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Telegram Groups Kenya – Meeting People Online

Telegram Groups Kenya – Meeting People Online

First things first;

What is Telegram?

It is an application for messages: free, super-fast and simple, Telegram focuses on guaranteeing speedy and secured discussion among its users. Synchronization of your messages on all devices of yours is made possible enabling you use all devices simultaneously.  

Messages sent via this channel include videos, photos and diverse file types. These items shared can be done in groups of a few to about 100,000 users or via unlimited audience broadcasting channels. Once permission is granted by the user, Telegram can make use of a phone contact list to connect with people. New contacts can equally be found easily through search using their usernames.

Telegram is a unique combination of both mail and email as it manages your business needs alongside personal ones. Cherry on the cake is the end-to-end encryption which makes voice calls possible.

Telegram Groups Kenya – Meeting People Online

The large number of members admissible for telegram groups inspired the creation of groups where people sharing similar ideas or common objectives can keep in touch.

In Kenya, numerous groups exist on Telegram for both youths and adults and serve as a platform for sharing of suitable content as well as the organization of hook-ups or free dates. Below are some Kenyan Telegram groups: join one of such today and meet people who share your ideologies.

A list of Kenyan Telegram groups

1)      Jobs Kenya: your group for all updates on jobs in Kenya. Skilled and unskilled labor being hired at negotiable pay rates for all job seekers.

2)      Kilimani mums and dads: a platform for parents to share their experiences, lessons learnt as well as worries.

3)      Nairobi news: get informed from home with simply an electronic device. Local news on political, economic and social events in Nairobi are being served here daily.

4)      Literotica: a corner for lovers of stories, precisely erotic stories. Reality or fiction, you will be well served with literary expressions which will take you to the exact place your desires lie.

5)      Healthy living: as the name goes, this group centers on providing counsel to those who take health at heart. Here you will get more on how to keep good feeding habits and stay in great shape.

6)      All jobs in Kenya: similar to Jobs Kenya, this group aims at bringing job offers right to your couch and bed. Do not hesitate joining this group if you seek to earn a pay from rendered services.

7)      Fashion stars: for most people especially youths, it is amazing how much attention is given to fashion trends. Fashion idols via this group connect directly to what is new by following fashion stars.

8)      eDaily Kenya: it is a source of info on lifestyle, music, celebrity news as well as entertainment at both the national and international level. With this group your curiosity for up-dates will be satisfied.

9)      Crazy Monday: this is quite similar to the group prior to it as it brings not only diverse news on the above mentioned domains but equally on sports, technology and health.

Telegram has since launching in 2013 served as a multi-purpose platform for both individuals and corporate entities. Completely free of any charges, telegram is used in numerous countries among which Kenya where it serves a point of convergence for shared information on issues relating to all social issues. Based on what you seek, you are very likely to find more than what you set your expectations at.

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