Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019.

Every now and then I get asked the question: Who is the best Cameroonian musician? and most of the time I’m like this is not one of my focal topics on Money Master Tutorials but come to think of it. But after we got several Cameroonian artists contacting us to help them in their marketing campaign through our Media Kit, I thought we should put up the so much requested list of best Cameroonian musicians in 2019.

After blazing the trail with the Top 10 richest Cameroonian musicians in 2019, we think it’s time to make a list of the very best Cameroonian music artists. Coming up with a credible list requires that we take so many things into consideration. As a digital marketing blog, we choose to go for social media signals. As I often say, numbers don’t lie. Though many of these Cameroonian singers use social media marketing tools like Fan Page robot to manage and promote their social media platforms, we think the best has the best social media engagement.

So, here’s is a list of Cameroon musicians with the highest number of followers on Instagram. It will be unfortunate if any of the musicians is trending Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube but has no concrete presence on Instagram. However, you can leave suggestions for ranking in the comment section below. This list is updated often so your opinion counts for the next update.

Top 10 Most Followed Cameroonian Musicians on Instagram 2019

They are popular on the screen thanks to their music and are now popular on social media networks. The best Cameroonian artists are imposing themselves on Instagram and manage to gather behind them a real Fanbase. We went digging and here are 10 accounts of the most followed artists on Instagram in 2019.

#10: Reniss – 308k Followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians: Reniss

Kien Rennise Nde (born April 24, 1988, in Mankon), known by her stage name Reniss, is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter. Reniss sings in English, French, Pidgin, and Ngeumba. Reniss became well-known in the African music scene after releasing her music video “La Sauce” on May 6, 2016.


Reniss grew up in the neighbourhood of Mabanda, in Douala, Cameroon. Reniss was actively involved in church choirs at New Covenant and Presbyterian Church in Douala, and began singing at the age of 13. After traveling and performing in church events for many years, Reniss began working with Cameroonian producer and artist, Jovi. Reniss released her first singles, “Fire” and “Holy Wata” in 2011 and 2012, respectively, under Mumak record label. She continued to work with Jovi, featuring on his debut album, H.I.V, in 2012. In 2013, Reniss released her first EP, Afrikan LuV, an electronic-influenced hybrid of pop and African rhythms, under the New Bell Music label.

Reniss released “C’est La Vie”, her first music video with New Bell Music in October 2013. She became more recognized in Cameroon after featuring in the song and video “B.A.S.T.A.R.D” by Jovi in January 2014. In August 2015, Reniss released her second EP Milkish. After releasing several more videos, Reniss released the video for her single “La Sauce” in May 2016, gaining 2 million views in 6 months. “La Sauce” continued to gain popularity throughout Africa and Europe, and became the unofficial anthem for Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions, during their rise to winning the 2017 AFCON. Reniss’ debut LP Tendon was released in October 2016.

Produced by Jovi under his alias “Le Monstre”, in his Mboko style, the album is a hybrid of many genres including Bottle Dance, Njang, Bend Skin, Bikutsi, Makossa, dance hall, RnB, and more. On March 8, 2017, Reniss released her EP Reniss Chante Les Classiques in honor of International Women’s Day. In the six-song EP, Reniss covers classic female African artists such as Miriam MakebaCesária Évora, and Bella Bellow. On May 19, 2017, Reniss released “Pilon”, the fifth video from her album Tendon. In January 2018, Reniss released the 5-song EP Express Vol. 1, with an accompanying video “Doudou”. She subsequently released the second video from the EP, “Night Life” featuring Jovi, on April 6, 2018.




  • Afrikan LuV [2013]
  • Milkish [2015]
  • Reniss Chante Les Classiques [2017]
  • Express Vol. 1 [2018]
  • Express Vol. 2 [2018]


#9: Mimie – 342k Followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians: Mimie

9th best Cameroonian musician in 2019 in our list of Top 10 best Cameroonian musicians in 2019 is none other than Mimie.

Born in Douala; Cameroon, as Melanie Ngoga, M.I.M.I.E is a young Cameroonian artist who just released her first single “Dance Fi U”. She is currently a student at the University of Douala. 
At an earlier stage in her life, she started performing in movies as an actress. She subsequently got into modeling and featuring in music videos, then singing and songwriting. Her passion for music conquered her passion for the other things she was doing and so she decided to pursue a career as an artist. 

