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Top 7 dirty truths you must know about web hosting service providers

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#6: Sponsored Ads; Paid posts, reviews and websites

The clash for new customers among web hosting service providers is so ferocious that they will stop at nothing to outsmart their competitors. With every business going online in this .com generation, more web hosting service businesses are being established every day. The market is becoming tighter and the competition tougher. It’s like the clash of the titans!


Many of the so-called big names out there run carefully falsified or camouflaged advertisements. It is common for them to approach reputable bloggers or websites and offer money in order for them to promote their products by either publishing posts or reviews in their favor. Some simply sponsor a series of websites to promote their content by presenting them as the best. Well, I have personally turned down such offers and of course this didn’t go down well with the service provider.


Most of the reviews you read on the internet about web hosting service providers are often very far from the truth. They are simply carefully calculated paid Ads or an attempt by a blogger to pull extra cash through affiliate marketing by driving sales to a certain web hosting service provider.



Read reviews from reputable web hosting sites on such services. Also see real reviews from customers themselves.


There are actually a couple of exceptions to this but the one I can personally single out here is Orangewebsite. They feature in almost all the most trusted reviews online and their customers generally leave positive reviews about their services. They are actually new though their quality services have earned them a great reputation already.

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Orangewebsite actually offers a full range of hosting packages as well as Award Winning 24/7/365 support via phone, email, and LiveChat. They now offer a variety of packages and products including Shared, Business, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud Hosting and more. Along with this, packages come with Site Building Tools, Templates, and Shopping Cart Software for E-Commerce. They are also experts when it comes to assisting with migrating existing websites from other hosts for new customers at no charge. Orangewebsite is actually taking over.


To see these services yourself, click here:  Orangewebsite web hosting services.


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