Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

As an online marketer or a blogger, it is highly probable that you know of the boss of online and digital marketing known as Neil Patel. Ubersuggest Chrome Extension is a recent creation of his which comes after his very cherished online tool Ubersuggest.

The latter is an advanced tool aimed at searching keywords from trends online and is currently taken to a higher level with its Chrome extension.

How to install ubersuggest extension

Setting up the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension is pretty easy for just anyone. By following the two steps provided below, your research tool will be set and ready for use in no time.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Step 1: Go to Google chrome then log-into your Google account

Open your browser and sign-in to your Google account if not yet connected. There is precision on Google Chrome because Ubersuggest extension is yet to be made available on other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The advantage of signing in at the start is to save your Google chrome’s data such as site settings, extensions so that your information is being remembered by Google chrome.

Step 2: Use the search bar to find Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Once you find the spot from where you want to download the tool, follow the following points for details on how to go about its installation. Note that the best site for such a download is generally one of those occupying the first three positions in the search results.

When you are on the webstore Chrome page, click the button “Add to chrome” situated right next to the name of the chrome extension. This should be followed by a click on the “Add Extension” button that appears on the Pop-up.

Features offered on the extension

Keyword overview

This feature enables you to see an overview of the search bar on Google. Information on monthly search volume and the cost per click is made available for each keyword. For every keyword search, a detailed overview shows up with a simple click on the “View All” link.

It breaks down the global search volume for the month and gives precision on the searches carried out on a desktop as well as on mobile devices.

You will likewise get metrics on how easy or tough it is for a particular keyword to rank for SEO.

Link overview

Beyond the organic results shown, you will see a bubble that details the average popularity of the websites that are ranking for a keyword. It also shows the average count of the referring domains the top 10 results have.

Note that this feature is relevant because the link metrics are based on the referring domains. As such, a website with as many as 100 links from the same domain name, will only count as 1. This is the case because what matters when SEO is concerned is the number of unique and relevant sites you can link to.

More keyword data

In the sidebar, you will find a list of similar popular keywords. For each of these similar keywords, there will be metrics on: the frequency of search (volume), the cost of bidding on the keyword (CPC), and how hard the keyword is for SEO ranking.

Other keywords suggested by Google can equally be found at the bottom of the page.

URL metrics

The least of the things you get after a Google search is a list of websites that currently rank for the same keyword. The URL tool provides you with info on the authority of websites that rank, the number of URL shares on Pinterest and Facebook, and the number of unique domains that are linked to your keyword.

By clicking on the “down arrow” right next to the link count, you can see the list of sites that are linking and anchor text used for each link.

Choose a country and language

This last feature is one that permits you to choose and change the language and country for which you seek results. This is easily done by visiting the “Settings” link found in the sidebar.

Invariant of the Google version you use, you can be certain to see SEO data each time you perform a search. Bloggers and website developers worldwide can have access to this free tool to find keywords and their related information. Like most tools that serve the same purpose, Ubersuggest chrome extension has a premium version that offers you more in addition to the benefits discussed above.

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