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Top 7 dirty truths you must know about web hosting service providers


Most hosting service providers tend to lull internet newbies or ‘dummies’, that is to say those who are new in the web hosting business into signing up with them through enticing promises that never exist. They will raise your hopes with all kinds of beautiful offers to get your money only to leave you at the middle of the sea, probably when you have gone too far with them and can’t turn back. Some of them run sophisticated ads and promotional programs that would seduce any newbie into falling into their fantasized services.



Note that I’m talking about professionals here and not amateurs in the fraud machinery or some naught case out there. I’m talking of carefully organized companies that have been out there for so long or may just be stepping out and are ready to do anything to keep up with the fierce competition. Understand that some of these companies put up huge investments and so will do anything to stay in business. The mad tussle for customers is ferocious.



Some of my co-bloggers, partners, friends, readers and clients have often called or sent us emails to either complain or request help or advice regarding the problems they encounter with their hosting service provider. This may be your ordeal right now. That’s why I thought this eBook will help many avoid the empty but sweet talk of these service providers that only leads their customers into regrets and loss after loss.


Over the years, I have equally had very grumpy experiences with some of the so-called web hosting service providers. As a blogger and as the CEO of BORN TO REIGN GROUP, I have had several losses and setbacks in some of my investments as a result of the poor and often times spammy services of hosting service providers. We have had to discontinue payments to certain web hosting service providers, delete certain sites and start from scratch, migrate from one service provider to another.

There is no decision as serious as choosing the right web hosting service provider when it comes to running your blog, online business or organization online. I have used web hosting service providers like Wix, Yolasite, Simplesite, Host Gator, Godaddy, Namecheap  and would share some of the eye-opening experiences I had with them here.


I’ll show you the top 7 dirty truths you must know about web hosting service providers alongside proposed solutions and some exceptional cases. I’ll provide truly honest, verifiable and factual information without advertising any service provider or bad-mouthing any. I’ll simply present the bitter truth the way it is in order to help many victims out there!


#1: Money Back Guarantee Spam

Almost all web hosting providers use the ‘Money Back Guarantee’ clause as a marketing strategy. This way, customers feel they don’t have anything to lose and so sign up with them. The dirty truth is that only 1 out of every 1000 dissatisfied customers are likely to get their money back. More to that, once you are not satisfied  with the product or service, they make the process to get your money back so difficult to the point that you would certainly give up mid way and simply not fulfill the money back guarantee criterion.

Another problem is that 95% of online users are never patient to read the policies and terms involved in the transaction, hence they don’t know exactly what and when to engage the ‘Money Back’ dispute. Others are simply careless, ignorant or less concerned about the ‘Money Back Guarantee’ clause.


Make sure you read and understand the ‘Money Back Guarantee’ clause before signing up with any service provider. In the case of any doubts, do not pay with your credit card, bank account or other traditional methods. I strictly recommend that you pay through Paypal! Paypal is one of the oldest, most secure and trusted payment Gateways for any online transaction. In case you don’t have a paypal account, just go to www.paypal.com and create your account in just minutes. It’s pretty simple and free!

Paypal policies and terms of use make provision for Money Back Disputes. The money you pay to the web hosting company is actually retained for about 30 to 60 days by Paypal before payment into your service provider’s account to ensure that you are satisfied with the purchased product or service and not a victim of some spam.



Paypal is actually your online lawyer in such transactions. Paypal helps millions every year to recover their money from spammy transactions. Unfortunately, most of the service providers are aware of this truth and so they do not simply receive payments through Paypal. So make sure you service provider receives money through Paypal and in case of any problem, simply log into your Paypal account and issue your complaint.


There are a few exceptions such as old reputable hosting companies like Orangewebsite. However, many customers attest that the most reliable one is Namecheap. Namecheap actually provides clear details on the Money Back Dispute process in their blog and this is pretty simple. More to that, they receive payment through every possible method including Paypal. No wonder they remain the #1 domain name registrar online.


Visit Namecheap.com to know more.

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