By the age of 13, she wrote her first song and was already performing in school festivals. She stepped into the music industry in 2013, working with the internationally known artiste; Stanley Enow. Convinced by her talent, she became a key member of his team and she started opening some his concerts such as YAFE and IFEST. In 2015 she decided to move on and build her own team with whom she just released her first single entitled “Dance Fi U”. The video of the song is in the making. We are definitely keeping up with M.I.M.I.E, she is beauty and talent all in one! 


#8: Minks – 359k Followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians: Minks

Number 9 on our list Top 10 best Cameroonian musicians in 2019 is none other than Minks.

Mink’s got positioned today as the future of Cameroonian rap. In 2008, when he was a student at Laureates’ College, Minkada Franck Stéphane began to write texts in the streets of the Bonamoussadi neighborhood in Douala with some neighbors and childhood friends, all fans of Youssoupha, Kanye West and Jay z.

True kicker, he decided to compete with others by participating brilliantly in several rap contests and projects like Mboa come test, NSC3, AKDMY, MTN make the music and finally Cameroon Hip Hop Talent search which gave him a chance. He got signed under the label Ach4life, and worked with Achille Djoumsie, manager of several artists including Duc-z the star of RnB Cameroon.

Mink’s got inspired by the facts of society and humorously describes what is going on around him. He is one of the precursors of trap music in Cameroon with a new wave of talented artists. He is said to be a joker, serious, happy and melancholic. It is difficult to paint a clear picture of him in style. His very audible voice, his writing and his ease on stage allowed him to make a place among the greatest.


#7: Stanley Enow – 412k Followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians: Stanley Enow

On the 7th spot on our list of Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 comes Stanley Enow, the one many have called the “King Kong”.

Stanley Ebai Enow is a Cameroonian Rapper Born and raised in a city called Bafoussam in the West Region Of Cameroon but a native Of Mamfein the South West Region, Stanley Ebai Enow aka « Bayangi Boy » left his homeland for greener pastures in Douala; a city buzzing with bright lights and new hope. Filled with creativity and a penchant for culture, Stanley Enow graduated with a Communications degree at the University Of Douala in 2011.

During his studies, he kick-started a career as a radio host which led him to catch the eye of Cameroon’s urban music pioneer and culture guru Tony Nobody. With his charisma and recognizable voice, Stanley Enow quickly became the media personality at the heart of the urban music scene – from hosting popular television music show « MBOA » to fronting his own show « Stanley Urban Radio Show » to being picked to host concerts featuring international artists such as France’s hip hop group Sexion D’Assault„. with these also came advertising campaigns with Pan-African telecommunication giants like MTN.

While building a solid reputation within the hip hop circles. The story of his hit single « Hein Pére » began towards the end Of 2012 with a scenario at an agency in Douala where Stanley Enow would go to pay an invoice. After several hours in a queue that was not moving forward as quickly as it should, an Old man began to voice his anger to which Stanley calmed him down by saying « What else can we do, hein pére?! »The phenomenon began right there, the inspiration was imminent. When Stanley Enow began writing his motivation was clear – facing a youth in despair that had given up hope, creating a song people could relate to with a strong positive message was needed – « Hein meaning « Yes Father ». Hein pere was a song that was life-changing.

Following an effective digital campaign, media assistance, grassroots marketing, and a connection with the Cameroon audience, « Hein Pére » is today one Of Cameroon’s biggest urban music tracks on YouTube to date making Motherland Empire’s Stanley Enow the most prolific urban artist in the country. From « Hein Pere »  there was a remix with South African rapper F.A.B., followed by his second official single « Tumbuboss » (Deluxe). 

« Njama Njama Cow » became his third official release. Later in 2015, a collaboration with the Guinness « Made of Black » campaign gave birth to « Black Commando » bringing together Stanley Enow and London based Ghanaian act Fuse ODG and Nigeria’s Olamide. « Njama Njama Cow Remix » with Ghana’s Sarkodie sparked the beginning of Stanley Enow’s collaboration with other front running international African artists with more previewed for 2015. He chooses to rap in « Francanglais » – a slang term fusing French, English, and words taken from Cameroonian dialects in order to connect with the youths who constitute the majority of his fan base.


• Male Artist of the year 2013 Urban Artist of the year 2013 CAMEROON ACADEMY AWARDS (SONNAH)

• New Artist of the year 2013 – TRACE TV

• Best Video of the year 2013 – BALAFON MUSIC AWARDS



• Best Male Central Africa 2014 – KORA AWARDS

• Best New Act 2015- Canal d’or

• Best Urban artist  2015- Canal d’or

• Best Male Artist 2016:  Urban Jamz Awards

•Best Male Artist  2016: Urban Jamz Awards


#6: Numerica – 473k Followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians: Numerica

Number 6 on our list Top 10 best musicians in Cameroon goes to Numerica.

