Most Popular Facebook Groups in the USA

Most Popular Facebook Groups in the USA

Most Popular Facebook Groups in the USA

This is a common reflex for many: you wake up in the morning and the first thing you grab is your phone even when your eyes are sleepy. You scroll down your Facebook feed to see what your entourage has been up to then you can’t drop your phone anymore. This may imply more to those users who belong to Facebook groups and just don’t know how to resist scoops for the day.

At the end of this write-up, you may be considering joining one of the most popular Facebook groups in the USA if you are not doing so already.

Most Popular Facebook Groups in the USA

The United States has one of the most elevated rates of social media use in the world. Over 246 million Americans used social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc) in 2019 to share pictures, comment, and like contents posted by others. They equally used these platforms to hold private discussions with their contacts.

The use of social media has become a very popular online activity in the United States with more than 70% of the US population detaining a social media account. An estimate for the year 2023 has revealed that the number of social media users in the US will rise to about 257 million considering current trends.

A few facts about Americans and Facebook

  • About seven-out-of-ten (69%) Facebook users are adults: a survey in 2019 revealed this increase in adult users from 54% observed in 2012. Other than Youtube which is reputed for video sharing, Facebook the most used platform for such content sharing by 73% of adults.
  • Among U.S. grown-ups who use Facebook, around 75% visit the site at least once per day, as indicated by the 2019 study. This percentage of adult Facebook clients is higher than that of users on Instagram (63%) and Snapchat (61%) who similarly visit once every day.        
  • Facebook is famous among all demographic groups though a few grown-ups are bound to utilize it than others. 75% of ladies in the U.S. utilize Facebook, in contrast to 63% of men. Distinctions pop up too at the level of educational background: approximately 75% of grown-ups with a professional education or more use Facebook, as opposed to 61% of the individuals who have a secondary school level or less.
  • About 79% of those aged between 18 to 29 use Facebook which is a lot higher than social media content sharing among those aged 65 and above (46%). Be that as it may, the portion of more adult Americans who utilize Facebook has dramatically increased since August 2012, when only 20% of those 65 and more could boost of using it.
  • Facebook is utilized by around half of America’s youngsters, yet it no longer rules the teenager online media scene as it once did, as indicated by an overview of U.S. teenagers led in March and April 2018. Presently, 51% of those ages 13 to 17 say they utilize this platform – a great negative deviation from 71% in a 2014-2015 study.
  • The top destinations among the present teenagers incorporate YouTube (85%), Instagram (72%), and Snapchat (69%). In the 2014-2015 overview, Facebook was the main social media platform utilized by most teenagers.
  • Around four-in-ten U.S. adults (43%) get news from Facebook, as indicated by an overview led in July and August 2018. The portion of U.S. grown-ups who get news through Facebook is a lot higher than those who get news through YouTube (21%), Twitter (12%), Instagram (8%), LinkedIn (6%), and other platforms. Among U.S. adults who get news from Facebook, ladies have a greater tendency to do so than men (61% versus 39%).
  • Numerous Facebook users who are adults have adjusted their utilization of the platform. A considerable number of adult Facebook clients in the U.S. (54%) modified their security settings in the previous year, as indicated by an independent Center study led between May and June 2018. The overview followed disclosures that previous counseling firm Cambridge Analytica had gathered information on countless Facebook clients without their consent.
  • According to the same study mentioned above, about 42% of adult Facebook users take a break from checking the platform for weeks per month or more, and about a quarter (26%) erased the application from their telephones a year before. In all, 74% of adult Facebook users state they one of these actions is true to them.
  • Around seventy-five percent of Facebook users do not know that the site records their attributes and interests for suggested adverts. Facebook makes it moderately simple for its users to know how the site’s calculation has sorted their areas of interest for use by advertisers. This data can be obtained employing the option “Your ad preferences” found on the platform yet, 74% of adult users on Facebook in the U.S. ignore that the site gathers this data about them until they were coordinated to this page as a component of a Pew Research Center examination directed in September and October 2018.
  • The retention of user information by the Facebook organization for use in ad promotion makes numerous users feel awkward. At least 51% of adult Facebook users become moody once they find themselves being redirected to advert pages. Though the ads proposed may reflect the real life of 59% of users, 27% complain that these ad pages are just a waste of time as they are inaccurate.

After these stats about the USA Facebook community, below is a list of the most popular Facebook groups in the USA.

Most Popular groups to join in the USA

  • USA Facebook Groups
  • USA beauties (210k members)
  • Ecom empires (86k members)
  • Facebook ad rockstars (34k members)
  • Job in the USA (57k members)
  • USA import and export
  • USA fan club (68k members)
  • Tomorrow world USA (47k members)
  • USA dating (120k members)
  • USA cycling (41k members)
  • USA girls (93k members)
  • Indian USA girls (174k members)
  • Add me USA (115k members)
  • Meet new people USA (83k members)
  • Blogging paradise (16k members)
  • Bloggers worldwide (16k members)
  • US singles (17k members)
  • Cook with us (7k member)

There are just so many things to know about the how and why of Facebook, be it for leisure or business. In the US, the most popular Facebook groups are those who have the charm of retaining their members despite the rising usage of other social media platforms. Though the number of active users seems to fluctuate, Facebook remains the most used online communication platform in the USA.

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