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Top 7 dirty truths you must know about web hosting service providers

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#7: Ghost Web Hosting Service Providers


Lastly, many are exposed to what I call ‘Ghost web hosting service providers’.

The first category of ‘Ghost web hosting service providers’ are professional spammers who clone reputable web hosting service sites. For example, they may create a .net or .org of a reputable .com web hosting site and copy everything on the site to make it look exactly like the original.
They mostly offer free or cheap hosting services in order to get their victims to sign up. Once you sign up with them, they harvest your email address, credit card information etc and the next thing you know is that your online accounts are compromised and all your money is gone.


The sad truth is that before their victims realize what is going on, they take down the site. So, they get away with this pretty easily.


The second category of ‘Ghost web hosting service providers’ are those who take advantage of newbies and web hosting dummies by promising heaven and earth when they actually offer sub-standard services.

Their customers keep moving from one problem to another such as battling with regularly being blacklisted; having to deal with uncustomizable themes, plugins, unreliable Cpanel features and so on.


Always check the logo, URL or web address of the website before doing any transaction with them. You can equally follow links from material written by reputable authors such as eBooks, posts, articles or reputable websites like A typical example will be to follow the links here.



Always pay with Paypal. In this way your credit card is secured and you can always start a dispute through Paypal to get back your money.


You should also consider tightening up your email account security by activating the two-step authentication process.


There are dozens of reputable website out there. Most of the major web hosting services unlike reseller accounts offer reliable services.

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