Telegram Link Group – Group Chats

Telegram Link Group – Group Chats

Telegram Link Group – Group Chats

A telegram group link is one of the numerous ways by which users can integrate Telegram groups. Telegram is an application for messaging which works similarly to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This implies you can freely send messages by utilizing a data connection or Wi-Fi association. Here, users can send messages and photographs, recordings, stickers, sound, and documents of any sort.

A bonus to this app which you may not know is an option for secret chats: all messages sent and received here are not saved on cloud and are automatically cleared out after a maximum of one week depending on the self-destruction time set by the user. 

Delivery reports here work as in WhatsApp, with two ticks indicating message sent and received. With the possibility of sharing files of up to 1.5GB, Telegram permits users to rapidly share files with up to 100,000 contacts. The process of adding users into a group is quite simple; either the group admin adds users from their contact list or the group admin shares a group link via which users can join. Unlike the former, the latter offers the possibility for existing members to share the group link too.

Sharing a group link

Start by opening the Telegram app on your phone then identify the group in which you wish to add members. Once this is done, tap on the group name where the list of current members will be displayed. You can then click on the “Add member” option where you will then see the top page option which reads “Invite to Group via Link”. At this point, the link to your Telegram group will be visible to you.

Telegram Link Group

The link can be copied by either tapping on the “Copy link” option or by simply tapping on the link: you could equally share the link without prior copying. Once you tap on “Share link”, various sharing options immediately pop-up amongst which sharing on social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Gmail, and Twitter. The link can be likewise shared via basic text message and on Telegram itself.

Managing the list of those who integrate your community via link

In sharing your group link or letting others share, there is always a possibility of having unnecessary persons joining your group. A solution to this has been provided by Telegram which makes use of a “Revoke link”. By using this link, the previously generated shared link can be disabled while Telegram automatically generates a new one. Once this new link is available, the old group link will no longer grant access to those who detain it.

For those who desire integrating Telegram groups, it is equally quite simple. Do a quick search on search engines using the keywords for the type of group you seek for example; Telegram fun groups or Telegram Dating groups. Once the list of suggested groups is displayed, chose that which is appealing to you and hit the join button.

Telegram is a revolutionary app that gives its users the power to share contents of all types via individual chats, groups as well as channels. You could be the creator of a group or just a member. Whichever one you are, you could invite and make more friends by sharing the telegram group link.

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