Alexandre Loic Tientcheu (born June 19,1991) is a singer, recording artist, performer and co-owner of the record label THENUM237 he is best known in cameroon to be the author of urban hits such as ‘’vas-y molo’’ ,’’il faut t’enjailler’’ and recently ‘’Wallaye Billaye ‘’


Early life

He was born and raised in Yaounde the political capital of Cameroon he did his primary and his secondary school at the Amity International Highschool he graduated in 2010 and was able to speak fluently French, English and Turkish. He studied mass communication at ESSTIC in Yaounde.


Numerica  was revealed to the public at the end of 2012 with his debut single  ”VAS-Y MOLO’ and later in 2013 with  ”IL FAUT T’ENJAILLER ”  ; which was  in 2013 one of the most aired urban music video from Cameroon at international level presented and as a proof of his impact on Cameroon’s urban music scene he was nominated to the Cameroon Academy Awards 2013 as ”Best Male Urban Artist of the year”. Numerica has been since labelled ”Cameroon’s Super Entertainer”.

Numerica’s released in June 2014 “Wallaye Billaye ” as the first single from his upcoming sophomore EP My Own Way The music video for the single was shot and directed by the Well-Known Ns Pictures. The song is actually ranking at the number 1 on Reverbnation’s Cameroon Afropop list,and on Trace Africa Top 10 Songs this year



  • Vas-y molo (2013)

My Own Way (To be released)


  • “ca dit koi” (featuring Prosby 2012 )
  • “Vas y molo” (2012)
  • “Il faut t’enjailler” (2013)



  • Vas-y molo (2013)

My Own Way (To be released)


  • “ca dit koi” (featuring Prosby 2012 )
  • “Vas y molo” (2012)
  • “Il faut t’enjailler” (2013)
  • “Wallaye Billaye ” (2014)

Awards and nominations

Numerica was nominated at the Cameroon Academy Awards 2013 as Best Urban Artist of the year.


#5: Mr. Leo – 616k Followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians: Mr. Leo

Mr. Stays firm as the 5th best musician in Cameroon on our Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019.

Fonyuy Leonard Nsohburinka is a Cameroonian singer,(born August 21, 1990), who is well known by his stage name Mr.Leo, he rose to fame after his single “E go betta” a hit aired in most Radio/TV stations in the country. Mr. Leo is an award-winning artist, In 2016, he received 3 awards at the Balafon Music Awards 2016 edition in Song of the Year, Revelation of the Year and Best Male Artist. He was nominated for the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) in LagosNigeria 2017 edition in the category of Best Male Central Africa,. As part of his career, in March 2017 he became the brand ambassador of Itel Mobile in Cameroon.

Early life and education

Mr. Leo was born Fonyuy Leonard Nsohburinka on August 21, 1990 and grew up in a military camp (Warder Barracks) in BueaSouthwest Region (Cameroon). He is a member of the Nso people who grew up in a military ghetto. He is the 3rd child in a family of 4.


In 2016, Africa news aggregates published that, Mr. Leo passion in music started when he became a member of a school Choir Break Through voices Leo finally left the camp and moved to Molyko the (heart of studies and entertainment) in South West region of Cameroon. There is time for everything, Leo, professional career started when he signed a recording deal with Alpha Better Records in 2015, in the same year, Alpha Better records released his debut single hit song titled (E go Beta) and in November, 2015 his label released another of Mr.Leo single title On Va Gérer which means (we shall manage).

Mr. Leo career has earned the Cameroonian artist 5 awards in the following categories which include; best lyricist, best new artist, best video and best song with a message and best Cameroonian soul music. Leo was inspired by SealLemar2face Idibia and others. Mr. Leo has been recognized by awards and nominations such as the African Entertainment Awards (USA), he was nominated for best Fracophone artist and Best Male Single in Jamais-Jamais 2017.

In 2017, he signed an endorsement deal with Itel Mobile as brand ambassador in Cameroon and he said {Big Deal being signed with itel Mobile, I’m blessed!.} Like any other artist, he has done collaboration with artists such as Wax dey , X-Malaye,Locko, Magasco, Hiro, Fanicko and others.

Personal Life

Mr. Leo is still single.


