How can I make money with ShareCash?

One of the easiest ways people can make money online is through ShareCash, the highest paying pay-per-download network that allows you to earn up to $20.

It is true that the economic system is hash on the youths but the advancement in technology and easy availability of smartphones at the reach of most youths actually gives them several options to rewrite their story via the online business world.



One of the easiest, most secure and sure ways to make loads of money online is ShareCash. The good news about this program is that you don’t need to know all the technical bullshit about creating, monetizing and promoting your own product. As a matter of fact, everything is set up for you. Now, How is that? Sweet of course!



ShareCash: The Original & #1 PPD Network

ShareCash is the original and highest paying pay-per-download network that allows you to monetize content and files and receive around $1, sometimes up to $20, per download you receive.

How Does it Work?

When you upload a file to ShareCash, you’re given a download link so visitors can access your file. When a visitor clicks the link, they are first asked to complete a quick, short survey from ShareCash’s advertising partners. When the visitor completes a survey, you’re paid usually around $1.00, and their download begins.

Why is ShareCash?

Share Cash is by far the most lucrative and trustworthy PPD network. In fact, they were the first PPD network to ever exist, as they created the concept in early 2009. Since then, they’ve revamped their entire system, sporting an absolutely stunning user interface along with some awesome features that help you earn. Most importantly of all, though, they pay significantly higher than ANY other PPD network on the market, mainly due to their years of experience and relationships with top advertisers, as well as their unique survey optimization algorithms. In the end, ShareCash is going to make you more money than any other PPD network; if you’re not using them, you’re losing cash!


ShareCash has been paying on-time through a variety of payment processors for years now. Unlike other PPD networks that are new and not financially backed, you can be 100% sure that you will ALWAYS get your ShareCash payment, on-time, every single time. By default, everyone is paid on the 3rd of the month, with a few exceptions, but if you earn $100 a day, you will be upgraded to their exclusive Premier Earner Program where you’re paid Bi-Weekly, in addition to having special rates that will make you even more money.


Share Cash has over 5,000 active surveys that span nearly every single country in the world. They have an advanced self-learning algorithm that decides which surveys make you the most money and automatically optimizes the ad placements for you. On average, you can expect to receive about $1.00 – $1.50 per download with ShareCash. Some surveys for smaller countries do pay less than that, while some surveys pay up to a whopping $20! Unlike PPD networks that just claim to have the top payouts, ShareCash actively optimizes and maintains their offer base with multiple top-tier advertisers to ensure you ALWAYS make the most money with them.


Share Cash recently upgraded their system and provides some awesome features for affiliates:

  • Beautiful dashboard and member’s panel that lets you get things done faster.
  • Statistics – ShareCash has industry-leading statistical reporting suite, with more detailed breakdown reports than ANY other PPD network.
  • Widgets – ShareCash has Widgets, which let visitors download files and complete surveys without ever leaving your website.
  • Mirrors – ShareCash has many mirror domains to mask your links with, and even automatically tests out multiple download page designs to determine which will make you the most money.
  • Advanced File Manager – ShareCash has an awesome drag-n-drop file manager that looks just like a normal desktop folder and is jam-packed with awesome features.
  • RAR Tool – ShareCash lets you automatically create a special type of RAR that increases conversions a ton.
  • Referrals – ShareCash has a tiered referral program, enabling you to make big bucks referring users.
  • Solid Platform – ShareCash is hosted on a redundant combination of metal and cloud computers, that ensures it will always be up, no matter what.

Complete ShareCash Review 2019 — The Best №1 PPD Network

Here’s a genuine review from

Would you like to make hundreds of dollars on a regular basis? Then you have stumbled upon the very best blog post. Because “ShareCash” which I am going to review today has the possibility to actually make you even thousands of dollars on a regular basis and it’s really seriously!

I will get started with some of the general queries you may have in your thoughts about Also, I am going to present before you a practical way by which it’s possible to be cashing out huge dollars by using ShareCash. Also, you can expect to get to know why how and why ShareCash provides you around $1 for every completed download? And the way you can use it specifically for your own profit?

Complete ShareCash Review 2019 — The Best №1 PPD Network

What is ShareCash?

ShareCash is a highly innovative, next-generation upload internet site, where you receive a commission CASH for every download you get! ShareCash offers the very best payouts per download, along with a set of superb products, help guides, and support to help you get earning very quickly. Simply sign-up, upload data files, and let the income start rolling in!

How ShareCash works?

As I have said that ShareCash is a simple internet site which has a one-of-a-kind idea. makes it possible for members to put back into the toybox their files by uploading data files to their website and above all, ShareCash let members make money online when there are people, in general, downloading the data files uploaded only by members.

Features of ShareCash

  • Top-notch download rates around — a minimum of $1 per download as the base rate.
  • Affiliate System — refer end users and start to get 5% of what they generate
  • Affiliate messaging system — it is possible for you now talk to and train your affiliate army in order to make you even additional cash!
  • Simple sign up — Start making money in slightly less than half a minute!
  • Low cash out limit — get your some cash after earning only $ 20!
  • Accepts any file type!
  • International downloads — receive a commission for any country!
  • Welcoming, 24/7 Internet community on our Forum, Live Chat, TeamSpeak, and Ventrillo!
  • and a lot more!

