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Top 7 dirty truths you must know about web hosting service providers

#4: Unlimited Hosting Plan Spam


This is probably what has fooled many to sign up with the oldest names in the web hosting business. Most hosting providers try to trap you with so-called “unlimited hosting” plans. The simple truth is that such things simply do not exist in reality. This is just a business strategy. In addition to that, you don’t really need unlimited hosting since a big company like ours is comfortable with a limited hosting plan with several sites out there.


Don’t sign up with any web service provider based on this age-long lie. Look out for other services, not this one. I personally got disappointed with Host Gator when I found this out.


There is no web hosting service provider that provides Unlimited hosting plans. However, a few of them like Orangewebsite and Namecheap.com are honest enough to tell you the truth.


#5: Freedom of Speech, Anonymous and Private Web Hosting

You may have read occasionally in the news about large customer databases being compromised and how people’s personal information was stolen by hackers. I use to receive calls and emails from spammers on daily basis when I was working with some of the unreliable web hosting service providers. Many are the times when spammers have attempted to access my email account.


With the demand for anonymous and private web hosting services on the rise, many web hosting service providers make fake promises in order to get more customers. Another promise is that you will have freedom of speech in the type of content you publish on your website. Most of these promises are nothing but lies.



The sad truth is that most of the so-called web hosting services especially reseller accounts face the same security threats as you. Millions of emails are harvested every year by the bad guys including those of web hosting service providers. This makes it an even more severe issue you must consider seriously before signing up with any service provider.


Can you imagine your web host going offline for some days because of one reason or the order? This can be very frustrating for your blog, business or organization. No one would want to experience this.


Read reviews from reputable web hosting sites on such services.


Also find out how your potential service provider has been providing or intends to provide the Freedom of Speech, Anonymous and Private Web Hosting services.


The lone exception that offers all three services is Orangewebsite.


They take the need to protect your privacy seriously. With them, you don’t have to worry about such things as hacked or compromised accounts. First of all, they only ask you to provide your email address to use their services, so there won’t be much information for any prospective hacker to steal. After all, they don’t need to know much about you to be able to provide you a satisfactory service.

They also invest significantly into the security of their systems. To the best of my knowledge, they never reveal any information regarding their clients to a third party, including domestic or foreign governments.

Above all, they protect Your Freedom of Speech. They do a great job to ensure that you won’t be censored or harassed by someone who doesn’t agree with you. They keep your website up and running as long as there is no violation of their Terms of Service or the Icelandic laws.

You are free to publish any content so long as it is not ethno-centric in a discriminatory manner since this is condemned by the Icelandic laws.

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