Selected as single

  • E go Better (2015)
  • On Va Gerer (2015)
  • Femme ft Rude Bway (2015)
  • C’est Faux (2016)
  • Kemayo
  • Jamais Jamais
  • Je T’aime ft Hiro (2016)
  • Partout (2017)
  • Je suis désolé (2018)
  • On se connait pas (2018)


  • X Maleya – Maria
  • Revolution – C’est Pas Ma Faute
  • Better Featuring Wax Dey
  • Que Ce Qui N’a Pas Marcher featuring (Alpha Better Artists)
  • Higher Higher Featuring (Alpha Better Artists)
  • Fap Kolo Featuring Salatiel
  • Supporter Featuring Locko –
  • Love na Love Remix Featuring (Charly B)
  • Clando Featuring Blaise B and Salatiel)
  • Madame Tout le Monde Featuring (Rhythmz )
  • Jamais Jamais remix Featuring Flavour N’abania

Mr.Leo selected Albums

  • Love Original 2017 (13 Tracks)

Awards and recognition

2017All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA)Central Africa Best Male artisthimselfNominated
2016Balafon Music Awards3 wards (Song of the Year, Revelation of the Year and Best Male Vocal Performance.)HimselfWon
2017African Entertainment Awards (USA)Best Male Single: Jamais-JamaisWon


#4: Blanche Bailly – 670k followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 : Blanche Bailly

Blanche Bailly who was 5th earlier this year is gaining more fame at the 4th position with her beauty on our list of the Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019.

Blanche Bailly is a Cameroonian singer. Her debut official single ‘Kam we stay’ released in August 2016 saw her welcome into the music scene and since then, it has been hit after hit for the singer today celebrated as one of Africa’s best.


Born in Kumba in the South West Region of Cameroon into a religious family, Blanche attended primary school at Sacred Heart Kumba South-West region and later did part of her secondary education in Baptist Secondary School-Kang Barombi and Diligent Bilingual College- Kumba before she relocated with her family to France at age 12 where she continued her studies. Her stay in France benefited the singer as she owes that to her very bilingual nature. While in France she decided to pursue her dream and goal of becoming a stage performer and a recording artist. Her bumpy ride saw rejections, difficulties, etc. which pushed her to relocate to the UK.


While in the UK, she met a Cameroonian artist who hooked her up with her first studio session. Back then the artist went by stage name ‘Swagger Queen’. By 2015, she released her first single ‘Killa’ produced by Ayo Beats.[7] She later got in contact with Cameroonian-based music producer Mr. Elad who wrote her first official single ‘Kam we stay’ in 2016 produced by Cameroonian-based producer Philbillbeatz.

After dropping the single, Blanche decided it was time to move back to her motherland and connect more with the industry she was trying to build a career from. With the success of ‘Kam we stay’, Blanche again in 2017 collaborated with Philbillbeatz on another single she wrote titled ‘Mimbayeur’ which features rapper Minks. With more success on the single which blew up YouTube with over 5million views, Blanche Bailly became a household name in the Central African Music scene. She later dropped more hits like; ‘Dinguo, Bonbon and most recently ‘Ndolo’ and ‘Ton pied, mon pied’ and her latest Hit ‘Argent’.

Blanche has performed in sold-out shows within Cameroon and countries like Gabon, Malabo, France, Geneva and in 2018 did a successful Europe club tour. Blanche Bailly’s talent and hard work have been rewarded with nominations for Best Female Central African Artist at the AFRIMA, Best Urban and Revelation of the year at Canal D’or and winning Revelation of the year at Balafon Music Awards in 2016..

Humanitarian work

In 0ctober 2018, Blanche Bailly joined artist like; Mr. LeoDaphne, Minks, Pit Barccardi, Magasco and a host of others in a peace song; ’We Need Peace’ by Salatiel for the ongoing crisis in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon.

Award & Nominations

2018Best Female Central Africa (AFFRIMA)Best Female artistHerselfNominated
2018Best Urban and Revelation of the year (Canal D’or)Best Female artistHerselfNominated


#3: Locko – 672k followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019: Locko

On 3rd comes the unshakable Locko on our list of Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019.

Locko – Biography

LOCKO is a young Rnb/afrobeat artist-musician songwriter author from Cameroon.Just signed in BIG DREAMS entertainment & HEART ANGEL. Born in 1992, Charles Arthur Locko started singing and heading LBA school’ choir. Then he started doing covers of popular song on youtube. He dropped his official 1st video clip in November 2014 and in January 2015 he signed with BIG DREAMS entertainment.