Payment Questions:

1. What is the minimum cash out amount: You must earn minimum $20 before you can request a payout. However, the minimum payment varies for different payment methods, so be sure to consult the Payment Options page.

2. When do I request a payout and when do I get paid?: Earnings from the previous month are approved on the 1st of every new month and you must request a payout by the 10th. Early payouts requested on the 1st and the 2nd day of the month are sent out on the 3rd (except PayPal). Bi-Weekly payments to Premier members will be sent out on the 16th. All other payments officially start on the 15th of each month until the 20th, but payouts may be sent out earlier at the sole discretion of ShareCash LLC.

3. Can I request a payout on someone else’s name? : Please request a payout on your name. We will not send your payout to a third party user outside your household. You can request a payout with PayPal, Payza or any other payment method on your name only or a family member from the same household with the same last name (surname).

4. How can I request a payout?: After earnings are approved to request your payment, please log in your ShareCash account, go to the Main Menu and click Payments and then “Request a Payout”. Choose your payout method and write the email address if you choose Paypal, Payza or Payquicker and enter the desired payout amount without the $ sign.

5. I cannot delete or edit my payout. Why? If you requested a payout with the wrong information, for security reasons you can not delete or edit it. Please contact to cancel this payment and request a new one.

6. What is the minimum cashout amount by check or wire transfer and what are the fees? : Minimum amount by check via regular mail is $50 for US and $100 for international users. Minimum amount for a bank wire transfer is $100. There is a no fee for US and a $35 fee for international wire transfers. There is a $2.50 fee for US and $4.95 for international checks.

7. I have not received my payment. What should I do?

ShareCash will answer all inquiries for any payout problems at the end of the payment cycle (20th of the month), as we must allow enough time for the payments to be completed, claimed or reach their destination.
Payoneer users for payment related issues may contact support: with the email address associated with your Payoneer account.

PayPal users must ensure that your PayPal account has been activated in order to be able to claim your payment. If you do not claim your payment within three days, we will cancel it and add the funds back to your approved earnings.

For wire transfer users, we will contact our payment processor and ask to provide us with wire transfer confirmation number. You will then contact your bank with the confirmation number to locate your wire transfer.

8. I have not received my check. What are my options?

If you have not received your check after enough time has passed, then it probably got lost through the mailing process. Please be advised that you have the following options:

Wait longer until you receive it.

Sharecash can request a stop payment on the check now through our payment processor for a $25 “stop payment” fee charged by the bank, which will be deducted from your payout.

After 90 days, if the check has not been cashed out yet, then it becomes invalid and we have to make a “stop payment” for a $15 bank fee, which will be deducted from your payout.

If you choose the “stop payment” option, after we get confirmation from our payment processor that the check has been stopped and the funds are returned back to our account, only then we will issue another one or add the funds to your approved earnings. This process may take up to 30 days.

Checks are rarely get lost and our payment processor issuing the checks has a strict policy not to offer fast service for this type of issues. ShareCash guarantees your payment, but not a quick solution.

Pros & Cons of ShareCash


  • Most reliable & old PPD community in the industry
  • Minimum payout is only $20
  • Number of Payment Methods
  • Good support and engaging society (they usually have a forum too)
  • Useful Tools
  • Simple yet powerful user interface
  • Average $1 per download
  • Always pays on time


Your targeted visitor must complete an offer just before downloading your desired file.
Many of the times your site visitors did not be eligible for the offer hence you don’t make money.

How to Sign Up to Sharecash?

Registering procedure is very simple compared to various other PPD networks. Oh no…

  • Visit
  • Click on big green button “Get Started Now”.
  • Enter your Username, Email & Password as it is asked.
  • You will get a confirmation Email, just follow the instruction there.
  • And whoa your membership is ready.
  • You can begin making a living.

How to start using

Click on Files menu to add your data files and acquire the link and start advertising it.
You can search the Tools menu to lock your links and to create download widget within your own blog or website.

You can get hyperlinks of exclusive content provided by and begin advertising them immediately.

How to make money from Sharecash?

Just find some viral elements lots of people are searching on the net. Start promoting them either on social websites or on related discussion boards or making your own blogs or websites.

Your main goal is supposed to be to bring in relevant traffic to all of your files so that people, in general, want to download it even if they have to complete some offers.

A good example can be game hack lots of people are searching on the net. This is just a sample there are great numbers of things to advertise. Be creative and innovative and cash will flow in your account.


Prior to ending this post Id like to say that just registering to ShareCash will not bring in revenue. You will need to give your efforts in order to do that. You also can contact ShareCash support in case you need any help.

Just try to furnish something helpful for your visitors and they’ll have no problem completing the cost-free offer. Keep marketing until you end up being top earner there. Best of Luck…

Disclaimer: We do not in any way endorse Sharecash or receive anything from them for providing this review. 

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