Richest People in Zambia

Richest People in Zambia

Richest People in Zambia

Zambia, a vibrant country in central Africa may not be one you’re too familiar with, but despite many people and their notions of Africa being a poor continent, many success stories have managed to reach the west, and hard work from great minds in this country show clear as day that a productive mentality is unstoppable. Today, we’re going to dive into the 5 richest people in Zambia, and a bit about how of them worked their way up the ladder of success!

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Richest People in Zambia

Richest People in Zambia

1. Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema is both a politician, President of the United Party for National Development (an opposition political party) but also a tremendously successful businessman. Born in a village in the Monze District in 1962. Since then, he’s managed to significantly grow from his humble roots and forge his path to becoming the richest man in Zambia. Although his exact net worth is unknown, it’s been estimated at around and/or between 1 to 10 million U.S dollars. Beyond his own businesses, Mr. Hichilema is additionally the biggest share-holder in a company named Zambeef If you’re unfamiliar with Zambeef which is currently Zambia’s leading company when it comes to distributing, producing and procession as well as retailing meats such as beef, chicken and pork as well as milk and a variety of other dairy products. His success can also be attributed to his active success and investments in companies such as P’n Pay and Shoprite.

2. Noble Findlay

Noble Findlay’s name almost sounds as though this man was just destined to be rich, but jokes aside, it’s thanks to years of hard work and dedication that he founded, alongside some others, the Auto World company, which to date is the biggest and most successful auto company in Zambia. His net worth is estimated to be around 310 million U.S dollars. With over 11 different branches of Auto World spread through Zambia, the company continues to strive. Auto World’s primary source of income, and essentially what they are known for is their vast distribution in boats and automobiles as well as a variety of motor products.

3. Satwant Singh

Not all money is made purely by business masterminds. In some instances, professional athletes, especially truly extraordinary ones such as Satwant Singh can also climb the ladder of success through relentless hard work, devotion and commitment. He’s among one of the most famous rally drivers in Zambia and to top his success he’s not only won the African Rally Championship once, but 8 times in total! Although the majority of his money was made through his impact as an athlete, the entrepreneurial skills he developed later in life can’t be understated either, as they helped to strongly develop his net worth, which as of today, sits around 200 million U.S dollars.

4. Carl Irwin

Carl Irwin is another Zambian businessman that with his hard work and determination was able to rise to a net worth of upwards to 200 million U.S dollars. As the president of one of the biggest and most successful meat distributors in Zambia, Zambeef has throughout the course of the years evolved and developed into one of the few multinational companies in Zambia.

5. Robin Miller

Perhaps the richest woman in Zambia, this business guru his regarded as one of the top business moguls through Zambia. Beyond excellent business and entrepreneurial skills, Mrs. Robin Miller has had an unprecedented amount of success in real estate services in Zambia and has additionally developed a powerful passion for wildlife, and has as a result, managed numerous wildlife sectors and trusts.

If You Didn’t Know…

Zambia is a country that is trying hard to make long strides towards becoming better recognized compared to more business adept countries throughout the world. However, with their economy being among the poorest within Africa, more than half their population lives in poverty. However, their wealth base continues to grow a bit every passing year, as the business sector in Zambia continues to expand and more and more like-minded minds are beginning to collaborate to make even more money in Zambia.

Many companies are also beginning to take more advantage of the large rich mineral deposits throughout Zambia, as one of the largest producers of copper all over Africa, the country has the potential to grow significantly in the upcoming decades.

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