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20 Ways to make money online without investment

make money online without investment
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20 Ways to make money online without investment


#3: Online GPT Jobs

Earn by GPT sites

Here I am going to give you detailed information regarding online job. All the methods provided here are absolutely free and you don’t need to spend eve a single penny. In this article also you will get to know another unique method to earn money online. It can be good source of part time online job in India. If you are looking for some genuine online jobs then this is the right place for you.

Earn by GPT sites

What are GPT sites?

GPT sites are get paid to sites where you can earn money by completing offers, performing various tasks such as doing surveys, playing games, watching videos, ad clicking, etc. There are many legitimate GPT sites which really pay. Some sites pay cash while others pay you gift vouchers. Though there are many GPT sites available but most of these sites are available to USA and UK members. Since this blog is dedicated to Indian people to earn money online so I have listed here those GPT sites which accept Indian members, though these sites are open to international members also.

Popular GPT sites are-

1)Swagbucks –This is one of the best sites to earn cash and gift vouchers. This site uses its virtual currency called earn swagbucks for every task you complete. You can earn by doing surveys, signing up at a site, downloading apps and searching on their search engine.swagbucks search engine is unique feature of this site. If you make it your default search engine you can earn more money. You can redeem swagbucks for cash and gift vouchers.700 swagbucks=5 dollars paypal.

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2)Clixsense-This is also one of the best GPT sites available. Here you can do surveys, complete offer and you can earn by advertisement clicking is additional feature of this site. This site gives upto 0.001 dollar for 1 ad click. In ad clicking what you basically do is you click on an ad and watch it for a few seconds.20-40 ads are available on this site everyday. If you keep checking this site multiple times a day you can get more ads and earn more, besides it you can download apps and earn clixcents.clixcents are points based currency of clixsense which can be converted to equivalent cash.100 clixcents=1 can earn by listening to radio station as well on this site. Minimum redemption limit on this site is 9 dollars. Payment is done via PayPal and cash.

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3)Points2shop –This is another good site which offers wide range of offers and surveys. You get 2-3 surveys daily from this site. Various offers are also available at this site such as downloading app,watching videos etc. Some offers give you points while other give you dollars as a reward. You can redeem your points for any product offered by site does not offer cash incentives but offers a wide range of rewards.

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4)Cashcrate-This is also a legit GPT site. You get 1 dollar signup bonus. Redemption limit is 20 dollars. You can earn by doing survey, completing offers and signing up at sites. Only drawback of this site is that you don’t get enough offers to opportunities are less here, but some offers pay you 4-5 dollars also, thus it is a plus point. Another drawback is that some offers are not free because those offer require you to purchase some products,but initially you just go for the free offers.

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Note-Though this site is considered the best site for US and UK members but for Indians, not much opportunities are there.


5)Inbox dollars-This is another genuine GPT site where you can earn by completing offers and doing has the same drawback as that of cashcrate I.e. not much opportunities are there for Indians. But you should join it, because ultimately will gain something.

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6)Treasuretroopers-Here you can earn by playing games, completing surveys and offers. Earning potential depends upon the time you spend on this site.

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7)Superpayme-This site also gives you opportunity to earn by completing offers. You can earn by completing offers.

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8)Prizerebel-It is another legitimate site which accept member from India. You can earn money from this site by various methods such as filling out an offer, completing a survey, watching a video, completing a task, participating in a contest. You can earn 20-30% by referring your friend to this site.

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9)Instagc-Instagc means instant gift cards. You can complete offers and redeem your points to get a gift card instantly.

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Thus the list ends here if you have any query you are free to ask.

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