Best vocal and Best Afropop singer Camee Awards
Nominated Best new-comer Afrimma Awards
Nominated best male Central Africa Afrima Awards 

Best New Act KR Awards
Top 10 best urban music 2014 by lwn- mag
Challenges vacances national winner 2011

Genre: Afro RNB/Pop

Music releases:  Supporter, Sawa romance, Ndutu,  Cocotier, Margo, Thank you lord

Album: Skyzo


#2: Tenor – 931k followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 : Tenor

The king on our list of Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 is Tenor.

Tenor Ebanflang, whose real name is Mengoumou Ayia Thierry (born April 11, 1998, in Yaoundé), is a Cameroonian rapper from Akonolinga. He started his musical career in 2014 and became known on the national and international scene in 2016 thanks to the success of his song Do le Dab. It is designated by the TV channel Trace TV as the phenomenon of African rap. It has been evolving since November 2017 under the international label Universal Music Africa.


Born in Yaoundé in 1998, Tenor began his studies in Yaoundé. He later leaves the city for the city of Bertoua where he spends a few years before returning to Yaoundé, where he finishes his primary cycle with the obtaining of his Certificate of Primary Studies at the Saint Vincent Palloti School of Nko-leton . In 2009, he began his secondary studies at the Retirement College and obtained his undergraduate certificate (BEPC) at Father Monti Catholic College.

He then decides to continue in technical education and obtains in 2015 his Probatoire in action and commercial communication at the Lycée Technique d’Edéa. Due to the success of his musical career, he decides to take a break from his studies in 2016, when he is in Terminale without having been able to obtain his baccalaureate.

Musical career

Rapper Tenor’s musical career began in 2014 when he was 16 years old. This year, he released his first title, a freestyle called Cameroonian. His first single Alelouyah is released in 2015, but it’s the song Do le Dab released in 2016 that will make him known to the general public. In 2016, he joined the War Machine label, with which he released the song Do le Dab, which met with great success. This title allows him to be nominated for the 2016 edition of Canal 2’Or in the revelation of the year and popular song category. He does not win prizes but marks this edition thanks to Cameroon’s first lady Chantal Biya, who dances on her song and performs a historical dab. In 2016, he released the title Nathalie which is a response to the release of Nathalie KOUA’s book, ex-girlfriend of Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o.

In May 2017, after a year of collaboration, he left the War Machine label. He worked for a few months as an independent artist, until November 2017, when he joined the label Universal Music Africa. He signed with the international label for 2 albums and became the first Cameroonian and Central African artist to join the African branch of the Universal Music label. He joins other great names in African music such as Ivorians Kiff No Beat and DJ Arafat.

In 2017, he released the songs Kaba Ngondo and Bad Things and collaborated with Mani Bella for the title Déranger and DJ Arafat for the title Chicotter Tympans. With these titles, he won 3 awards at the Balafon Music Awards, the Revelation of the Year, Artist of the Year and Best Clip of the Year.

In May 2018, he released his first EP, a 7-song project entitled Nnom Ngui18,19.

On August 18, 2018, he organized a popular concert at the Yaoundé Sports Palace.



  • 2018Nnom Ngui (EP)


  • 2014 : Camerounais
  • 2015: Ebanflang
  • 2015: Aleyouyah
  • 2015: Dorobucci
  • 2016 : Nathalie
  • 2016 : Do le Dab
  • 2016: La fille là est laide
  • 2017: Kaba Ngondo
  • 2017: Purple Lamborghini (African Remix)
  • 2017: Bahatland
  • 2017Bad Things
  • 2018Tronement Parlant
  • 2018: A l’imparfait
  • 2018 : LVMH
  • 2018: Appeler feat Kiff No Beat
  • 2018: Balance


  • 2017: Déranger de Mani Bella
  • 2017: Chicoter les Tympans de DJ Arafat
  • 2017: On ne vous a pas laissé de Ghislain Dimaï
  • 2017: Power avec LockoMagasco, Mink’s et Rythmz
  • 2018: Power 2 avec MagascoLocko, Mimie et Mink’s
  • 2018: Balancé avec Ko-C
  • 2018: ce n’est pas bon avec VASKA
  • 2019: éliminer avec vaska (projet a venir)


#1: Daphne – 1.4m Followers

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019. Daphne. Best female artist

The best Cameroonian musician in our list of Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 goes to the beautiful, bilingual and multi-talented Daphne.

Amazingly, Daphne best female artist and best musician in Cameroon in most major awards including Canal d’Or.

