Zik Booster Extension – Firefox Extension

Zik Booster Extension – Firefox Extension

Zik Booster Extension – Firefox Extension

The ZIK Booster is a Firefox free Extension developed to assist users of ZIK to check and be informed of the item competition level and by-pass the listing of VeRO products. A similar tool that works for keyword competition and analysis is the chrome extension for bloggers. Today however, let’s look at the features offered by this Firefox extension are presented below.

Overview of Zik Booster features

Vero checker: the extension aids sellers on eBay to make use of reports based on community info to identify the brands which participate in the VeRo Program. Old users of eBay are well aware of the time consumption involved in checking VeRo list for every attempt to list an item. Those who are up-to-date can however testify of the use of this extension with regards to this.  Instead of using the traditional excel files to stay in line with the addition of new brands to the VeRo list, install this extension on your browser for a better experience.

Zik Booster Extension – Firefox Extension

This feature makes the extension a must for your browser. It will enable you to check the list of brands participating in the program eBay VeRo. It equally aids the eBay community with the reporting of new additions emanating from your personal experience.

Competitor checker: as an eBay seller, you need to know what is happening in your line of competition. You are concerned with putting in the smallest efforts in knowing; the identity of your competitors, what products/services they are selling, and how much is the financial package they are selling for. Ideally, you would like to use simply a few keywords to know where sellers of the same products as yours are found.

With this extension, you would be able to search and obtain listings in your domain including all your competitors and yourself. This feature makes the search easy using sorting by titles or UPC and products. You can equally sort the list out by “lowest first (Price + Shipping) to see your position, followed by “Best Match” to see the search order ranking.

Seller location: numerous questions arise when eBay users try to know the whereabouts of the sellers they deal with. Where is the product location? Is the product location the same as the seller location? Do sellers hide their location because they are into drop shipping?

Once you begin coming across such questions, it is but normal for you to seek to know if there is a possibility of locating specific sellers. This feature gives you a better insight as far as the above worries are concerned.

It should however be noted that caution should be employed when dealing with sellers who put only “US” as their location. In such a case, the chances are high for the seller to be an importer.

Fast research: gone are the days when patience was required for search on eBay. The Zik Booster Extension which was recently updated to version 0.3.99 in October 2020, enables you to obtain search results in a very quick time-lapse. You can now obtain in just a few clicks listings for brands using the VeRo program as well as listings for competitors in your domain.

The global idea behind the Zik Booster Extension is to simplify the use of eBay’s catalog system and facilitate the search for competitor info by sellers. It provides you with a structured and systematic way of carrying out research. With some practice and the use of parentheses and dashes before keywords, you should be able to extract the exact results you are in search of.

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