The Moral Of Getting Rich, Important Facts To Know

The Moral Of Getting Rich, Important Facts To Know

The Moral Of Getting Rich is an important aspect to know and experience by everyone. Unlike what a few say, we’ll tell you that getting rich is morally correct. This saying remains true as long as you obtain your wealth through just and legal ways. When it comes to making money and creating wealth, many people are really getting it all wrong. In addition, others have gotten it all mixed up when it comes to ‘who is to get rich, how and why’. Others go to the extent of asking whether wealth is from God or Satan. Whatever the case, one thing which we are sure of is the fact that almost everyone desires wealth. Those who successfully get it end up rejoicing while those who are unable to get it end up finding one reason or the other to defend their failure.

One thing which we believe in is the fact that hard work pays. Even God did command men to work and live at the expense of their efforts. It is in this very light that he blesses all those who obey his command to work. Wealth justly obtained is as a result of hard work. You might be wondering why we keep on pointing to hard work. Almost everything comes with its price. The price of wealth is hard work. You might point to those who inherited wealth from their parents. Before you make conclusions, remember that their parents did not get in touch with the wealth overnight. It is without doubt that they paid the price or someone did it. Even if you inherit wealth but can’t pay the price of maintaining and growing it, you’ll end up in ruin. This points to the moral of getting rich.

The Moral Of Getting Rich

Important Facts To Know

1. Who is to get rich? Evaluating the moral of getting rich

There is a general belief that there are three classes of people in the world when dealing with the moral of getting rich. We have those who make things happen, we have those who watch things happen, and we have those who are not even aware of the things happening around them. As human beings, we are being called upon to be responsible enough to rightly regulate the events unfolding around us. God made the world to be a free place for us, a place where we can freely make our decisions. However, the only worry is the fact that the World is managed by two classes of spirits; God and Satan. The good news is that the people living on Earth have the free will to choose between God who is the Father of all Creation and Satan who happens to be rebel to God’s authority.

The chief knowledge guiding mankind to distinguish between God and Satan is that Good is of God while Bad is of Satan. Truth be told, the ability of a human being to get rich relies more on his/her seriousness than actually the choice of God or Satan. However, we can’t also neglect the fact that these spirits can influence the financial lives of humans on Earth. In the Bible, God is credited to be a giver and taker of wealth because everything on Earth and in Heaven belongs to him. In addition to receiving spiritual blessings, those who honor his commands also receive material blessings. It is also said that Satan comes to steal wealth, reason why people should stay under God’s light of protection. Whatever the case, we are certain that anyone who works hard in honor of God’s command will succeed.

2. Being smart

It won’t be right for us to exclude smartness from our writing on the moral of getting rich. Chances are high that you’ve heard of people complaining of working hard yet having nothing at hand to attest for their work. Hard work alone won’t guarantee the achievement of wealth in your lifetime. The hardworking quality goes together with a smart mindset. Failing to be smart comes with lots of consequences than you can imagine. If you are not smart, chances are high that you’ll ruin even the little wealth at hand through the unsound financial decisions which you’ll take. Remember that a single bad financial decision has the ability to bring your financial empire down to zero.

In addition, failing to be smart is not too different from joining the tribe of the poor. You might be wondering why we’ve said so. Relax as we’ll poor more light on this very aspect. Common on and show me a POOR man and I will show you someone who:

  • P = Passes
  • O = Over
  • O = Opportunities
  • R = Repeatedly

3. Becoming a calculated risk taker

Almost all if not all wealth men and women are risk takers. Go ahead and ask from any wealthy businessman or businesswoman and you’ll get this very answer. If you are serious about cultivating the moral of getting rich, you’ll have to embrace the entrepreneurial way of thinking. It is not all about taking risk but taking calculated risk. Hence, you should not jump into risk taking just because you were told that rich people are risk takers.

Before taking any risk, we’ll advice you to analyze the possible outcomes before going ahead. Weigh the positive and negative outcomes before making any risk decision. With experience, you’ll become verse with risk taking. This will yield more profit as you’ll be more likely to take solid decisions that will benefit your business or source of income. Have in mind that in as much as a risk can turn fruitful and make your rich overnight, it can as well fail. With respect to this, we’ll advice you not to dwell on past errors or failures as doing so will prevent you from growing. You should rather learn all what you can from your mistakes and move ahead because success lays ahead of you and not in your past failures.

4. Evaluating the aspect of being rich

Still pouring more light on the moral of getting rich, we’ll say that the basis of becoming rich and wealthy depend on how serious or determined and hardworking you are. Unfortunately, the ideology of goodwill and morality turn to contradict some of our facts. You are likely asking yourself how and why. Remember that becoming rich also means being satisfied. In addition, it has to do with loving and being loved.

We can’t also forget mentioning the other way of becoming rich which is associated to Satan. We can’t actually perceive what comes from Satan as genuine wealth because he gives with the right hand and takes more than what he gave with the left hand. That’s why we’ll say without doubt that the way to get rich on the side of Satan is very painful as the beneficiaries are paying a price worth more than what they are receiving.

On the other hand, the way to get rich in the direction of God is quiet lovely, friendly, and has a sense of morality to mankind. Behold, Richness is Seriousness, but true and genuine Richness is based on Seriousness, and Seriousness is is achieved from the direction of God.

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