Daphne (Njie Efunden Daphne), 20th September 1989 is a Cameroonian singer


Daphné was born in Buea, Cameroon. She grew up in Douala, Cameroon. She has stayed in Youande, Poitiers in the Poitou region, the Alps and even abroad.

Daphné has always been a huge fan of Henry PurcellMozart, and Maurice Ravel. Her modern musical tastes include Stevie Wonder and Sting but she says the latter did not influence her own work. Technically speaking, the most important thing for her in writing a song is finding the right tune because “tunes carry emotions”. Sometimes referred to as the French Björk, Daphné’s entrancing voice often has her compared to a fairy. She confesses that she “would love to touch the hearts of people who stopped believing in their dreams, in their lives, who only think of running away…”

Her first album, which could be defined as trip hop with a touch of pop and chanson, just illustrates this frame of mind. Le réveil (The Awakening) is about being happy in love and confident in the future. Anna is about the end of innocence. Un homme sous influence (A Man Under Influence) is about rejection while Ton cœur (Your Heart) is an ode to trust. Trafalgar Square tells how the sun always shines again after the rain. L’insoumise (The Rebel) and Il viaggio (The Journey), a song in Italian, are both about the essential need to stand for oneself, to resist, to fight against oneself and society to uncover one’s true personality and eventually see love as it is: a liberation.


Here to Stay (2015)

  1. The Eye (feat. Crispy & Flames)
  2. Kumba Water
  3. Mother’s Love
  4. Famla
  5. Madingwa
  6. One Spirit
  7. Groove (Saka)
  8. Allez (feat. Feuturist)
  9. I Do
  10. Sunshine
  11. Gunshot
  12. Ovasabi (feat. M-Pro)
  13. Haters
  14. Shubidu (Dark Angel)
  15. Ya song
  16. Reflection
  17. Broken
  18. Ndolo
  19. Rastafari

Carmin (2007)

  1. Musicamor
  2. Big Daddy Boy
  3. Abracadabra
  4. Déclaration à Celui
  5. Mourir D’un Oeil
  6. Les Phénix
  7. L’Homme Piano
  8. Le Petit Navire
  9. Penny Peggy
  10. Les Yeux Comanches
  11. Par La Fenêtre
  12. Le Songe De Neptune

Bleu Venise (2011)

  1. L’appel
  2. Venise sous la neige
  3. Où va lila Jane ?
  4. Mélodie à personne
  5. Moi plus vouloir dormir seule
  6. Oublier la ville
  7. The death of Santa Claus
  8. Chanson d’orange et de désir
  9. L’homme à la peau musicale
  10. Portrait d’un vertige
  11. L’un dans l’autre
  12. Even Orphans have a Kingdom
  13. Hors-temps

Treize chansons de Barbara (2012)

  1. Petite cantate
  2. Gueule de nuit
  3. Parce que je t’aime
  4. Dis, quand reviendras-tu?
  5. Du bout des lèvres
  6. Göttingen
  7. Au bois de Saint-Amant
  8. Si la photo est bonne
  9. Ce matin-là
  10. La dame brune
  11. Ma plus belle histoire d’amour
  12. La solitude
  13. L’aigle noir

La Fauve (2014)

  1. Rocambolesque Morocco
  2. Où est la fantaisie?
  3. Flores Negras
  4. Lady Dangerine
  5. Hello to love
  6. Ballade Criminelle
  7. Ne pardonne pas trop vite
  8. Tout d’un animal
  9. Strabisme des jours heureux
  10. Abigaïl
  11. Vendanges tardives
  12. 100 Voiliers en l’air
  13. A dragon for me?
  14. Mon amour feu


2014: Rastafari
2015: Gunshot
2016: Ndolo featuring Ben Decca
2017: Calée
2017: Promise Me
2017: Up to the train station
2018: My Lover
2018: Do not let go
2016: No Way by Numerica
2018: With You By Fanicko
2018: Like that of Salatiel

Awards and Rewards

Balafon Music Awards

YearNominated WorkRewardResults
2017CaléeSong of the yearLaureate
2017DaphnéBest female voice Laureate


YearNominated WorkRewardResults
2016DaphnéBest Female Artist in Central Africa Laureate

Canal d’Or

YearNominated WorkRewardResults
2019DaphnéBest Urban Music female group or Artist Won
2019Calee by Daphne Song of the Year Won
2019Daphné Best Female Artist Won
2019 Daphné Best Digital PerformanceWon

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Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019

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