only. However, you will earn a commission on a second level.

How will I receive my commission ?

Every Fridays, members will be able to request to withdraw their commission. Withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours and paid via your Mobile money account.

What payment processor do you accept ?

Momo Pays accepts MTN mobile money and Orange money payments only at the moment.

How much do I have to invest to become a member ?

MoMoPays is not an investment website, with MoMoPays you become a member by signing up for free, then pay for our financial management ebook via mobile money.

How many people am I allowed to refer to join MoMoPays?

There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer. You will earn commission for every person you refer.

What are your commission levels?

MoMoPays pays commission on 2 levels. Level one commission is commission on your direct referrals. You earn 1000 FRS for every direct referral you make. Level 2 commission is commission earned indirectly. When those you have referred bring their referrals, you will earn 500frs for each of their referrals.

Can I become a member of MoMoPays if I do not have a mobile money account ?

Yes, you can become a member however, if you would also love to make money though our referral program, you will need to have an active mobile money account for withdrawal of your commission.

Can I create more than one account on MoMoPays?

Yes, however you must use different phone numbers and email addresses at sign up.

How can I join Momo Pays

Click HERE to SIGN UP.

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